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1.Product Name: Multiple levels carts

 Product Type : T33
 Product Specifications :
   L750 * W400 * H900mm
   L850 * W450 * H900mm
   L950 * W500 * H900mm
 Material: Stainless Steel
 Packing: 1 / box

Product Features

● Heavy-duty design , durable;

● wear-resistant rubber wheel, leaving no trace ;

● Small size, easy to carry ;

● load capacity, body lightweight, flexible operation.

Use Scope:

1. banks, stock exchanges , churches, bookstores, office buildings, telecom business .
2. hotels, commercial buildings, supermarkets, Chinese and Western fast food restaurants and other high places .

3. Government agencies, research institutes, hospitals, schools , galleries, theaters, museums.


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Q:Hotel rooms do not use wardrobe, what can be replaced, both beautiful and fashionable
Econo Hotel is generally used to replace the movable hanger. Do not occupy the area of the room, you can use the time off
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Hand washing basins are mainly divided into wall type, column type and table type three. In order to save space considerations, you can choose to hang wall type, that is, by the wall of the basin installed, the pipeline exposed, screws fixed by the wall, which must be required to fix the wall is load-bearing wall.
Q:Custom hotel restaurant furniture should pay attention to what problems?
Attention should be paid to panels, MDF, miscellaneous boards, ecological solid wood panels, multi layer board, first say what material, what price, do not give high prices to poor plates.
Q:What are the common timber used in solid wood hotel furniture?
Commonly used timber species are: beech, oak, ash, poplar, pine and so on. More attention is Taotao said wood wood. 1, pine: soft, elastic, fine structure, drying, water resistance, corrosion resistance, processing, coloring, coloring and good cementation.
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Pajamas are best not to use, pajamas can be 84, high temperature disinfection, it seems impossible,
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Inorganic non-metallic materials include inorganic gel materials, stone materials, glass and ceramics, among which inorganic gel materials include cement, gypsum, lime and so on. Metal materials are mainly divided into aluminum and aluminum alloys, steel, copper and copper alloys, as well as metal parts.
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The furniture of hotel rooms is divided into solid parts and movable furniture partsSolid mounting means hanging panels, doors, and the likeMovable furniture is portable: bed, bedside table, desk, writing chair, luggage stool, sofa, tea table
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Modern urban leisure life is more diverse, many urban men and women in the face of greater pressure of work, often in leisure time to go and reverse the short-term outside the province or outside the city tourism projects. The fresh nature will always have strong ability to "cure" we tired, but in the end play a relaxing day, hotel furniture suite stay is common problem, and the hotel for the hotel suite furniture layout is the key factor to attract customers, customers decide to stay!
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We are using the equipment scheme is highly integrated, the speakers, the main speakers, subwoofer, player, amplifier and other equipment are integrated into a rectangular cabinet (like TV cabinet) surround speakers will use ceiling way with wireless receiver receiving system surround speaker signal hiding scheme is not pure effect of the beauty of the room.
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How do you do? First, wipe the surface dust with a fine cotton cloth. You can use a cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of gasoline or alcohol to wipe away the stains that are too long or difficult to remove. Then use a small piece of cotton cloth, apply a fair amount of polish, spread it over a large area, and then use a larger piece of dry cloth to divide the wax evenly into a circle so as to leave no trace as the standard.

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