Latest 2020 Underwater Vehicles with Camara

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Product Description:

Main feature:

• Single person can deploy battery type ROV

• Unmatched stability and suspension function in strong water flow

• High resolution sonar and video

• Efficient video camera

• Fiber optic cable control for long-distance detection


• Length 1580 mm

• Height: 430 mm

• Width: 500 mm

• Weight in air: 50 kg

• Thrusters: 2 horizontal and 2 vertical thrusters

• Load

-High resolution sonar

-Color camera

-Led lighting

Other equipment and options

• Laying and recycling equipment

• Manual or electric optical fiber winch

• Electronically scanned high-resolution sonar

• Digital camera with PTZ





ICNBM is a national designated underwater equipment research and production assembly enterprise. It has many years of production technology experience and assembly capacity for the production of underwater vehicles. The company has perfect technical support and process system from R & D, testing, production and processing to final assembly, general adjustment With a strong R & D team and overall integration strength, it has a complete scientific research production line for underwater vehicles. Some products produced in recent years have been used in national defense and scientific research. The company has dedicated R & D personnel to conduct research and development of underwater vehicles, and has many years of in-depth cooperation with many scientific research institutes in the research of multi-type underwater vehicles.
    Strong manufacturing capacity: The company has complete mechanical processing equipment, with international advanced level seven-axis linkage machining center, vertical machining center, CNC cutting, CNC electric fire perforation equipment. It has world-class coil forming equipment, international advanced machining center, first-class vacuum pressure dipping equipment, large-scale comprehensive test pool, wide-band sound-absorbing pool, etc. The company's testing and test equipment and equipment are fully equipped. The imported three-coordinates, measuring devices, measurement standard instruments and other equipment provide a reliable guarantee for the quality of the company's products. The company's current precision equipment processing capability and working precision have reached the domestic first-class level.

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Q:What are the differences between security monitoring and project and channel?
Security monitoring often refers to the project and channel refers to product differentiation:The product of the project: refers to a portion of the goods for the project on the use of qualitative brand, generally not online sales, product quotation by agents or manufacturers record, protected areas and products of the project, which is part of a project by the company for other companies can no longer record, no record of the company also cannot be duly authorized.
Q:What materials and equipment are needed for complete security monitoring?
Monitoring: monitoring room is the core of the whole system, all the monitoring host almost all concentrated in the monitoring room, these monitoring devices include switches, hard disk recorders, digital matrix, network storage, video monitoring and management platform, the client computer and other equipment. All the equipment should be installed in the designated position of the control room in order.
Q:How to choose the transmitter in security monitoring system?
APL, that is, the average image level, many engineers are not too careful or not too familiar with this indicator. However, if such a problem encountered in Engineering: when it comes to some video signal through the optical transmission, when a large area of white in the picture (such as camera glare screen) will monitor the level of jitter, so engineers must not strange. This is because the voop some manufacturers of the APL range is too narrow, when there is a large area of white in the image signal, the DC component of each line in the image signal increases, APL will increase, causing the line sync signal amplitude decreased or lost, the monitor cannot detect the line synchronization and screen jitter. If you need to buy otical if the Pacific security network, recommend a few brands pdh.
Q:Is it okay to use CCTV for surveillance cameras? Is video line the same as closed route?
Not recommendedBut I've never used it. If it's a short distance, you can try it out before wiring. The distance is long.
Q:Is it OK to monitor TV instead of closed circuit?
It is normal to use the cable in the project, but you need to install a dual effect line conveyor. If there is no UTP conveyor, your signal is not shielded, so there is interference and resistanceIn this case, if you do not install a twisted pair conveyor, you have to change the video lineYou do not rule out the installation site interference (network of the probe), you have to install anti interference device.Short distance, no repeater, signal amplifier, bad image, only cable interference, or you BNC head and line or machine contact badI suggest you check your line connection whether there is false connection, the cable is in accordance with a pair of 14 core connectionIs there a strong magnetic interference near the cable?.If the problem remains, then the twisted pair conveyor should be added.
Q:What is the function of a monitor?
The monitor is a part of the closed circuit monitoring system (CCTV). It is the display part of the monitoring system. It is the standard output of the monitoring system. With the display of the monitor, we can watch the image sent by the front end. As an indispensable terminal device for video surveillance, it acts as the "eye" of surveillance personnel, and plays a key role in post event monitoring. The main role is to monitor display monitor, medical monitoring, video production need to use the monitor, used in different places, the monitor is also different, film and television production monitor is generally more expensive, can be used to do pre filming and post supervision, monitoring the output effect.
Q:Can the SYV 75-5 monitor video lines be used for closed-circuit television?
Yes, of course. On the contrary, many cable lines can also be used as surveillance lines
Q:How to maintain the security monitoring system?
In the maintenance process of equipment monitoring system, to deal with some conditions to prevent, as far as possible to make the normal operation of the equipments, for a variety of acquisition equipment monitoring system, because the equipment placed directly in the dusty environment, will have a direct impact on the operation of equipment, you need to focus on the moisture-proof, dustproof, maintenance work.
Q:The difference between the electronic police and the closed circuit television surveillance in Guangzhou traffic police
Electronic police: refers to the automatic camera, and to determine whether your car is illegal electronic instruments, are automatically recorded violations of information.Generally used in: red light running, speeding, violation, change lines and so on.CCTV: refers to a camera that can adjust the angle and focus of a camera. It is used to monitor the traffic flow, and to determine the responsible party after the accident has occurred.
Q:What are the monitors and monitors in closed circuit?
Just like a digital camera monitor, which camera you want to focus on, the monitor is the interface you see. Show what you see.

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