Modern classic leather bed Chinese leather modern bedroom sets

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2014 New Product best selling cheap modern bedroom sets:

Size for optional      King size(normal)     Queen size    Double size
Volume(CBM)           1.2                                  0.5                    1.3

1.Bed Frame:Dry Solid wood+Plywood+MDF+Sponge+Top Grain Leather+


3.Mattress:Spring/Pocket Spring+Cotton Cloth+Sponge or Memory Foam or Natural Latex

according to the customer's request

1)Bubble bag

2) 5 layers A=B cartons advoid damage

3)EPE Foam advoid collision

4) Shipping marks in the cartons

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Q:4 Poster Pencild beds feminine?
No. The black definitely keeps it from being too feminine. Unless, of course, you put some gauzy canopy over it. Make sure the bedding is nice and manly, too.
Q:What do you do to lose weight on bed at night?
After doing this for a period of time, I feel the abdomen is strong, so I can move up and down the legs, move up to about 30 degrees, and move downward until I don't touch the bed. Commonly known as lying leg movement, to exercise the abdominal muscles and weight loss are of great help, the effect is obvious.
Q:What bugs are in my bed?
Sounds like you have bed bugs. you need to treat them .......................
Q:How do you know the bed frame when you buy a bed?
4 defects of bad wood: split, scarring, bug, mildew, to all the details to view the bed at the time of purchase, purchase to ensure that no defective bed.If there is cracking, of course, can not buy, or else with the use of this split part of the more and more fierce, it would not be worth the candle. If the front has scarred, the same position on the back there is also this scar, this scar basically belongs to a knot, a long time, will fall, so have the defects of furniture is absolutely can't buy. At the same time, although many furniture known as drying, degreasing treatment, you also need to carefully check and think, can not believe all the merchants said "N" re drying treatment. Mildew in the physical store to see, usually does not appear. Is wood green, traces of water phenomenon. Mainly received goods, and when the master moved to install, to check clearly, the emergence of these problems, the absolute response to the business.
Q:What do you mean, bed sign and bed sheet?
The sheets are directly laid on the bed, surrounded by a natural sag, is fitted around the elastic band, a bed mat
Q:Help on a toddler bed?
She should NOT be in your room. That's going to start all kinds of nightmares you don't want, and she should be out of there ASAP. If she's a bigger child, I would skip the toddler bed. Toddler beds are usually right on the ground so that if they're to roll off, they aren't harmed. A twin bed can be raised or on the ground, but will provide a lot longer life. All you have to do to ensure that she doesn't fall out is put up some safety rails. just put one side of the bed against the wall and put her to sleep closer to the wall, too.
Q:What is a bed-in-a-bag?
Get yourself an Aerobed. They come in different sizes with a ump to inflate as needed. You can deflate very quickly to store. They are inexensive and fairly comfortable. Good luck to you all.
Q:Have you ever fallen of your bed?
yes.especially when i had a twin sized bed and haven't you seen Inception? the feeling of falling always wakes you up
Q:Need help with college dorm bedding?
For college dorm bed sheets designed specifically for all college beds including loft bed, bunk beds and comes in the hard to find twin xl size.
Q:My bed! Community bed??
It is going to be hard to get them to stay in their own bed. You have to be strong and make them stay in their bed. Even if it means you don't sleep much for the first night or two. Put them in their beds at bedtime. Prepare for this, tell them they are big and that they have their own bedrooms. Fix the room up so they like it. Be creative. They are going to scream, kick and bawl, but if you take them back to their room every time they come into yours. They will eventually get the message. Sleep in their room if you have to. Just let them know they are not going to sleep in your room period. You can't back down, or give in, because its in the middle of the night and you want to sleep. You have to put them back in their bed. Good luck!!!

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