PC-3010 40% Solution Polycarboxylate Super Plasticizer for Concrete

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:PC-3010 40% solution

  • Solid Content:40%

  • concrete use:high strength concrete

  • cement use:cement precast

  • field of application:ready mix concrete,high strength concrere

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:20MT/flexitank in container,1100kgs/IBC container, 220kgs/barrel
Delivery Detail:5-10 days


polycarboxylate superplasticizer
polycarboxylate ether for concrete
high range water reducer
early strenght type

Item No.: PC-3010 liquid with early-strength performance

Polycarboxylate Based Superplasticizer


PC-3010 is our new type polycarboxylic super plasticizer on the base of the poly-ether type.

It is a new type with early -strength workability for concrete and pre-mix concrete products.

2. Specification
Powder: SUNBO PC-3010(40%L)

3. Properties


colorless liquid

                Solid Content (Liquid) (%):


                               Density (g/cm3):

1.054±0.02(20%L), 1.12±0.02(40%L)

            PH Value (20) (20% Liquid):  


                                 Cl Content (%):  


                         Alkaline Content (%):  


                 Suggested Mixing Amount:  

0.5~1.0% % of cementing material

4. Application
- High performance concrete, high fluidity concrete, high duration concrete, aluminate cement refractory concrete, low cement refractory concrete, steam curing concrete, self-flowing concrete
- High strength mortar, gypsum products, self-flowing ground, stuffing materials, grouting materials

5. Package
liquid : 220kgs/ plastic barrel,1100kgs/IBC tank


6. Storage
This powder is easy to absorb the moisture from the air, so it must be kept in the original sealed bag and stored at the dry place. The temperature must not exceed 40. Do not be piled up too high.
Storage Period: One year(Powder), Six months(Liquid)

7. Transportation
This product is non-toxin and non-flammable, so the transportation requirement is general.

8. Loading Quantity

20fcl: 17.6tons/220kgs barrel;

         19.8tons/1000kgs IBC tank.

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