NZY-TPC Polycarboxylate High Performance Water Reducer

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Product Description:

I. Product Overview

Our company’s polycarboxylate water reducer achieved the international advanced level. It’s a new generation of environmentally friendly concrete water reducer The main component is a polycarboxylate polymer. Our company can provide a high water reduction, high slump, retarding type, anti-freezing type, pumping type, early strength type. They can meet the different concrete types of construction, construction technology, construction technology and the requirements of the temperature conditions. Products are divided into two types, liquid and powder, liquid one is colorless, yellowish or reddish brown transparent liquid, powder one is white or light yellow powder, this product does not use formaldehyde in the synthesis process, the total alkali content and chloride ion content are very low, the other properties are better than the specified value of the relevant specifications of national norms, it is a prefect high-performance concrete admixtures.

II. The main technical characteristics and specifications

Product of the specifications according to GB8076-2009 "Concrete Admixtures", JG/T223-2007 “Polycarboxylate High Performance Water Reducer”, JQB196-2008 “ Rail Traffic Engineering Structural Concrete Crack Control and Durability Technology Statutes”, JC475-2004 "Concrete Cryoprotective, the Ministry of Railways technology base [2005] No. 101 “Passenger Line of High Performance Concrete Provisional Technical Conditions”, Science and Technology Base [2006] No. 104 “Passenger Dedicated Line High-Performance Concrete Admixtures Products Inspection Regulations”, the TB10424-2010 “Railway Concrete Construction Quality Acceptance Criteria” and other relevant standards, the specifications have reached or exceed the requirements of the above criteria. As time goes by, these standards may be modified, this product will be the timely implementation of the latest version of the above criteria.

The liquid product is colorless, pale yellow or brownish red transparent, liquid product concentration is adjustable, the highest concentration is up to 60%. Synthesis technology of the mother liquor of 60% concentration is in the domestic leading level. It can be prepared the concrete with early strength, retarding, anti-freezing and other performance requirements, and meet different requirements of variety of grades concrete.

Powder product is white or pale yellow powders. It is reducer with high water reducing rate and good performance on slump. It is made in the low-temperature and drying process. The product specifications are the similar to those of liquid. It solved the performance degradation problem of powder polycarboxylate high range water reducer that produced in the traditional drying process.

This product has high water reducing performance at  low content , the effect is particularly significant in high-grade concrete (C50 and above), the highest water reduction rate is up to 40%.

The product has good dispersion properties and slump performance. It can meet the requirements of concrete transport and casting well.

This product can significantly improve the durability of concrete. It has a significant effect on the inhibition of the alkali-aggregate reaction of concrete, improving the performance of concrete creep and shrinkage, the ability to freeze-thaw resistance and the volume stability of concrete with the specific characteristic of low alkali content, low-reduction and appropriate air-entraining performance.

III. The scope of application

It can be used in a variety of industrial and civil buildings, railways, water conservancy and hydropower, port, transportation, municipal engineering, ready-mixed concrete. It has retarded set, early strength, high efficiency and less water and other performance, widely used in high flowing concrete, commercial concrete, pumping concrete, prestressed and reinforced concrete, especially in the applications of high performance concrete with superior performance, more ideal for the preparation of the railway passenger line of high performance concrete admixture.

IV. Using method and precautions

 The recommended dosage of the product is liquid B, 0.5% to 2.0%; powder B, 0.1% ~ 0.4%; actual usage is experimentally determined.

Due to the adaptive differences between different types of the cement and admixtures, The adaptive test of cement and admixture should be done before using or changing the cement type.

V. Packaging, transport and storage

The liquid product is packed with the 200kg round barrels or 1000kg side barrels, powder product is packed with 25 ± 0.25kg laminating woven bag. Packaging specifications should meet the user requirements.

Powder product is easy to soluble in water, liquid dilution will affect the effective concentration of the product, extreme temperatures or sunlight  will make it mildew stink, so in storage, it should be noted  the anti-leaching, avoid moisture, direct sunlight, and kept under seal at the room temperature or during the transport.

In the case of good storage conditions, valid period is six months. If it is more than six months or moldy or smelly, rechecking is needed for using continually. Please use out them within a week once opening.

This product is not flammable, but the storage and transport should be kept away from open flame.

This series of products, some products may have a small amount of crystalline because of different species and concentration in the ambient temperature, below 0 °C it may be frozen, it should be stored indoors, it can be used continually after melting from crystal or frozen.

VI Notes

The product is  non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable. It should be avoid to eat and contact with eyes when use it. If it gets in the eyes and mouths, rinse immediately with water.

When it compound with other additives, the compatibility test should be done.

VII. The applications

Our company independently research and develop slump-type, economical and high-strength type polycarboxylate high-performance series of mother liquor as well as the early strength, cryoprotective, retarded set high range water reducer products, applicable in civil construction, railway, water conservancy and hydropower, bridges, rail transit situ, as well as a variety of municipal engineering label, ready-mixed and pumping concrete. It has been successfully used in Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Anhui and other places a number of commodity concrete mixing station, intercity rail project in Ning’an, North Water Transfer Project in Henan Section, Zhengzhou Conference and Exhibition Hotel, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing Subway Changping be applied in line, the Fusong Railway, Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway and other key projects.


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