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Centrifugal Juicer
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Automatic Pulp Ejection,Dish Washer Safe
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China (Mainland)
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1pcs/gift box
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30 days after deposit

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Packaging Detail:1pcs/gift box
Delivery Detail:30 days after deposit


Electric Slow Juicer Specification
1.High Quality
2.environmental protection
3.Juice and Waste auto seperation

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Q:Which is the difference between a juicer and a cooking machine?
Lead: juicer and cooking machine is this time people's pursuit of convenience and health products, but a lot of people for their difference but do not quite understand, today Xiaobian for everyone from analysis of juicer and cooking machine, which is good. Recommend good reputation juicer and cooking machine for your reference, but also teach you how to operate, share delicious recipes together
Q:Can the juice machine grind rice into powder?
Juicer and grinding machine work the same principle, but the two tools used are different. The cutters of the juicer are designed for breaking juicy vegetables and fruits. The edges are sharp, small, and dense. If used for grinding rice and other relatively hard, and there is not much moisture grains, will damage the tool.Moreover, the internal structure of the juicer is to the fruit and vegetable juice squeezed out, so the juicer juice and residue separation function, this is not much water rice, not suitable for collecting Rice noodles there will be a lot of waste, and is not convenient.
Q:Can I use the meat grinder?
(1) plug in the power to confirm the power on;(2) turn the knob to the gear "1" or "2", start the product, turn the knob to the gear "0", and stop the product;(3) after completion of processing, please pull the plug out of the power socket and confirm the power failure;(4) turn the meat cup counterclockwise, remove it from the main body, open the cup cover, remove the meat cutter, and then remove the processed ingredients.
Q:What's the difference between an extractor and a juicer?
The most obvious difference between the two is the use of different;Also known as extraction solvent extraction or liquid-liquid extraction (as distinct from the solid-liquid extraction, leaching, extraction (also known as) used in petroleum refining industry), is a kind of liquid extraction solution immiscible with the dual or multi-component solution, to achieve mass transfer separation separation process. Is a kind of widely used unit operation. Extraction machine common ultrasonic extraction machine, microwave extraction machine, centrifugal extraction machine, extraction machine using the compounds in two immiscible (or slightly soluble) solubility or the distribution coefficient of solvents, the compound transfer from one solvent to another solvent.
Q:How to judge the quality of a juicer mixer?
The blender is one with gravy, and the juicer is separate from the gravy.There are differences between the two. A blender can juice, but a juicer can only juice
Q:Is there one machine that can be used for both soya bean milk and juice?
In addition, some of the juicer has bean grinding function, will be dried beans soaked, with the machine grinding out the pulp, after filtering, you need to milk into the pot heating
Q:How do I clean the dirt on the juicer?
How to quickly clean the juicer?Specific method: at home to extract delicious fruit juice, cheap and hygienic, but often for cleaning Juicer worries. Here's a handy way to clean it up without having to disassemble the blender. Add 1/3 warm water and detergent to the mixing container, plug in the power, stir for 30 seconds, then rinse with water. Of course, this method applies to a variety of mixers.
Q:You can carry a juice extractor with a high speed rail
4. goods that can damage or contaminate vehicles;5. items of specifications or weight exceeding the baggage instructions.The train carries limited belongings:1. gas lighter, 5 safety matches, 20 small boxes.2. no more than 20ml nail polish, light removing agent, hair dye. Not more than 100ml of alcohol, perm lotion. Not more than 600ml of mousse, hair spray, pesticides, air fresheners.3. military personnel, armed police, public security personnel, militia, hunters, armed with firearms under the laws and regulations, proved to be armed with firearms and bullets.
Q:How much is the juicer zummo06?
Relatively speaking, soybean milk machine more expensive, if you buy Soya bean milk confidential 200~400 fast, if it is blender or Juicer generally more than 100 is enough. You'd better buy a four in one juice mixer, which includes a juicer, a soymilk maker, a blender, and a dry grinder. That adds up to more than and 200. Very cost-effective. But the capacity is relatively small.
Q:Why does the juice press out when you squeeze it out?
Before the juice with boiling water blanched juice, scalded with boiling water can kill the fruit above most of the enzyme, but also make them the Microsoft a bit, and then immediately juice can reduce the loss of nutrients, increase the juice yield, but also can make the juice color and prolong the preservation time.

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