Customed Kitchen Cabinet CC05

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Product Description:

Quick Details of Customed Kitchen Cabinet CC05


Type: Kitchen Cabinets,Home Cabinetry Modern Kitchen

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Accessories: Faucet,Handle & Knob,Hinge,Lazy Susan Storage,Sink,Toe Kick

Style: Modern

Carcase Material: Melamine Board,Particleboard,Plywood,Solid Wood

Door Material: MDF,Melamine Board,Particleboard,Plywood,Solid Wood

Door Panel Surface Treatment: Acrylic,Lacquer,PVC Membrane,Solid Wood

Cabinet Type: Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Countertop Material: Artificial Granite,Artificial Marble,Artificial Quartz,Composite Acrylic,Marble,Solid Surface

Countertop Edging: Flat Edge / Eased Edge,Full Bullnose,Half Bullnose,Laminated Half Bullnose

Design: Modern & Comfortable

Color: Optional

Brass Faucet: Including

Stainless Steel Sink: Including

Hinge and Slider: Soft-Closing

Features: Moisture Proof, Easy-Clean,Colorfast, Eco-Friendly

Advantage: Custom-Made, Free Design

Service: Quick Response, Fast Delivery


Packaging & Delivery of Customed Kitchen Cabinet CC05

Packaging Detail:

Assembly or Flat packing as per customers' request.

Polyfoam wrap,foam corner and edge protection, carton paper outside.

Delivery Detail: within 30-45days after receive customer's deposit.


Specifications of Customed Kitchen Cabinet CC05

Modern Kitchen Designer
1. Delicate Craftsmanship
2. Under Strict Quality Control
3. Moisture Proof,Colorfast
4. Easy-Clean


Features of Customed Kitchen Cabinet CC05


Material:( E1 / E2 standard;16,18,25mm thick)

1) PVC board

2) MDF

3) particile board

4) HMR particleboard

5) plywood


Surface finish:

1) Melamine

2) PVC / Vinyl wrap / vacuum form

3) HPL / Laminated

4) Lacquer / Polyurethane painted

5)Wood veneer (natural or artificial)



1) Artificial stone / manmade stone (large selection)

2) Quartz Stone

3) Granite


Basin material:

1) Ceramic

2) Poly-marble

3) Stainless steel



Our Kitchen cabinet has included all necessary hardware such as drawer slides, knobs, handles, hinges and shelf pins (local)

specific brands such as Blum, Hettich, Mepla or same grade also available (optional).


