Modern classic leather bed

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2014 New Product best selling cheap modern bedroom sets:

Size for optional      King size(normal)     Queen size    Double size
Volume(CBM)           1.2                                  0.5                    1.3

1.Bed Frame:Dry Solid wood+Plywood+MDF+Sponge+Top Grain Leather+


3.Mattress:Spring/Pocket Spring+Cotton Cloth+Sponge or Memory Foam or Natural Latex

according to the customer's request

1)Bubble bag

2) 5 layers A=B cartons advoid damage

3)EPE Foam advoid collision

4) Shipping marks in the cartons

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Q:tanning beds and acne?
Yes, this is true. When I tan in a tanning bed, my acne problem goes away completely. Even though, tanning is not an overall healthy thing to do, it DEFINITELY works for acne. The light rays and heat the bulbs putout, is very drying on the skin and acne clears up for most people instantly. I also notice acne scars become so much less visible.
Q:looking for a good quality dog bed?
Best suggestion go to a local pet store they carry a variety from small to large ones most with removable covers . Plus you should be bathing your dog and using something like Advantage to prevent fleas it kills both fleas ticks and their larva .
Q:one direction bedding?
why the hell do you want a one derection bed set
Q:Zebra Print Bedding?
Q:Bedding for guinea pigs??
well the best bedding is cedar chips, the cheapest is torn up newspaper.
Q:futon beds that are cheap?
Q:Is this bed fitting for feng shui?
As a qualified feng shui consultant, there are three concerns about the bed. 1) It doesn't have a bed head. From a feng shui perspective, a bed should have a solid bed head as this represents support and protection. 2) The storage compartments under the bed do not allow enough space for air to circulate under the bed. It is important that the flow of qi/energy/fresh air can circulate under your bed. It also prevents the build up of dust. 3) Having 'stuff' under the bed, no matter how tidy it is, represents clutter. Having clutter under your bed will make you feel more fatigued, and as every part of your home represents a part of your life, you may feel like one part of your life is stagnating or feels 'stuck' if you put stuff under your bed. Best wishes!
Q:Do you prefer a soft or firm bed?
For the most part, I prefer a firm bed. I'll even sleep, flat on my back on the living room floor if my back's been bothering me. I also sleep extremely well in the guest bed, which is a little softer, out at a friend's place, although that may be because we've worked on the farm all day, had a great dinner and made a few bottles of wine disappear. For the lake, I have an Aerobed. It's an airmattress the size of a real bed, with a built in compressor to inflate it and can be firmness can be adjusted from in the bed depending on what I need or am in the mood for at the moment. It cost $200, but I always feel smug as it self inflates while everyone else is fighting with pumps, hair dryers and vacuum cleaners to get their Wal-Mart air mattresses inflated. D
Q:I found two baby Bed bugs?
How do bed bugs invade a home? Because bed bugs readily hide in small crevices, they may accompany (as stowaways) luggage, furniture, clothing, pillows, boxes, and other such objects when these are moved between apartments, homes and hotels. Used furniture, particularly bed frames and mattresses, are of greatest risk of harboring bed bugs and their eggs. Thus, one should carefully scrutinize and consider the history of any used furniture, particularly ‘street’ items so plentiful at the beginning and end of each academic year. Because they readily survive for many months without feeding, bed bugs may already be present in apparently ‘vacant’ and ‘clean’ apartments. Bed bugs can wander between adjoining apartments through voids in walls and holes though which wires and pipes pass. In a few cases, bats and/or birds may introduce and maintain bed bugs and their close relatives (bat bugs and bird bugs). Pest control personnel should be mindful of the presence of blood feeding insects and mites that may be left behind after removing nests or roosts of birds and bats in and on the home.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bed frame and the box bed?
The box bed is generally surrounded by four sides, with an air pressure bar, so that the stability will be better than the shelf. There is a lot of storage space.The bed is not collecting dust.Shortcomings pressure bar long time will be bad, generally 2-3 years will be bad, but will be free of charge change.

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