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●The leading hydraulic pile breaker/cutter is the most efficient equipment to crushing the foundation piles and fills the domestic gap;

●It can be installed on a large variety of construction machineries, realizing the versatility and economy.

■Simply operated with less staff, reducing the construction cost;

■Curshing the piles wholly, reducing the consumption of energy;

■Full hydraulic drive, low noise operation;

■Internal design can realize convenient transport and improve construction efficiency;

■Applying new material and new technology makes it much more reliable and reduces maintenance cost;

■The design of long service life can bring customers optimal benefits.

Performance Parameter
Pile length350~500mm
Max. rod pressure280kN
Crowd stroke135mm
Max. crowd pressure30MPa
Max. cylinder required20L/min
Max. single cutting height400mm
Matched machinery tonnage16t
Operating size1588×1588×1500mm
Overall weight0.92t





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Q:can you make vanila ice cream without any machinery?
Yes. You Can use a spoon, whisk or spatula. Its Takes About 3 Hours You Need 2 Eggs ,1/3c.sugar , 11/2c. Milk , 1c. Cream, 2/3c. Light Corn Syrup , 11/2 tsp Vanilla. Hope This Helped xx
Q:What are the five major cost components of the project cost?
Labor costs, material costs, machinery fees, other direct fees, indirect fees (including temporary facilities and on-site management fees)
Q:My new table saw - central machinery table saw motor vibrates too much?
loss of power, [lights dimming] needs its own circuit blade out of balance, ,or loose
Q:To what extent did machinery help people?
Machinery allowed the Industrial Revolution to occur. It was the inventions that solved problems which were the reason for building machinery. Machinery was used to manufacture interchangeable parts which made production lines function. The parts were made for replacing worn-out or malfunctioning parts. Machines (robots) are used in manufacturing processes. Coordination of robots is done by a computer (another machine).
Q:Bally Manufacturing sent Intel Corporation an invoice for machinery with a $24,800 list price?
14700.00 working notes: 24800-300(return)-40% trade discount =$14700.00 company was not entitled for any cash discount as they are paying invoice on 16th of august and the term was 5/10 meaning the last day to get the discount is 10th of august. I hope my answer is correct.
Q:how to Degrease machinery in the clothes?
Q:Japan famous construction machinery and electric company
Engineering machinery: Komatsu construction machine, Hitachi, Kobelco, and Yanmar, Sumitomo, ah, ah, a lot of Electric: Hitachi, Matsushita, SONY, Toshiba
Q:Machinery bought for $40 000 has an expected value of $5000 after 10 years. Assuming straightline depreciation?
(40000-5000)/10= $3500
Q:Why do they put 'Do not operate heavy machinery' on children medicine.?
Warnings must be placed on every friggen thing. OR someone is bound to sue
Q:Do organic farmers use heavy machinery as much as intensive farmers?
Gee Levi, I am an organic farmer and I hardly spray my crops at all with pesticides. You do realize that organic pesticides are not persistent in the environment like synthetics that can persist in the soil and water for several years. organic pesticides are generally persistent for a couple of days. Did you know if you have a good balance of beneficial to pest insects you really don't need to spray much at all and you get a marketable crop. I have sprayed zero insecticides this season and so far have sold tons of food to the public. You are also assuming the growing produce is like orcharding-it is not. Apples, peaches etc if grown conventionally get sprayed down with some really nasty chemicals weekly. The organic folks also spray weekly but with things like soap, neem, Bt, lime sulfur, kelp. they also do things like bag each pomme which means almost no insecticide sprays after petal fall. So yes organic growers do use sprays but they are not the toxic sprays conventional growers use-you can eat an organic apple right after organic sprays are applied. Conventional apples cannot be sprayed within 6 weeks of harvest-so you see there is a huge difference in the sprays being used.

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