Non Woven Fabric for Different Application

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1. Non Woven Fabric Introduction
Name Non-woven fabric
Color White,blue,green,pink,black, red or as customized
Material 100% Polypropylene
Type Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric
Width maximum width 240cm (can be slit)
Weight 9-200gsm

2. Non Woven Fabric Characteristics:

High quality, Stable uniformity, Adequate Weight; Soft Feeling, Eco Friendly, Recycleable, Breathable; Good Strength

3. Non Woven Fabric Packing:

Rolled with 3" paper tube inside and transparent PE bag and plastic film outside

4. Non Woven Fabric Delivery time:

7-30 days against quantity

5. Non Woven Payment term:

TT or L/C

6. Application:

Health, medical, industrial, household, agriculture

7. Our Service
1. OEM Manufacturing welcome.
2. Free Sample to see our quality.
3. We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours.
4. After sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback.If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.

Q:Will mulberry silk shrink if it is washed?
1, mulberry silk is silk, is one thing. Real silk means "real mulberry silk"2, it will shrink. But shrink degree not to say, is the same as the plain silk habotai, wrinkled little shrinkage than crepe. Chine than Georgette (silk chiffon) small shrinkage rate. Therefore, shrinkage depends on the size of the specific fabric structure.3, in addition to the above, the shrinkage is also related to the size of the printing and dyeing mill processing technology. Loose processing, in the hands of consumers, shrinkage is small; tight processing, to the consumer, shrinkage is large.4, silk and washing fabrics, this cotton cloth with the same washing cloth, has shrunk the water, and no longer shrink.
Q:What is the al-baq'a?
Alpaca wool fiber has more than 17 kinds of natural color: from white to black, and a series of different shades of brown and gray, is the most colorful natural fibers in special animal fibers. We see in the market "al-baq'a" refers to the alpaca; and "Su" is a kind of alpaca and adult alpaca fiber is long, beautiful color; often say "babe" for young alpaca wool, relatively thin, soft fiber. Alpaca wool fabrics feel slippery, warm excellent.
Q:What are the ingredients of knitted fabric?
The weft knitted fabric composition: low elastic polyester yarn, polyester yarn, nylon yarn, special yarn, cotton yarn, etc.; the Hong Kong knitting woolen fabric drape is good, often do fashion fabrics, velvet knitted fabrics also belong to the leader in the fabric.Weft knit fabrics generally have good flexibility and extensibility, soft fabric, wrinkle resistant fastness, wool feel strong, and easy to wash, quick drying. But its hygroscopic, insufficient fabric crisp, easy decoherence and curling, chemical fiber fabrics to fuzzing and pilling, hook wire.
Q:What fabric can be sand washed?
Sand washing is divided into light, medium, heavy wash three, heavy clothing after washing is obvious in hand, raised surface effect, especially as the heavy silk crepe de Chine, spun silk and satin, after heavy, feel soft, creamy texture, good hanging. But the fastness of the fabric washing sand, generally suitable for thick fabric. The sand washed silk clothing, its price can be increased by more than 5% at least.
Q:Excuse me, what is the guest fabric?
Customers for fabric which write the so-called original single clothing accessories in each Taobao store. For example, daily orders. The Japanese design the tailoring and shape of the clothes, order to the Chinese, the Japanese to provide fabrics, including buttons and so on.
Q:Which fabric ingredients belong to the B class? Which fabric ingredients belong to the C class?
Not the fabric classification.Clothing fabrics are divided into: A. cotton, B. linen fabric, C. wool fabric, D. silk fabric, E. chemical fiber fabric, F. knitwear fabric, G. fur and leather fabric
Q:What do you mean by four piece cotton fabric 128*68 cotton?
Pure cotton represents material. This is very simple128*64 you can understand that the density of fabrics, called weaving, is generally marked by "XX*XX weave"The higher the fabric is said to do more thin, and the material process requirements higher, of course, the cost is higher. They sell expensive.
Q:What is the difference between fabric and fabric? What does fabric mean?. What do you mean by material?
Fabric is a relatively wide name, all fabrics can be called fabrics.
Q:What fabric is Lurex?
Wire line "commonly known as" gold and silver, gold and silver decorations made of silk wire for weaving "by chemical method. Due to the gold and silver two, hence the name." "" line "is used to call, is no actual twist piece wire. Ancient gold and silver silk is gold and silver by hand into a thin foil, mounted in the thin sheepskin or paper, then cut into a filamentous, known as the" gold "," silver "flat expensive components, a thick and hard line, easy to wear, easy to change color.The common varieties of modern gold and silver wire are made of polyester film and made by vacuum transition LI. The.20 century originated in the United States in the early 50s, and our country began to produce industrial production in 70sThe gold and silver wire, now fine, soft, light, bright colors, the price at the end. There are: 1 polyester, gold and silver thread, single-layer polyester film vacuum Du LI, resin coated with protective film, used for dyeing fabric, 2, composite gold and silver thread, polyester film of the two layer, a layer of foil clip LI that will be used for dyeing fabrics, 3, and round type gold and silver line with stage clothing, clothing now (Fashion).4, in addition to the "Rainbow" gold and silver "for flower color fabric, especially decorative fabric"
Q:What is PVC fabric?
PVC coated cloth has excellent waterproof mildew resistance, obviously, relative to other more waterproof canvas, soft, good tensile strength, high strength, relatively light; the use is very extensive, such as trade, grain, oil, wharf, tents, drilling tower clothing, railway road transport, warehousing, coal mine, open storage and canvas products.

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