Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine

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Product Description:

Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine

1.   Structure of Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine:

Prefabricated Concrete Purline Compression Molding Machine is our special developed products as results of our engineers research, with which 60%steel material will be saved compared with traditional revolving die method .Efficiency can be improved 3 to 5 times compared with conical die method, these machine are easy for operation and convenient for maintenance, products from these machines are in good quality, smooth appearance and accurate in size.


 2.   Main Features of Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine: 

• One machine can make one slab lower cost, high Wear-resistant, long service life.

• In case of quality problem the company provide free replacement.

• Provide technical support for free.

• Provide consumers with regular visits

• Simple structure, easy operate, less wear parts


3.  Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine Images:

Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine

Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine

Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine


4.  Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine Specification:


Product name



Hole number

Concrete purline  machine




Concrete purline  machine




Concrete purline  machine




Concrete purline  machine




Concrete purline  machine




Concrete purline  machine





Production Line Layout

Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine


Production Process 

Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine


Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine

5. Packing & Delivery

•  Wire cables are used for fastening the machine on the trailer or inside the container.

•  Machine covered with plastic film.

•  Machines can be packed in tarpaulin or wooden case according to customer’s needs.

Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine

6. Customers from All Over The World

Precast Pressed Concrete Purline Pillar Machine

7. FAQ: 

We have organized several common questions for our clients, may help you sincerely:

•  What information we need to confirm with you before send a formal offer?

What kind of slab you want to make, wall panel, roof panel, lintel or something else?

Do you have exact slab size (slab thickness and width)? If not, please tell us the slab span, we will give you suggestion.

•  Have you use this kind of machine before? 

Our machine is totally different from European machine. Please don’t follow their instructions.

•  How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product, within 20 working days we will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The specific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 35 working days can be served.


8. Why choose us:

•  30 years manufacturing experience.

•  Passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certificate.

• More than 10 types of machine and over 100 models for choose.

Supply complete set of technology and equipment solution.

• We can design and manufacture all kinds of concrete forming equipment according to customers' demands. Meanwhile we can even more provide our customers a complete set of technology and solution for all producing flow.

9. Our Service:

•  We supply the technical supporting all the time.

•  We supply one year warranty for whole machine.

•  We supply free quick wear parts. 

•  We supply low charge continue maintenance when warranty is expired.

•  We supply free training to end-users



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