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POI Navigation:Mark POI for navigation.Users
through this application can easily find their way
back no matter where they are; easy to find friends
in crowded places or a vehicle in a parking lot and
much more.
Routes and Tracks:Import Routes and Tracks
from Google Maps KML file for Mavigation.
Track Record: After ositioning, the device starts
recording. Users can store the tracks in the internal
memory and export them to Google Earth for viewing.
Sun and Moon: Users through GPS can calculate
sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times at their
current position and also have information on the
moon phases at a selected time, date and location.
Trip Odometer: The device can provide for user's
current trip average speed, maximum speed,
exercise time, mileage and other travel information.
Stopwatch Timer: Users can record some
stopwatch data.
Area Measurement: GPS100C can measure the
area and show the shape of any shape including
lakes, grasslands, pastures, farmland, orchards, etc.

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Q:Car portable navigation what brand is better
Now portable navigator handheld, Garmin and Magellan are a good brand. Too many cars. All about. Choose a car navigation, generally with high moral and four-dimensional map are good.
Q:After you bought a portable navigator, are you with the new map?
It depends where you bought itIf you want to buy in the 4S shop to buy their own updates should be free of charge
Q:Portable navigation and vehicle navigation
The difference between portable navigator and DVD navigatorFunction:In essence, both in function level is almost just right.The first is the basic function of navigation, and portable navigation and DVD navigation map are professional navigation company used produced maps, such as tag heuer DVD navigation and portable navigation systems are good use is the Kay 3D map.Both are built with the positioning of the radar chip, high sensitivity, less affected by the weather.
Q:Portable car navigation support software
Most of the Microsoft WinCe5.0 or WinCe6.0 operating system, to support the operating system software you can support the navigator in theory.But part of the navigator on the WinCe customization, boot directly run the corresponding boot program, you must be able to crack the PDA can be used to install other software, the specific method can be cracked Baidu.
Q:What is the portable navigator ranking?
Brand feel almost, but personally recommend the use of GPS chips with Android tablet is better, both flat and navigation,
Q:Xuchang where to sell portable navigator?
128M on the market is more common, 64M is also a lot, but the basic 64M can not run 3D, not to mention the map upgrade.
Q:What brand of portable navigation, car navigation and portable what is the difference?
Now there are a lot of portable navigator brand, I use the journey of a feel good, cost-effective or convenient! Vehicle navigation is a special vehicle for about 2000 of the general to change the line! Therefore, it is recommended to use portable!
Q:What is the price of portable navigator?
I use a portable car navigation brand is a master Wang to help recommend cost-effective! With moving speed is also good!
Q:My portable navigation, model LH-900N,
Restore factory settings do not touch the screen does not work, firmware problem
Q:What brand of portable navigator
Portable map updates slow and upgrade maps also charges.

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