New Electrical Juice Extractor

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Electrical Juice Extractor


Powerful motor
Large size juice bowl
Automatic separation of juice & pulp
Stainless steel grater & strainer
Easy to assemble and to clean      

DimensionsPCS/CTNN.W.(kg)G.W.(kg)QTY /20'GPQTY /40'GPQTY/40'HQ
21.5*17*28.552.5*44*306pcs11.30 12.50 274849565778

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Q:When the juicer is in the juice, will the blade gear be harmful to the plastic?
Juicer plastic shell formal manufacturers produced for food grade polypropylene or ABS plastic, the material itself is not toxic, but is biologically inert, even by the debris into the stomach to eat will not be digested with corrosion, finally the stool excreted from the body, so basically do not have to worry about. The thing to worry about is that the flying blade smashed the side wall of the container and hurt the pieces.In other words, a good quality Juicer should not hit the wall of a container when used normally.
Q:The motor of the juice extractor is burnt. Can you fix it? How do you fix it?
If you have this professional skills, you can certainly repair their own. No, of course, called professionals to repair. That is relatively safe. Generally there are brands of sweat machines have maintenance points
Q:How do I use the juicer? (detailed description)
Proper use of juicer: 1. Check whether the position of the juicer is inclined or not, if it exists, change the place of placement. 2. Check whether the tool and filter are secure, confirm and confirm the cup firmly. 3. Cut the food into blocks suitable for the entrance size of the juicer. 4. Plug in the power supply and ensure the connection. 5. Start the machine and make sure the motor is running properly. 6, the food push cup to maintain uniform speed, to avoid too fast, too strong action, so as to avoid danger.
Q:When using an electric extractor, do not press the lid with your hand
No, the design has been taken into consideration, centrifugal force will not make juice and debris out of the lid, do not worry
Q:What are the functions of the cooking machine, the juicer and the blender?
Cooking machine: with many functions, it can process many foods. For example, Soybean Milk juice, jam, milkshakes, ice powder, etc., can also shred vegetables, put the meat into minced meat. But because there is no filter screen can not be used to filter residue of fruit juice.Mixer: mainly mixing, the function of mixing, crushing, juice (to have filter screen).Juicer: only pure fruit and vegetable juice.
Q:How can I squeeze black sesame paste with a juicer?
The easiest way to get to the red black rice and black sesame peanut fried in the pan, then put into the juicer add boiling water and stir into paste on it. It can also add up nuclear jujube, raisins. What can be a very good drink. Some fried, when sealed every time drink now playing on it.
Q:The juice machine put ice Jiaocheng Smoothie it
The ice cubes into thin slices and then put in the Smoothie machine or blender with various ingredients, but in recent years with the improvement of the machine, large chunks of ice can also play sand directly.
Q:Fresh fruit juice with a juicer, do you need the fruit peeled?
What kind of fruit would you like to see?. In general, you can even eat the fruit peel juice, do not need to peel, love clean people usually peel, but some fruit skin is also very nutritious
Q:I want to buy a juicer. What suits me?
If you can meet the requirements of the landlord (ie: juice, vegetable juice can also do mask), only the "multi-function food processing machine", the price from 80 yuan to 200 yuan
Q:How much is the juicer zummo06?
Relatively speaking, soybean milk machine more expensive, if you buy Soya bean milk confidential 200~400 fast, if it is blender or Juicer generally more than 100 is enough. You'd better buy a four in one juice mixer, which includes a juicer, a soymilk maker, a blender, and a dry grinder. That adds up to more than and 200. Very cost-effective. But the capacity is relatively small.

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