Power Stacker--CLE12-M CLE1216 M-120 CLE1216 M-210 CLE1229 M-120 CLE1229 M-210

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PRODUCT NAME:Power Stacker--CLE12-M

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM

Up to h3 mmACTUAL CAPACITY (Q) kg
Load centre distance (C)mm600700

IdentificationManufacturer’s type designation CLE1216
Drive:electric(battery or mains),diesel, petrol, fuel gas,manual electric
Type of operation:hand,pedestrian,standing,
seated, order-picker)
Load Capacity /rated loadQ (t)1.2
Load center distanceC mm600
Load distance, centre of drive axle to forkX mm723
Wheelbasey mm1250
Weightsservice WeightKg8901070
Axle loading,laden front/rearKg940/11501020/1250
Axle loadings,unladen front/rearKg400/490480/590
WheelsTyres:solid rubber,superelastic, pneumatic,polyurethane) polyurethane
Tyre size, front 252x89
Tyre size, rear Φ80x93
Additional wheels(dimensions) 150x54
Wheels, number front/rear(x=driven wheels) 1x+2/2
Track width,frontb10(mm)650
Track width,rearb11(mm)1103/1394
Basic DimensionsLowered mast heighth1(mm)2104
Free lifth2(mm) 158 158
Lift heighth3(mm)15502820
Extended mast heighth4(mm)21043395
Height of tiller in drive position min./max.h14(mm)880/1420
Lowered heighth13(mm)50
Overall lengthl1(mm)1675
Length to face of forksl2(mm)725
Overall widthb1(mm)890
Fork dimensionss/e/l(mm)35/100/950(1150)
Width over forksb5(mm)200-720
Ground clearance,center of wheelbasem2(mm)26
Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysAst(mm)22702380
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwaysAst(mm)21702345
Turning radiusWa(mm)1520
PerformanceTravel Speed,laden/unladenkm/h4.9/5.1
Lift speed,laden/unladenmm/s100/170
Lowering speed, laden/unladenmm/s120/135
Max.gradient performance,laden/unladen%6/12
Service brake Electromagnetic
E-MotorDrive motor rating s2 60minkw1.2
Lift motor rating at s3 15%kw2.2
Battery acc. To DIN, no  
Battery voltage,norminal capacityV/Ah24/12024/21024/12024/210
OthersType of drive control MOSFET Control
Sound level at driver’s ear acc.to EN12053dB(A)67
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Q:Description of fixed hydraulic elevator
Fixed hydraulic elevator products can be divided into cut and fork, double shear, guide rail, cylinder type and wall hanging type etc. Design is novel, dual ladder anti-rotating structure, double speed drop system, the largest rise in 35 meters, stable and reliable, beautiful, simple operation is the biggest characteristic of fixed hydraulic lift cylinder type. Double ladder anti-revolution structure ensures the safety and stability of the work. Also, considering the actual environment of the scene, the oil cylinder can be dumped and handled to ensure the maximum scope of the machine operation.
Q:Can the stepping motor drive the hydraulic platform?
The hydraulic platform is driven by an oil cylinder, and the motor drive is a completely different way through mechanical means (screw, chain, gear, rack, etc.). In addition to mechanical means, depending on the power size, the step motor usually means that the equivalent power is not much, the maximum is a few hundred watts. The hydraulic platform is generally heavy, so it's unlikely. Or do you use a step motor to drive the hydraulic pump? It can, but also to consider the power problem, said earlier, smaller power stepping motor, if the original motor is a few kilowatts, certainly not.
Q:What is the main shaft of the horizontal milling machine
CNC horizontal knee-type milling machine is rigid and can withstand heavy load cutting. The CNC horizontal knee-type milling machine has sufficient power and wide spindle speed range. Can use carbide tool for high-speed cutting and make full use of tool efficiency.
Q:The characteristics of hydraulic platform
Double column aluminum lift The double column aluminum alloy elevator is the new design of a new generation of products, the overall high strength aluminum refined due to the high intensity profile, minimal deflection and swinging the lifting platform. With a two-mast structure, the platform is large, the platform area is large, the stability is excellent, the operation is flexible, the implementation is convenient. Its light appearance can make the highest lifting ability in a small space. The elevator is widely used in factories, hotels, buildings, malls, stations, airports and stadiums. It can be used for installation maintenance, such as power line, lighting appliance, elevated pipe, etc.
Q:Where is the mobile lift platform?
It is. The beijing-shanghai railway, the beijing-shanghai expressway, the beijing-shanghai expressway, the qingyin high speed, the ziqing highway across the north and south, is close at hand. Favorable geographical location and convenient traffic bring sufficient conditions for the development of the company. Shengze technical force is strong, the process flow is advanced and reasonable, the detection method is complete. The company's products have the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, stable lift, safe load, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Products are widely used in various industry, such as industrial and mining enterprises, production lines, railway, airport, dock, station, cargo handling, warehousing logistics, high lift, plant site equipment installation, etc.
Q:What device is better to design a platform that is 1 square meter or so?
Hello, we are jinan Kowloon hydraulic machinery manufacturing co., LTD., which produces elevators,
Q:What happened to the rise and fall
The first possible reason is that the voltage is too low to check the actuator potential of the motor load. The voltage fluid range allows for a plus or minus 10% of the motor to not inspect the two phases of the three-phase line of the motor and circuit motor.
Q:How to use the ball screw platform?
Second, heyman screw can see lu, platform settled on first use, carefully to see if there are any more abnormal hydraulic parts, electrical appliances, layout, to ensure that no more than about geomagnetic held before commissioning, no-load again after 3 ~ 5 times a load test.
Q:Is the elevator moving faster or slower?
The speed is relative, but the best speed is not over half m/s.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:Who knows the price of a sloping platform?
What you're saying is a little too simple, it should be a little bit more specific, how big the table is, how wide it is, how much it's tilted, and it's tilted in a direction

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