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Product Description




Min space:0.2mm

Min trace:0.2mm

Min hole size:0.25mm

Surface finsh: Immersion gold plating

Prdouct rang:single layer pcb /double layer pcb /Led lighting PCB assembly / HASL pcb /Gold finger pcb /

            Flexble pcb/Rigid  Flexble pcb / Aluminum  pcb/ Copper base plate pcb/ Immersion gold plating pcb



Quotation time:

1. For PCB & FPC: quotation within 1 hours if all information are clear
2. For PCBA: quotation within 2 days if all information are clear



Quote Requirements For PCB and PCB Assembly :

- Gerber File and Bom List;
- Quote Quantity;
- Technical requirements for quoting reference;
- Clear pictures of PCB or PCB Assembly sample if available.
- Inspection method for PCB Assembly.


Our Service

Characteristics of the company

1.Single and Double layer for urgent

2.Four Laminates 72H ungert

3.Deliver fast,as the same time must keep in good quality

4.Give the high quality product,and also give the competitive price


Packing and Shipping 

1. We'll deliver goods within 7-10 workdays after payment made

2.In vacuum bags,then in carton
3.As per customers' requirement


Purchase Tips


A.For PCB order, please provide Gerber file or * pcb file. Any details are also welcomed if no Gerber file.

B.pcb sample,low volume pcb,mass production pcb are accept.

C.For PCBA order, please provide the Gerber file, *.pcb file and BOM List.

D.Any questions, welcome to contact our sales person Jack by sending inquiry. Your satisfaction is our pleasure.



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Q:Pcb board on the big black dot chip package called what?
Its development has been 100 years of history; its design is mainly layout design; the main advantage of using the circuit board is to greatly reduce the wiring and assembly errors, improve the level of automation and production labor rate.
Q:What is the printed circuit board circuit
Printed circuit board it has two functions: 1, fixed components; 2, according to the circuit diagram with the wire to connect the components to form a solid circuit.
Q:General computer PCB board can withstand the number of temperature?
As the printed circuit board is not a general terminal product, so the name of the definition of a little confusion, such as: personal computer motherboard, called the motherboard, and can not be directly called the circuit board, although the motherboard board there is a circuit board, but Is not the same, so the assessment of the industry when the two can not say the same. For example: because there are integrated circuit parts loaded on the circuit board, so the news media called him IC board, but in essence he is not the same as the printed circuit board. Generally speaking, the printed circuit board refers to the bare board - that is, no upper components of the circuit board.
Q:Who can tell me printed circuit board in the multi-layer and double-sided panels and the difference between the single-layer, multi-layer between the layers is how the distribution?
The difference between the multilayer board and the double panel and the single layer board refers to the number of boards, the multi-layer board has three or more layers of the circuit board pressed together
Q:PCB (double-sided multi-layer printed circuit board) about the production principle of what?
shape processing (come up with finished product unit) -> electrical test (test line integrity) -> final inspection -> packaging
Q:What does the motherboard PCB mean?
Now the motherboard and graphics cards are used multilayer, greatly increased the area can be wiring. Multilayer board with more single or double-sided wiring board, and in each layer between the layers into a layer of insulation after the pressure
Q:What is the classification of circuit boards
According to the different classification methods can be divided into many kinds: For example, according to the strength of the substrate points: soft board hard and soft combination version according to the structure: through-hole plate buried blind hole in accordance with the color points: green oil plate, red oil plate, white oil
Q:What are the materials used for the Merrillas on PCB circuit boards?
Widely used in the electronics industry, as well as the aerospace industry in the photographic industry also has applications. Mylar (Mylar) belongs to the YAEB class of insulating material. High-level speakers can be used in the paper diaphragm or Mylar (Mylar) diaphragm. Mylar capacitor, is the metal flower polyester capacitor.
Q:Do PCB board board In addition to materials such as CCL, there are other materials of the board?
According to CCL flame retardant performance classification, can be divided into flame retardant (UL94 a VO, UL94 a V1 level) and non-flame retardant (UL94 a HB class) two types of boards. Nearly two years, with the environmental issues more attention, in the flame retardant CCL and separate a new non-brominated species of CCL species, can be called "green flame retardant cCL". With the rapid development of electronic product technology, the cCL has a higher performance requirements. Therefore, the performance classification from the CCL is divided into general performance CCL, low dielectric constant CCL, high heat resistance CCL (general plate L above 150 ℃), low thermal expansion coefficient CCL (generally used for packaging substrate ) And other types.
Q:Circuit board A what it means
Circuit boards are: circuit boards, PCB boards, aluminum boards, high frequency boards, thick copper plates, resistors, PCBs, ultra-thin circuit boards, ultra-thin circuit boards, printed (copper etched technology) circuit boards, etc. So that the circuit mini, visualization, for the fixed circuit of mass production and optimization of electrical appliances play an important role.

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