PVC Sheet Production Line

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Product Description:

Specifications of PVC Sheet Production Line

1.Planetary extruder

2.DC motor

3.Stable performance in best price

4. Produce Rigid PVC Sheet 


Descrition of PVC Sheet Production Line:

1. PVC sheet production line has such characteristics as high intensity, good temperature resistance, good rot proof, etc. It can be produced with additives to different requirement such as improving intensity, improving toughness, improving rigidity, flame retardant, embossing, frosting, etc.

2. Applications: Such as packing, printing, stationery, art works, etc.

3. Main product: Gift/ad/file bag, lamp cover, food packing, etc.

4. Production scope: Thickness 0.2-2mm width Max. 2100mm


Function of PVC Sheet Production Line

1. PVC sheet production line has such characteristics as high intensity, good temperature resistance, good rot proof, etc. It can be produced with additives to different requirement such as improving intensity, improving toughness, improving rigidity, flame retardant, embossing, frosting, etc.

2. Applications: Such as packing, printing, stationery, art works, etc.

3. Main product: Gift/ad/file bag, lamp cover, food packing, etc.

4. Production scope: Thickness 0.2-2mm width Max. 2100mm


Features of PVC Sheet Production Line:

1. The screw was designed special mixed material and high plastic so that it flux plastic, color and luster equality, output heighten;

2. Clothes Model DIE was designed special double throttle, it adjust thickness of sheet exactly;

Temperature control±1°C, it can exactitude control the course of plastic and thickness and unknit of sheet;

3. Molding unit adopt horizontal and vertical, it provide more choice in the operate course of thick sheet, sheet metal by fluctuation at liberty and increase quality of sheet;

4. Adjusting thickness of sheet by screw and oil pressure pressing wheel double direction so as to achieve thickness exactly;

5. Pressing double loop cooling system, concert die temperature controller exactly control pressing wheel temperature so as to achieve unknit and thickness equally;

6. Cutter: length and quantity of sheet achieve nicely;

7 .Furling setting: it adopts senior torsion motor and four axis automatic tensions, and adjusts speed and furling tension at will for furling sheet metal unit. Dividing strip unit set width of products;


Equipment list of PVC Sheet Production Line

1. ZD3000 Screw Loader                                     

2. ZJF-700 Spring material up-conveyer                      

3. SRL-Z300/600A Mixer Unit                                

4. PRE-150/160 two-stage roller extruder                    

5. 450x1200 five rolls calender and other auxiliary equipment

 PVC Sheet Production Line


 PVC Sheet Production Line


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I am in Xingtai, the hand has the second-hand plastic pellet machine, the complete set of equipment 80% NEW
Q:How do you make a tower out of old plastic bottles?
Compared with the European Union and the United States, China has always had a tradition of waste utilization because of its large population and shortage of natural resources. So, this surplus investment, using international advanced technology of waste plastic recycling and processing enterprises, and those small workshops with simple equipment to produce simple cleaning and crushing processing of raw materials competition. The "crush" simple equipment, low labor costs, low processing cost, and do not need to pay taxes and sewage treatment, will raise the price of the raw material market, but the result is only a personal profit, to the society is easy to cause two pollution and environmental harm. According to Yao Yaxiong introduction, recycled polyester chip manufacturing cost itmake the same as with foreign countries, and more than 3 times the price of raw materials recycling is abroad. If you can't get a more favorable price than the raw material manufacturer, it will be difficult to take advantage in the fierce market competition. To obtain enough high-quality raw materials, itmake then set up professional recycling system of their own, in Beijing to have yaojiayuan and Han Chuan 2 professional recycling sorting center, recycling, processing, packaging and other work. At the same time itmake will also step in the community, supermarkets and other public places set up a "paid recycling beverage cans bottles machine". By then, as long as the used waste bottles are put into the recycling machine, the amount can be added to the people's bus cards.
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Xinxiang Jinzhen Machinery Manufacturing Co., is specialized in research, production and sales of scrap rubber (tires), technology companies, waste oil, waste plastic oil refining technology and equipment, the use of waste rubber, waste plastics, waste tires, waste oil and other raw materials for the production of a unique process of fuel oil, environmental protection has been obtained certification and six national patents.
Q:My printer is Toshiba. The toner is used up.
Toner used up, you can continue to use toner, if you can not use toner cartridges can be recycled, sell worthless, about 5 to 10 yuan
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Usually, after drinking the drink, we throw the bottle and throw it into the garbage bin. We seldom care about the fate of it. If we can recycle and reuse the bottles that we have lost, it will actually produce a new oil field." Beijing renewable resources board limited company general manager Yao Yaxiong introduction, "every recycling 1 tons of waste plastic bottles, saving 6 tons of oil. Recycling plastic bottles can itmake per year 50 thousand tons, equivalent to annual savings of 300 thousand tons of oil."The last century since 90s, the international resources recycling technology and recycled plastics industry developed rapidly, many multinational companies have begun to use recycled polyester raw materials in a certain proportion in its products (i.e. waste plastic bottles): for example, Coca-Cola plans to 2011, so that all the coke bottle regeneration composition ratio reached 25%; by 100% British retailer Tesco recycled materials packaging beverage on the part of the market; recycled polyester introduced in 2008 25% in the French Evian mineral water bottle in...... Bottle grade PET chip Yingchuang company has Coca Cola Co to supply the coke bottle every 10 years there is a surplus from. The French food group Danone, Adidas and other international companies is also in talks with a surplus purchasing.
Q:What are the recycling of waste plastics in refining equipment?
Only the worst plastic will be refined, and a little better plastic will not be taken by anyone. It's too wasteful.
Q:Dumpling stuffing machine plastic box under a triangular recycling 8 code and write SPS is what mean
Plastic circular mark only 1-7 each symbol for each kind of plastic No 8 7 on behalf of the other 1 Pet cola bottles of mineral water bottles is 2 HDPE detergent cleaning agent bottle 3 is PVC pipe materials and other 4 LDPE plastic bag 5 is PP 6 PS bucket boxes and other plastic toys, disposable lunch boxes etc.
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Q:Start a small plastic recycling material processing plant,
Your area is not big, simple to have crusher, granulator. Recycling market prospects are very good, I am doing plastic waste plastics cleaning equipment, granulation equipment manufacturers. You can call me HI if you have any questions
Q:What are the precautions in the process of recovery of pollution and regeneration equipment?
6., regularly check whether the operation of the normal institutions, there is no noise, such as the discovery of failure, must be promptly removed.7. installation, disassembly and adjustment of rotating mechanism, should pay attention to ensure that the rotating mechanism reducer central line and gear central line parallel, and its meshing surface is not less than 70%, meshing clearance should be suitable. Tmall America tips: haze travel, remember to do a good job of protection.8., the motor encountered overheating, to stop in time, after troubleshooting, and then continue to run, the motor bearing lubrication to be good.9. each control box, distribution box and so on often keep clean, clean the dust on the electrical equipment in time.
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