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●The leading hydraulic pile breaker/cutter is  the most efficient equipment to crushing the foundation piles and fills the  domestic gap;

●It can be installed on a large variety of  construction machineries, realizing the versatility and economy.

■Simply operated with less staff, reducing the  construction cost;

■Curshing the piles wholly, reducing the  consumption of energy;

■Full hydraulic drive, low noise  operation;

■Internal design can realize convenient  transport and improve construction efficiency;

■Applying new material and new technology makes  it much more reliable and reduces maintenance cost;

■The design of long service life can bring  customers optimal benefits.


Performance Parameter
Pile length250~400mm350~450mm
Max. rod pressure280kN280kN
Crowd stroke135mm135mm
Max. crowd pressure30MPa30MPa
Max. cylinder required20L/min20L/min
Max. single cutting height≤300mm≤300mm
Matched machinery tonnage≥7t≥8t
Operating size1440×1440×1500mm1490×1490×1500mm
Overall weight0.6t0.65t





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