Photos of Modern Kitchen Cabinet CC001



Countertop Edge

Countertop Edge





Optional Faucet


Optional Quartz Countertop


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Q:What is the price of cupboard door panels? What are the brands?
For example: a 8 square meters of kitchen cabinets, about 3 meters long, there are three groups, two groups of condole cabinet. We can calculate the price in two ways.A method, Yanmi valuation method: Yanmi unit price of 3 meters, if 2000 yuan / meter, 3 meter for the price of 6000 yuan.Methods two cabinet pricing method: the price of three groups of bottom cabinet price + two group of the cabinet. For example, a group of bottom cabinet for the price of 1200 yuan, 3600 yuan for the three groups; a group of the cabinet for the price of 800 yuan, two groups of condole is 1600 yuan, with the price of a total of 5200 yuan. By Yanmi valuation unit is the current cabinet major market pricing, in this case, as long as the custom cabinets in the process, try to make budget do complete, detailed, so that each one costs are clear, there is no problem.
Q:The cabinet door hinge hydraulic why not work
Regardless of the need to consider the reasons from these three aspects, maintenance is more troublesome, or it is recommended to replace it from the new line. Replacement is not recommended hydraulic, or with DTC normal damping hinge better. I think the door Daxin can hang a more than 100 pounds in the above. All big credit are DTC hinges.
Q:What kind of material does ambry door plank have
Fireproof board: base material is density board or chipboard. Press the fireproof board on the surface with a cold press. This kind of door panels sell well several years ago. Now do very little, there are also very high-grade fireproof board, home prices higher, but the grades are very good, generally used for tooling and the like.Basically, that's all. Cabinets are developing very fast. Door panels are changing fast.
Q:How do you adjust the cabinet door?
If the two door door fight, touch the door close, you only need to adjust the outside the heart, you touch above the adjustable hinge, the touch you adjust below, this you have to balance your relationship all the door, don't hurry slowly. If the door is not touch the door, but the door can not touch the cabinet, you need to put it a slightly loose, the door to the outside of greater than 90 degrees, in your tight screw loose, this is the need to the next two tone, you can try to fix it slowly.
Q:What kind of material is the cupboard door made of?
The joiner board is known as "Daxinban", is the wood processing planer saw into the same standard specification for wood, by gluing the core material made of plate, and then on both sides of the glue veneer, namely joinery board product.1, the current domestic processing cabinet for blockboard, mostly 20-25mm thickness specifications.2. Blockboard have large width, easy to saw cutting, material toughness, strong load-bearing capacity, not easy to crack, the wood itself has moisture resistance, strong nail holding capacity, convenient for comprehensive use and processing and other physical characteristics.
Q:Cabinet door computer engraving machine, how to carve the inner right angle?
The method of making a right angle with an engraving machine is very accurate.Because of the vertical and horizontal rail engraving machine itself and other parts after cutting, milling machine, lathe precision machine tool production, so it is very accurate.The disadvantage is the inner contour milling is out, fine round cutter diameter angle is small, the diameter of the cutter is not big.
Q:Installation method of air support for cabinet door panel
1. the air spring piston rod must be installed in the lower position and shall not be reversed so as to minimize friction and ensure the best damping quality and cushioning performance.The decision of the 2. pivot mounting position is the correct gas spring work that gas springs must be installed with the correct method, namely when closed, let it move through the structure of the center line, otherwise, gas spring often automatically pushed open the door.
Q:The benefits of diamond door cabinets
It is a steel door panel.Waterproof, fire prevention, pest ants, impact resistance, wear resistance, no odor, no deformation, easy to clean, bright colors, and put an end to formaldehyde materials, environmental protection.Should always be kept clean, do not spill the oil into the aluminum inside, it is difficult to clean up. Easy to hide and grease, President of mold.The advantage is genuine, crystal steel door will be some, domestic plexiglass can not have these characteristics, so choose to be careful.
Q:What material does kitchen ambry door plank use better?
Door is currently mainly used solid wood, fire board, blister, paint four series.1) solid wood type: generally in the solid wood surface to do bump modelling, outside spray paint, solid wood whole ambry's price is expensive, the style is mostly the classical type.2) fireproof board type: it is the main material of integral ambry. The base material is shaving board or density board, and the surface is decorated with fireproof board. Fire boards are now used most.3) blister type: substrate for density board, surface by vacuum blister or by a seamless PVC film molding process.4) paint type: substrate for density board, the surface by high temperature baked. Paint made of cabinets is very beautiful, gorgeous, but the level of technology requirements, otherwise easy to change, used also in intensive care, afraid bump and scratches
Q:Kitchen cabinet door UV board and paint board is good?
Kitchen cabinets, doors of different materials, resulting in cabinets huge price difference, with UV panels and paint boards have their own advantages, should be cautious, according to their own needs.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of PVC MDF doors (thermofoil doors) and DIY kitchen cabinets.Due to the simplicity of DIY kitchen designs and easy installation, we can offer a superb selection of kitchen doors and kitchen cabinets that are at once affordable and stylish.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing, China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value US$ 5 to US$ 10 Million
Main Markets North America; South America
Southeast Asia;
Mid East;
Western Europe;
Domestic Market
Company Certifications ISO9001 Certificate

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin, Shanghai
Export Percentage 51% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 30,000-50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average