MILIFE is a high-quality nonwoven fabric such as synthetic silk fabrics

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100% Polyester

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Packaging Detail:1 roll = 2.2m * 3000m Secure standard packaging
Delivery Detail:Ships from Japan 1 month after payment is received


Totally new nonwoven
For Wrapping, Interior, Clothing, Tape Base Fabric, Industrial, Medical and Sanitary

MILIFE is a high-quality nonwoven fabric such as synthetic silk fabrics


Totally new nonwoven


For Wrapping, Interior, Clothing, Tape Base Fabric, Industrial, Medical and Sanitary





Totally new nonwoven based on unique and proprietary technology.

Extremely low basis weight is possible with full width(2.2m).

Highly innovative new generation of nonwoven with enhanced structure and sophisticated outlook.

By only technology in the world, Milife has new-value beyond the conventional nonwoven.


♦ Milife has unique properties resulting from structure which is composed of MD layer and CD layer.

♦ Unique properties have the potential that turns new additional values into reality.





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GradeBasis Weight[g/m²]Thickness[mm]Tensile Strength[N/50mm]
TY0505FE100.07 2518
TY1515FE300.12 11065
TY1515FEB*300.12 7565

* Flame retardant type


The information contained herein is furnished without charge or obligation and recipient assumes all responsibility for its use.

Any proprieties listed herein are provided as information only and in no way create any warranty.


We have Flame retardant type

· Flame retardance is guaranteed by the test and trademark"TreviraCS" authorization by Trevira GmbH.

· Main international fire standards for textiles can be filled.

· Very slight amounts of toxic fumes develop in the event of a fire.




◊ Aligned and stretched filaments make MILIFE tough

◊ Very thin profile and low basis weight

◊ Extremely uniform appearance

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Q:What fabric is polyester? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this fabric?
Polyester wool fabric is made of polyester filament such as polyester textured yarn, polyester filament network or various kinds of special-shaped polyester fiber as raw materials, or woven with long polyester short fiber and long type viscose or long acrylic blended yarn with wool fabric style, are called worsted wool like fabric and long wool fabric, wool fabric is lower than similar products the price. Not only has the characteristics of wool zoftick leavening, good elasticity, with polyester fastness and durability, easy to wash and quick drying, smooth crisp, not easy to deform and fuzzing and pilling etc.. Common varieties are: polyester, polyester, polyester twill gabardine, tweed elastic polyester silk wool spinning fabric, viscose, polyester acrylic tweed long hidden it etc..
Q:What fabric pilling?
If it is pure cotton, it is generally not easy to pilling, and sometimes mixed with other fibers, it is easy to pilling.
Q:What fabric is kaschmir cachemire?
It's cashmere fabric.Cashmere is known as cashmere, English cashmere, Kashmir is transliterated words, because in the history of Kashmir was distributed cashmere, cashmere cashmere, cashmere is divided into green, purple cashmere cashmere to 3, the highest value.
Q:What are the fabric of jeans?
Denim (Denim), also known as denim, is a coarse, thick, yarn dyed, warp faced denim.
Q:What's the difference between fabric and lining?
Take an overcoat for example. The wool that is worn outside is the fabric, which in turn is particularly smooth, commonly known as lining or inner liner.But as consumers demand more and more variety of clothing features and styles, sometimes fabrics and lining can be switched.
Q:Peach skin and comfortable cashmere and rayon 2WAY pillow fabric that is better
Comfortable velvet: This is the surface has a lot of fluffy, so the design is not comparable to the front two, suitable for winter use.Rayon: between peach skin and 2WAY. The surface is smooth, but there is twill, not very much like this. Not recommendedSuggest "2WAY" or "peach skin" if you want to buy it. But 2WAY is more expensive, but fragile. High cost performance is peach skin, durability is high, but the softness is not comparable to 2WAY. The highest fineness of the pattern is 2WAY and peach skin, and then rayon, comfortable cashmere minimum (because of hair)
Q:What do you mean by the number of yarns used in cotton textiles?
Fibers can only be made into textiles when they are woven, and the first step is to spin the yarn.
Q:What's the difference between knitting cotton and pure cotton?
Although knitted cotton and cotton look very similar in appearance, but the fabric itself has a certain difference. First, from the view of the characteristics of two kinds of fabrics, knitted cotton is characteristic of good dyeability, color fastness and fastness are relatively high, wearing comfort and absorption degree are similar and cotton and pure cotton, but no good elasticity, and is not very acid. Pure cotton is characterized by better moisture absorption and high comfort.
Q:Which fabric ingredients belong to the B class? Which fabric ingredients belong to the C class?
This is a clear regulation of formaldehyde content of clothing:A for infants and young children's clothing, its formaldehyde content shall not exceed 20 mg per kilogram,B class for direct contact with skin clothing, its formaldehyde content shall not be greater than 75 mg per kilogram,C class for non direct contact skin type clothing, its formaldehyde content shall not be greater than 300 mg per kilogram
Q:What exactly is the fabric count of the bedding? What does the number represent?
1, two cotton can be made 60 long 1 meters of yarn, that is 60, in fact, the higher the number of yarn, yarn more fine, with such yarn weaving thin, cloth relatively soft and comfortable. But the number of high requirements for raw materials (cotton cloth) the quality must be high, and the cotton and textile weaving factory is relatively high, so the relatively high cost of cloth.

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