Leather sofabed in fabric model-10

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Steel/ hardened metals/precision metals    


Length: 1900mm. Customized sizes are available


ISO:9001:2008   OEM service


Changeable from sofa to bed, suitable for the normal sofa.  


Very strong metal structure, being easy to fold and carry. Three-seat sofa, double size bed.

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Q:What are the advantages or disadvantages of the bed frame and the box bed?
The utility model has the advantages of good storage function; the shelf bed is an ancient traditional bed, and the shape is exquisite and elegant; the utility model can display the beauty of the bed body through various exquisite carvings, and the shelf on the bed is convenient for the hanging of the mosquito net. In general, the practicability of box bed than shelf bed, but just a little bit worse in appearance.
Q:bunk beds?
A twin over twin bunk bed is the most basic configuration with the smallest footprint of all bunk beds. It is a great solution to sleeping two children in a room, especially when there is limited space. These bunk beds often can be purchased with dual storage drawers or a twin trundle, and sometimes a conversion kit is available to convert to a twin over full bunk bed. Additionally, most bunk beds in this configuration can be separated into 2 twin beds.
Q:Is Pine Bedding bad for hampsters?
YES YES YES DO NOT BUY PINE OR CEDAR BEDDING. the dust they breathe in from it will kill them over time. buy ONLY aspen or UNDYED carefresh bedding
Q:most comfortable bed?
Personal choice. Start shopping, and lie down on all kinds, then choose what's comfortable to YOU!
Q:Is a tempur-pedic bed is good as they seem on commercials?
Is this the memory foam mattress bed? We have one, but it's not that brand. It is comfortable, but the foam will eventually become compressed somewhat where you lay, and not come back to fully expanded or flat or whatever. There will be a depression where you lay. If you always sleep in the same position, then that's probably fine. It is comfortable, but if you're going to roll over and go say hello to your partner, you're going to have to climb uphill a bit to get there. And if you decide to sleep diagonal if you're the only one in the bed that night, you're going to feel like you're laying across a speedbump. But they are comfortable.
Q:you happy in bed?
Yes. But then the same dish can be mucked about with to taste a little different now and again. I like the comfort of knowing what I am getting and then the excitement of the little differences that happen! I like the fact I get to know that dish in a deeper more gratifying way than any fleeting alternative. Who needs McDonalds when you get Steak at home!
Q:should i go to bed?
You should definately be in bed. it's 3.37pm here in Australia too early for bed.
Q:Im getting new bedding!!!!!!!!?
Hi, okorder.com
Q:how do i get my puppy from ripping her beds?
get the puppy a stronger fabricated bed she probaly just try to get comfty i know my dog still claws on it but he just try to get comfty and he has ripped yet
Q:can my dog be on my bed while she has worms?
I've had mine on my couch before.....they don't come out or nething. They do come out in feces. do u know what kind of worms they are? tape? ring? etc.? I don't think you have anything to worry about on ur bed. The worms cannot survive outside the dog...so they for the most part try to stay in lol. i've had both my dogs and cats have worms and haven't ever seen any other than in there poo! lol Hope this helps....i can only go on experience! good luck! :-)

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