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Black Leather Bed

1. size :





2.Material : PU and wood

3. UKFR  and CA117  pu,sponge and fabric is available

Package of PU bed:

Export standard packing or according to customer's requirement

Q:does anyone know a web site were i can look up antique simmons brass beds
Have you looked up antique beds and gone from there? I'm sure they are out ther. Maybe start with antique furniture and go from there. Good luck.
Q:A few months ago I woke up one day and DAMN I was itchy, very itchy for a week. Then it stopped. I see little and big red blots on my bed, new ones everyday, starting from when I was itchy. I then went on yahoo answers and then decided to just get a new mattress and clean around my bed area, just in case it was bed bugs. Now after a month on the new mattress I am getting these red blots, big and small ones. I am thinking it may be bed bugs, but I don't itch anymore. And if it is bed bugs, what should I do correctly this time?
Usually the first signs of a bed bug problem are the bite marks and blood stains on the mattress sheets. Some people, if bitten, don't develop much of a reaction at all, but others can develop intense itching and an allergic response. The bites usually appear as small red bumps that often occur in a linear pattern but can grow to large red welts in some people. To find out whether you have bed bugs in your home, use a flashlight to look for any tiny white or brown-colored bugs in the seams of mattresses, at the bottom of the box spring or behind the headboard. Most of the time, bed bugs hide around these areas. To protect yourself from the bites, get a bed bug mattress protector to encase your new mattress. The bed bug mattress protector will protect you and your family from bed bug bites, and they will help to prevent any bed bugs that are already inside your new mattress from spreading.
Q:I'm 21 and I keep wetting my bed. Why would why be wetting at this age?
You need to check a specialist
Q:He moves his bedding and most of the sawdust in a corner in the dark, is this normal? He used to sleep in his bed.
Lol what animal actually does use its bed? My rats sleep literally anywhere... Yes, it is normal.
Q:Iron bed, not bed board, home has a bed board, just want to buy an iron bed frame
Prices range from 1500~3500. Can be customized according to drawings.
Q:Just a little clarification needed. I'm seeing rooms with 1 double bed and 2 double beds. What does that mean?
I mainly publication a hotel room with two beds and journey as a single. That is often considering the fact that a 2 mattress room is in most cases more cost-effective than a room with a single king dimension mattress. I commonly simply use one mattress to sleep in and the other to keep my things on.
Q:i have a two year old and she never sleeps in her bed the whole night through, only once in a blue moon. around bed time she gets in our bed to go to sleep...she wont lay in hers. Once she goes to sleep I move her to her bed, but 98% of the time when I wake up in the morning there she is, in the bed with us again. what can I do to get her to sleep in her bed?
Wow this sounds EXACTLY what I went through with my daughter. There is hope. She is 6 now and falls asleep in her own bed AND STAYS THERE! I have to admit I didnt really start working with her on it until last year, though. The first thing we did was make a star chart and she got a star for falling asleep in her own bed. She also got another star if she stayed in bed all night (if she came to our room I helped her back into bed). The deal was that she could have the toy she wanted when she hit 10 stars. I also made her a CD of disney lullabies and soft music and gave her simple remote so that if she woke up in the middle of the night she could turn her music back on. We put a nightlight near her bed so that she could turn it on without getting up. Its not a perfect system, but I think even a two-year old can be cohersed with a good reward system. Try laying down with her in her bed for the first few nights, then start getting out of her bed before she falls asleep. Maybe right after storytime or prayers, depending on your bedtime tradition.
Q:Under the bed, with storage function, in Feng Shui good, I bed with storage function, in Feng Shui on good?
If the home space is not enough, not to put idle things under the bed. Take notice too:1, it is best not to put idle pots and bowls under the bed.2. The articles under the bed must be hauled out and cleaned every other day so that they do not accumulate thick dust.3, as neatly as possible, if it is small items, it is best to use a large object to put things together.
Q:Independent bagged spring mattress, can you put the ribs on the bedstead?
And if the mattress is in the same place for a long time, the spring will not bounce back!Solve mattress knowledge and pass on health!
Q:canopy beds
hmm you can try ikea target walmart i would just try furniture stores in your area

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