Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer for Concrete(High range water reducer)

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Beijing China (Mainland)

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Polycarboxylic Superplasticizer

High flowability:

Low permeability, high durability concrete

Superior compression performance:

No retempering. Ease of point construction

Low shrinkage and creep:

Improves dimensional stability. Reduces risk of cracks.

Good cohesion:

Ease of pumping. No bleeding.

Good workability:

Excellent appearance. Self compacted concrete.

Minimal bleedingrate:

Excellent concrete quality.

High elastic modulus:

Superior load bearing capacity.

High water-reducing performance:

High initial and ultimate strength.


Highly durable concrete


Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Solid Content 40%
Brown liquid
High water reducing agent
Excellent plasticizing effect


PCE is a high performance based on polycarboxylate, specifically developed as effective dispersant, fluidized and high range water reducing concrete agent.

Polycarboxylateis a neutral concentrate grade, it is mainly used as a raw material to produce different types of high performance water reducers for targeted industrial. It complies with ASTM C 494, Type F specifications.


  • canbe applied in a wide variety industry and can improve the workability to the concrete and  improve high early compressive strength, even with low water/cement ratios while maintaining normal levels of workability.

  • can be widely used in conventional concrete, pumping concrete, super-fluid self-compacting and high-performance concrete; it hasthe excellent performance especially in the application of high-strength high performance concrete.


  • High water reducing rate and excellent plasticizing effect.

  • Producing concrete with high levels of workability without segregation.

  • Excellent dispersion and self-compacting effect can produce different grade strength super fluid self-compacting concrete.

  • Can be a substantial increase in early and late strengths of concrete, so that increase the project construction schedule.

  • Better plasticitymaintainingcould significantly prolong the transit time of concrete, which can reduce economic losses and ensure the normal pumping of concrete.

  • Improving the frost resistance and carbonation resistance of the concrete.

  • Lowering drying shrinkage of the concrete by 20% or more compared with naphthalene-based admixtures.

  • High applicability: It can be used with different variety of cement.

  • Improved finished concrete surface ability.

  • Proffering air environment protect.

  • No chloride ions and no corrosion to steel bar.


AppearanceLight brown liquid
Solid Content(%)40%±2.0      


Chloride Content(%)


Na2SO4 Content (%)


Na2O+0.658K2O (%)


Cement Paste Flow



0.25to0.7% by weight of cement. Standard water reduction at normal dosage and significant water reduction at higher dosage. Exact dosage rates are dependent on the type of effect sought, quality of cement and aggregates, water/cement ratio and ambient temperature. Therefore, in many cases it is advisable to carry out trial mixes.

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