Mounting Wire uses teflon and silicone rubber as insulati

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    The wire uses teflon and silicone rubber as insulation and has excellent rsistance to oil,water,wearing,acid and soda.It is used as hookup wire in all kinds of electrical equipment,instrument and telecommunication device with a wide temperature range .

Type and Description:
TypeDescriptionAF-200silver-coated copper conductor,Teflon insulation,heat-resistance, 200℃AFP-200silver-coated copper conductor,Teflon insulation,tin-coated wire shield,200℃AF-250silver-coated copper,Teflon insulation,250℃AFP-250silver-coated copper,Teflon insulation,tin-coated wire braided shielding,250℃AFBbare copper conductor,Teflon insulation,fiber glass  braided as sheathAFBPbare copper conductor,Teflon insulation,fiber glass braid sheath,tin-coated wire shieldingAGRtin-coated copper conductor,silicone rubber insulationAGRPtin-coated copper conductor,silicone rubber insulation,tin-coated wire braided shielding

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For corrosive environments, cable trays with suitable corrosion resistant coatings should be used

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