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Low Carbon Ferro Chrome Hot Sale Chinese Cargo


Product Description

Chrome is always used to improve the antioxidation and corrosion resistance of steel to make the surface of steel after it is oxidized to form strong adhension oxide film. Then it stops being oxidized or decelerates being oxidized.Micro-Carbon ferro chorme is applied to making stainless, acid-resistant steel and heat resistant steel.


Low Carbon Ferro Chrome
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Products information

1. As a kind of steel addition,it is used to produce various special steels with high strength,corrosion resistance,anti-friction,thermostability and anti-oxydic.such as stainless steel,acid-resistant steel,heat-resistant steel,spring steel,tool steel and so on.

2. Chromite is used to produce Chrome brick,,Chrome-magnesium brick and other special refractories in fireproofing.







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Q:Y represents the metallurgical (Yejin) Department standard. W stands for universal (Wanneng) alloy
Ha ha, I'm good at that!HC is the sign of the attractive magnetic force of the alloy, and HRA is the sign of hardness. COM is the cobalt magnetic mark of the alloy. D is the density of the alloy. The general quality certificate of the alloy product will have three indexes above
Q:Detailed comparison of cemented carbide with diamond properties
Hard alloy is a metal, usually refers to the number of tungsten carbide hard alloy components, there are many brands, such as YT YG series, this is found, it is mainly used as the traditional machining industry, a cutter head, tools, etc., our common lathe tool tip is above the hard alloy. The largest hard alloy base China in Hunan Zhuzhou tungsten group, a few years ago by Minmetals acquisition. Diamond is a non-metal is allotrope of carbon, he is by far the highest hardness of substances found in nature. Synthetic diamond, also known as industrial diamond, has developed rapidly in China in the past ten years. Its total output has accounted for more than 90% of the total amount of the world. With diamond related diamond tools, mainly used in the field of drilling, cutting, grinding, polishing, grinding, geological, stone, construction, industrial processing, precision instruments, aerospace, electronics, also known as super abrasive, and he (ordinary abrasive corundum and silicon carbide) called industrial teeth "plays a vital role in the economic development of Chinese.
Q:How to distinguish cemented carbide grades?
Carbide how to distinguish between help you answer the following, I hope to help youCommonly used carbide WC as the main component, according to whether to join other carbide is divided into the following 3 categories:(1) tungsten cobalt (WC+Co) cemented carbide (YG), as long as pig iron is processedIt consists of WC and Co which has higher flexural strength, toughness, good thermal conductivity, but heat resistance and poor wear resistance, mainly used for processing cast iron and nonferrous metals. YG hard alloy fine grain (such as YG3X, YG6X), in the same amount of cobalt, the hardness, wear resistance than YG3 YG6 high strength and toughness is poor, suitable for machining hard cast iron, austenitic stainless steel, heat-resistant alloy, hard bronze.(2) tungsten titanium cobalt hard alloy (WC+TiC+Co) (YT) "the main processing of wrought iron"Because of the hardness and melting point of TiC was higher than WC, so compared with YG, the hardness, wear resistance, hardness increases, bond high temperature, strong antioxidant capacity, and will generate TiO 2 at high temperature can reduce the adhesion. But poor thermal conductivity, low flexural strength, so it is suitable for processing steel etc. the toughness of materials.
Q:What's the use of recycling cemented carbide?
Refined tungsten, northern recovery mostly shipped to Hebei, Xingtai.
Q:Can hard alloy be used in food?
For food processing machinery and food packaging processing, of course, can be.
Q:What are the carbide cutting tool brands? 10
The high-end products are M.A.FORD (Mei Fu) Sandvik, Kenna, guhring, Leitz, ISCA, WalterMost of the middle end is Korean and JapaneseLow-end is made in Taiwan
Q:What does "YC20.1 carbide" brand mean?
PriceFor example, the ordinary 20 party 90 degrees welding tool used A320 blade, the price of 11 yuan, non tax written price /20120716 Edition
Q:Carbide blade domestic that tricky point?
China's carbide cutting tools must be the best cemented carbide in Zhuzhou.
Q:I would like to ask cemented carbide grade YK15,
Just found the carbide under YK15, its cobalt content in 10%.According to its brand, YK15 should be used to process cast iron, so the main ingredient should be WC+Co.So its WC component should be in 89-90% (just for inference, for reference only)Based on the molar mass of WC, the mass fraction of the W content is deduced
Q:What are the common kinds of cemented carbides?
The grade by "YW" ("hard", "million" Pinyin prefix) and sequence number, such as YW1. (2) grade, composition, performance and application of commonly used hard alloy (see table below) categories of chemical composition of W/% grade performance scope of tungsten cobalt alloy YG3X 96.5 - < 0.53 for cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloy fine boring, fine car, can also be used for fine machining of alloy steel, Quenched steel and tungsten and molybdenum materials; high tungsten carbide content, binder content is low, its high hardness, flexural strength is low; therefore, YG3 is suitable for finishing; whereas the YG15 can bear larger load, suitable for roughing. Suitable for cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloys and non metallic materials roughing during continuous cutting, interrupted cutting of the semi refined car, fine car for percussive rotary drilling machine drilling hard rock, containing coal cutter teeth, hard rock drill, well drilling hard rock percussion drill bit, stamping die, planer and knife for percussive rotary drilling machine and other chisel hard and extremely hard rock, in the epidermis processing great work under stress perforation and stamping tools tungsten titanium cobalt alloy YT5 855 - 10 for carbon steel, alloy steel, forging, stamping, casting, uneven section, rough turning, discontinuous cutting the rough plane semi finishing.

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