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Product Description:

specifications:01) alloy: a3003 a110002) aluminium thickness: 0.026mm -

0.60mm03) aluminium width:a) standard width: 1,240mmb) special width:

1,300mm, 1,520mm, 1,570mm and 1,595mm are also available04) coating finish:

pvdf, polyester, acrylic05) total coating thickness:a) pvdf coating: more than

25 micronb) polyester coating: more than 18 micron06) coating hardness (pencil

hardness) more than 2h07) adhesion: 5j08) impact resistance: no cracking and

peeling09) flexibility (t-bend): 2t10) mek resistance: more than 10011) bottom

side aluminium sheet is coated with protective polyester material, an the

thickness is more than 6 micron12) minimum order: 1mt/1 x 20' fcl (about

17mt)13) certification: certificate of origin14) delivery time: 8 - 15 days after

receiving your first depositapplications:used to manufacture decorative

materials, such as aluminium composite panels, brushed panels, lampshades,

and other composite panels:1) exterior applications: wall cladding, facades,

roofs and canopies, tunnels, column covers or renovations2) interior

applications: wall cladding, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies3)

advertisement and market applications: display platformssignboards, fascias

and shop fronts4) transport and industrial applicationspacking:export standard,

wooden splint                        

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Q:Minerals in boiled water (or food) reacting with aluminum sauce pan - would a person be ingesting aluminum?
It's much safer to leave it dark and uglyMy personal rule is that acidic foods should never be cooked in aluminium pansI no longer own an aluminium panIf you cook acid foods in Al you ingest Al saltsAs an amusing experiment, next time you open a tin of pineapple, keep back one slice and wrap it in Al foil overnightHave a look at it next morning and ask yourself if you really want to eat thatGood luck and safe cookinggood cooking is just chemistry.
Q:Substitute for Wax Paper?? Please help!?!?
Check with you local gas company many times they have programs to help you improve the insulation they may help with the install cost or offer it with a loan you pay off no interestI would leave what you have and add more to it.
Q:Triangle or Round Tube - which is better for water tubing?
Depends on the size of your boatI have a 150HP so for me, it doesn't matterThey will all go fastI had once a 20HP on a 16 foot aluminum and it could get a round one up with a 160 pound person, but not a 200 pound personNever tried the triangle ones but i suspect it wouldn't make a differenceIn the end, its all up to your boatIf you want a sure thing, Get something more bullet shaped that you sit on high in the waterI had one called a ski bob, don't know if they still make them, but they pretty much don't need to break water, they sit pretty high up.
Q:Is colored aluminum safe in piercings?
The coating that makes it pink could possibly cause problems, there's no way to know since you don't know what it's made ofReally, it's best to NOT use something as jewelry (at least inside your body) unless you know for a fact it won't cause a problem.
Q:Chemistry redox conceptual question?
There are relatively few soluble carbonates, but you could also use KHCO3 or K2CO3 or any soluble carbonateBut you don't even have to use a bicarbonate compoundYou can use any electrolyte Actually NaCl will work much better than sodium bicarbonateAluminum has a natural coating of Al2O3The presence of chloride ion breaks down the passivating layer of Al2O3, forming AlCl4^- and exposing fresh Al metal to the silver tarnishIt also helps to warm the solution to speed up the reaction2Al(s) + 3Ag2S(s) - Al2S3(s) + 6Ag(s) The reaction is a redox reaction in which aluminum metal (which is higher in the activity series than silver) will replace silver in a single replacement reactionAluminum metal is oxidized, while silver is reduced to silver metalThe electrons move from aluminum to silver The charged ions facilitate this electron transferThe sulfur ends up on the aluminum foil and silver metal is left adhering to the silver ornament.
Q:I'm packing for a camping tripwhat is a list of thigs i'd want to bring with me?
This may not be a dip recipe but I thought you might enjoy! I melted a bunch of chocolate (in double boiler) and dipped plastic spoons in it, building up the chocolateYou can alternate chocolates to give a multi-color lookWhen I made these last year, the kids loved them, because of how easy it was to eatsuck on the spoon and the adults used it to flavor their coffee or hot chocolateI wrapped them in colored saran wrap and tied them with colorful ribbon and placed them in a clay pot (with the saran wrap and ribbons facing upwards) and if you would like you could make each friend their own pot and wrap the whole thing up like an easter basket? Write merry christmas across the pot or add their last name to personalize itEnjoy!!! P.SWith all the colored chocolates out there now, you could use just red and green for christmas or pink for a little girls party (or blue for the boys), there are so many possibilities!
Q:Can a .50 bmg rifle/machine gun destroy a modern L.A.V.?
Yes it can, A 50 cal round will easily rip through half an inch of steel, especially what they make the lightly armoured vehicles out of, im in the army and the Hmmwv is made of aluminum, the body, hood is fiberglassa 50 call will destroy that thing even at 1000 meters.
Q:Can I use aluminum foil instead of parchment paper for baking cookies?
Idea 1Boil them with the skins on, then serve them salted with butterIdea 2Slice them in 1/4 inch slices, spread on a cookie sheet, top with pats of butter, bake in a 350 oven until tender, cover the top with bacon bits and shredded cheese, return to oven until cheese meltsIdea 3Slice in wedges, shread on cookie sheet, top with pats of butter and poultry seasoning, bake at 350 until tender.
Q:What's the difference between Powder coated frame; Pro-tec engineered aluminum frame and aluminum frame?
Firstly metals like steel rust very quickly and so need some protection if to be used outdoors where they will get wetHow ever aluminium is different , when aluminium gets wet , it oxidises and forms a dull coatingThis corroded coating how ever protects the aluminium underneath it so no more corrosion occursThis leaves a dull finish but it is weather poof and will last for years and years in all weathers, 20 years plus ! The chairs in the photo have a dry powder finish - this is a process where you heat up the aluminium to about 350 centigrade and then blow powdered plastic on to the hot metalThis melts the plastic and you are left with a plastic coated aluminium chairIts just cosmetic really as i said aluminium will not rust or corrode as it forms a protective film naturallyPro - tec is just some sales jargon for a professional protection against corrosion but its rubbish sales talk and just a cosmetic finishThe chairs look nice but aluminium does not rust so the plastic protection is not required !
Q:What is the balanced chemical equation for the reaction of Aluminium Oxide and Nitric Acid?
The balanced reaction is: Al2O3 +6 HNO3 2Al(NO3)3 + 3H2O What you need to know is nitric acid is a strong acid and acids are called proton donors because they make available the H+ for reactionsOxygen always carries a 2- charge so it takes six HNO3 to get six H+ to pull the Al2 away from the O3Since the H+ of the acid is a stronger charge than the aluminum's hold, the acid breaks up the aluminum oxide and the aluminum now has to take the weaker ion NO3 that the H+ leaves behind in going after the aluminum.

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