Basic Handheld GPS K111

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1. Measurement data: Area; Distance, Perimeter; Latitude and longitude, Time. Price

2. Area measurement range: 0-9999999, or 0-999999.9mu

3. Area measuring relative accuracy: 5% (2 mu), 3% (10 mu), 2% (50 mu), 1% (100mu)

4. Distance measuring range: 0-999999.9m

5. Distance measuring accuracy: - 2.5m ~ 2.5m

6. Use conditions: Temperature - 10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, Humidity: 5% - 95%

7. Record storage: 500 ordinary records and < 6 graphics or 500 points

8. The unit price Settings: 0.5 999.5 Dollar/mu

9. Power supply voltage: 6 v (section 4 5 dry cell)

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Q:Portable navigation with AV interface can be connected to the camera image
There is a video input interface can be connected to the rear camera with the camera, there is no use
Q:About portable GPS navigator I swim 1400E
2.CMMB are generally free of charge for 3 years of the machine, after the charges in the past 3 years, it should be said that too many variables can not be determined, and now seems to be about a year or so the cost of about $180;
Q:Beidou portable navigation 510 HD port number is how much?
Baidu to download a GPS port, baud rate detection tool, decompression on the computer, copy to a blank on the SD card inserted into the navigator, you can display the navigation port, baud rate, screen resolution.
Q:Please have the experience of some of the recommendations of cost-effective portable navigation
Navigation is a stranger, you do not look at your credit navigator information at the door, basically all wrong
Q:Portable GPS navigation which brand is good
I recommend a good journey and, because the company's radar is quite good.
Q:I am a portable navigator, 4.3 inch screen, CE5 system, 2G storage.
Directly on the external card, set the navigation path for the map on the card on the line
Q:What is the difference between a portable navigator and a mobile phone navigation
Car portable navigator is particularly expensive, but also to increase the amount of open virtual maintenance upgrade to another money...Mobile phone navigation precision is usually not high, now 6000 round mobile phone star search ability than 2004 500 round copycat machine, because of the high-end mobile phone focuses on online entertainment, so, even some high-end mobile phone navigation chips are not, by the base station positioning data flow instead of flowers in the center of the city, where a good signal can be careless.The biggest advantage of mobile navigation is a mobile phone can be equipped with multiple sets of navigation software, as long as you are willing to update the data every day, on the road and can be carved to get the road ahead of the road, easy detour detour. Only your electricity bills.
Q:Portable car navigation support software
See your system is CE5 or CE6, can support CE56 software can run
Q:What is the portable navigator ranking?
Brand feel almost, but personally recommend the use of GPS chips with Android tablet is better, both flat and navigation,
Q:How to get the portable navigator?
If the body is also connected to the memory card with the nail click on this card will be able to come out of their own

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