PVA Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree

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200000 kg/month

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Product Description:

PVA  Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree


Product Description:

Product Type:

Other Yarn


100% PVA yarn

Yarn Type:





Ring Spun


Eco-Friendly, vanish in the water


Embroidery, Sewing, Other

Yarn Count:


Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Model Number:



raw white

Dissolve Tem.:















Middle east,EU,etc.


We can supply water soluble yarn, 20 degree to 90 degree, yarn counts are from 20s to 100s.

This is a new kind of environmental friendly product. It can be mainly used for making towels,socks, the top-grade gloves, etc.

It can  be used to make the untwist yarn with the cotton yarn.

We are the manufacture, we export the pva yarns to India, Turkey, Pakistan,etc. Have a large market

High quality PVA water soluble yarn 

1. Soluble in water 

2. Eco friendly 

3. New product 

4. 100% Japan material

5. Quality guarantee

PVA  Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree

PVA  Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree

PVA  Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree


PVA  Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree

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Q:Calculation formula of yarn twist
⑶. Twist coefficient definition: the degree of twist yarn is measured, and the twist angle is proportional to the characterization of different lines of yarn density of the degree of twist ⑷. Twist to the definition: When the yarn is in the vertical position, the composition of yarn The direction of the helix of the unit is rotated about the axis of the yarn.
Q:From the yarn to the finished textile fabric production process
Is the famous American chemist Carothers and his research team invented. The main varieties of nylon are nylon 6 and nylon 66, accounting for the absolute dominant, followed by nylon 11, nylon 12, nylon 610, nylon 612, in addition to nylon 1010, nylon 46, nylon 7, nylon 9, nylon 13, Varieties are nylon 6I, nylon 9T and special nylon MXD6 (barrier resin) and so on
Q:What is the cheese yarn?
Now some new spinning machines (such as rotor spinning, commonly known as air spinning) can be directly spun out conical or cylindrical cheese yarn.
Q:What is yarn support?
Yarn count is the yarn count, divided into metric and imperial count.
Q:What is the yarn in the textile
Cloth clip yarn can be seen to the naked eye.
Q:Textile yarn 75d ppt memory silk how much money meal?
Memory is the shape of memory fibers. Fabric gloss soft and bright, anti-crepe shrinkage performance is good, there are wicking perspiration and anti-ultraviolet function
Q:What is the diameter of a yarn of 40 yarns?
Where 0.040 is the common diameter coefficient of the medium cotton yarn; if the high diameter cotton yarn (fine cotton yarn) is the common diameter coefficient is 0.037; this coefficient can be based on the yarn volume specific gravity (g / C㎡) formula.
Q:Textile waste silk (abandoned side yarn) what purpose ah?
Textile waste silk (discarded yarn) is a non-woven textile raw materials, usually re-opened, non-woven non-woven equipment production, should be 90% of the product is the production of non-woven fabrics. The reason for this is as follows
Q:What are the types of cotton yarns?
(5) according to the use of yarn points: ① warp yarn is woven in the direction of parallel cloth in the direction of the yarn, a greater strength, the general twist; ② weft yarn is woven in the vertical direction of the yarn, Strong requirements lower than the warp yarn, twist is generally lower than the warp, to maintain a certain degree of softness; ③ knitting yarn is required to clean, uniform, twist small, to prevent damage in the knitting caused by broken; ④ industrial yarn such as tire cord, Conveyor belt yarn, health medicine yarn.
Q:Textile spinning mill management system
The same for the financial, the need to be able to generate reports from time to time to understand the day, month, quarter, year of the report statistics, and for sales need to be able to grasp the customer's information and inventory, and further sales, production, procurement, etc. And so on a series of work processes.

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