Hot Selling Metal Sofa Bed CMAX-A08

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Metal Sofa Bed CMAX-A08

Size: big: 1980*810*1090(830)mm

         small: 1880*770*340mm

Packing: by 4 cartons

Loadability: 270pcs/40HQ    


Q:when do you go to bed i go to bed at 6:00 on saturdays
i havent slept yet lol all nighter!!!!
Q:MY bed?
Is your bed a Tempur Pedic? If so then im coming over
Q:the kind of beds where there is another bed under one bed but you have to slide it for it to come up? its not a bunk bed
Oh, I love a puzzle. Are you talking about a hide a bed?? Sometimes people use them on a day bed frame and then pull them out for company. Or are you talking about a Murphy bed, which actually goes up into a wall and looks like a piece of the wall? I think it may be one or the other.
Q:My dog is about a 1.5 years old. she has been sleeping on my bed her whole life and i got her a bed a few days ago, but she keeps coming on my bed with me. how do i get her to use her own bed?
You could give her a treat every once in a while while she is laying on her new bed, but then we might keep wanting more treats.
Q:What's the length of a general bed?
The Chinese bed is about 2 meters, and the European is 2.2 meters
Q:I know when you get the bed it doesn't but over time does it get bed bugs or other bugs?Renee :)
Well there will always be bugs everywhere, but they will mostly be too small to see and can't do any harm, like dust mites. As for dangerous ones, it really depends on the area you live in. If you are in the country or if the house/apartment is poorly built, then there might be some more bugs, and most likely all will be harmless. Don't expect to wake up and have bugs crawling all over you, that just doesn't happen unless you cover yourself in honey and sleep in a tropical rainforrest.
Q:How to solve the bed always have sound
Your bed is certainly assembled you pressure four corner junction wriggling. Were two bedstead a bed
Q:Iron frame height adjustable, or can not adjust the good?
Under normal circumstances, adjustable beauty and stability than the non adjustable, but more practical than non adjustable, and ultimately depends on your needs.
Q:I am pregnant with my second baby, and by the time of my due date my big girl would be 16months old. I hate waisting things, or buying things that i'll have to give away or sell too soon... therefore i dont know what kind of bed to buy. For my girl we bougth a convertible crib thinking that we wouldn't need to buy other bed in 10 years. We bought it at costco so is very good quality, this crib we'll use for the new baby, so we need to buy a new bed for my big girl..Would you please help me to decide what to buy?... thanks!!!
If you don't like wasting things, buy a twin bed that will last YEARS.
Q:Cant see any bite marks, but i itch at night. Do i have bed bugs? Have sprayed every thing, but i still itch.
You have fleas..

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