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Leather pu bed frame
1.Size: 4ft, 4ft6, 5ft
3.Package: 1pc/2ctns


1.OEM is offered.
2.Size of bed: 180*200cm.can be customize
3.Material: cloth fabric,wood.metal foot.
4.Economical price.

PU bed    home furniture  

ItemSizeLoading Quantity/40 HQ
Single Bed900*1900mm289pcs
Double Bed1370*1900mm239pcs
Queen Bed1520*2000mm 227 pcs
King Bed1570*2000mm197pcs

Q:I had a friend say they found bed bugs at their house and I am quite paranoid. I vacuum constantly and my sleep number bed is basically a fancy air mattress. Am I bed bug safe?
No! Bed bugs don't live just in beds. They are like any other insect in that they will live most anywhere. Your sleep number bed would be just as prone to bed bugs as any other bed. I just watch a tv program the other evening where a lady brought bed bugs into her apartment in her suitcase. She had just stayed in a hotel. The bugs were in the suitcase, in light switches and the bed. The main reason they get in the bed is to eat, not just to live there. I am not trying to worry you, just telling what I saw on tv about them. The thing that was also said was that they are on the rise in this country again after being almost wiped out. They used to use DDT to kill them and that is now banned.
Q:not a dog bed but a bed that is shaped like a circle where can i find one online or in a store
found okorder /
Q:What size bed should four sizes be bought on a 4 and a half bed?
3 feet =1 metersThen 4.5 feet =1.5 meters1.5 meters and 1.8 meters are two standard sizes. So, you usually go to buy Bedding, directly reported to buy 1.5 meters, it is appropriate!The same is true for the four piece, 1.5 meters.
Q:I have a double leather bed in my own bedroom, but my spare bedroom is in dire need of a makeover. So I was hoping to keep with the theme of my other bedroom but buy a single leather bed instead of a double. I have about ?250 spare and would like some reccomendations.So anyone else got a single leather bed? Where should I buy one? and how much does it cost?
bed has hundreds of great deals for single leather beds Below are also some of our better single leather bed deals Mira Black Single leather bed
Q:If your breasts are still growing, and you wear a bra to bed will they grow as much as they could?
I've always worn a bra to bed.. I hate not wearing a bra to bed and my boobs are a DD. If they didn't grow as much as they could then I sure as hell am glad that I wore a bra to bed every night.
Q:I know a bed for baby is called crib in America. Do you call it baby bed, too?
I have a 21 month old daughter, and we've never referred to the crib as a baby bed, although, essentially that IS what it is. But when referring to the crib, we have referred to it as the babies bed. or when she is sleeping, we say she is in bed, or she is her bed sometimes, rather then she is in her crib. Then there is a stage where you put them in a miniature bed before actually into a twin size bed. That bed is referred to as a toddler bed. I wouldn't say baby bed is incorrect English. Of course, correct English would really depend on how you used it in the whole sentence. It's just not a phrase that is used. Hope that helps :)
Q:SO this am I go in the in the bathroom to find a dark reddish bug IN MY TUB THAT LOOKS LIKE A BED BUG!!! but as I looked online bed bugs have a flat back with lines on them and a black mark on iy back with six legs. This bug only has 4 legs with a round back can someone with experience PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THID IS!!!
Since bed bugs go through different stages in their life, the appearance can vary a bit, check this site to learn more about bed bugs appearance, Signs of Bed Bugs , Bed Bug Bites – Treatment of Bites and Bed Bug Bites
Q:I really want to find bedding that looks similar to the anis bedding set but cheaper. Another option would be a blueish background with a white demask pattern on it. If someone can help me find bedding like this it would be great. :))
I okorder / Hope this helps!
Q:Does anyone know of anyone other sites beside that has cool baby bedding for boys
Layla okorder /
Q:Is the sleeping aluminum alloy bed good for the body?
The folding bed can be folded partly because it is soft and partly supported by a hard one.

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