Hydraulic system & Auto-climbing Formwork

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Product Introduction 

The power of the auto-climbing formwork is the hydraulic system, which includes the oil cylinder and commutators. Through the functioning of hydraulic system, the steel rail and bracket can climb up alternately,The commutators can control the climbing of the climbing rail and the bracket. The steel rail and the bracket can inter-climbing, so the whole system will climb up steadily. Cranes are not needed during the construction. It' s easy to operate, and climbing is fast and safe.

Product Characteristics

1. Perfect load bearing anchor system.

2. Crane-independent

3. One oil cylinder unit can lift 50KN.
4. The QPMX-50 system can climb not only vertically but also slantwise, and the forward or backward inclination can be up to 18 degrees.

5. The system can climb up wholly or separately. The climbing process is steady, synchronous and safe.
6 .The bracket does not come back to the ground until construction work is finished, and spacing for work is reduced while the bumping damage is almost completely prevented, especially for the plywood.
7.The error of structure construction is tiny and easy to correct.
8.The formwork can climb up by itself and cleaning work can be done in situ. The number of crane lifts are greatly reduced.


Climbing Process Introduction

1.Set up the formwork by wall-through tie-rods and pull-push props, embed anchors and do the first concrete pouring.
2. Remove the formwork after the first pouring and fix anchor shoes on the finished wall, lift the brackets and formwork to the right position, match the formwork and do the second pouring.
3.Lift formwork and brackets to the higher floor; fix climbing rail and hydraulic system.
4.Match the formwork to the right position and do the third pouring.
5.Strip the formwork and fix anchor shoes on the finished wall, then let the climbing rails climb.
6. Brackets climb up to the right position, then install suspended platform.
7.Match the formwork, do the concrete pouring, and proceed into the standard climbing stage.

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