• Hot Sale TX7130 Conventional Reflective Beam Detector System 1
Hot Sale TX7130 Conventional Reflective Beam Detector

Hot Sale TX7130 Conventional Reflective Beam Detector

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Feature and Benefits


EN54-12 Certified

Hassle free alignment, built with digital guide display and laser beam pointing

Employ single-ended design through reflective mirror Four  ranges  wide  monitoring  from  8-100  meters  via encoder

Three users programing sensitivity adjustment Built-in microprocessor

Self-diagnosis function can monitor for internal faults Automatic       compensation        for     factors      weakening received signals, such as dust contamination, positional movement and ageing of the transmitter

Fire and Fault interfacing relays Attractive and pleasing appearance Real User friendly alignment method




TX7130 Conventional Reflective Beam Detector has built in Laser beam pointing and Digital guide display for real user friendly alignment method. The Laser beam pointing accurately point the exact location where to mount mirror and with additional digital guide display allows to monitor and guide on the actual light intensity between the mirror and detector which cannot be seen by our naked eye making it more easy and convenient in alignment commissioning.

The TX7130 has four adjustable operational ranges of between 8 to 20, 20 to 40, 40 to 70 and 70 to 100 meters beside with three adjustable sensitivity setting ranges from 2.6dB, 3.8dB and 5.8dB to meet the specific environmental requirement. The TX7130 works on the principle of reflective infrared beam obscuration. Used in conjunction with a reflector, it will notify the fire alarm panel when the infrared beam is obscured by smoke.

The TX7130 is ideal for use high ceiling and wide areas such as warehouses, large storages, shopping malls, leisure centres, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, printing houses, garment factories, museums and prisons, as well as places where slight smoke particles or corrosive gas exist.

Technical Specification




Part Number







Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

BS 5839 Part 1:2002


Operating Voltage

20 V to 28 V DC

Current Parameters

Standby:23mA        Commission:56mA         Alarm:33mA

Beam Sensor Sensitivity [via Encoder]

Level 1: 2.6 dB High Sensitivity

Level 2: 3.8 dB Medium Sensitivity

Level 3: 5.8 dB Low Sensitivity

Beam Pathway Length [via Encoder]

Span 1: 8 to 20 meters Short Path (1x mirror reflector required)

Span 2: 20 to 40 meters Short Path   (1x mirror reflector required)

Span 3: 40 to 70 meters Normal Path (4x mirror reflector required)

Span 4: 70 to 100 meters Long Path (4x mirror reflector required)

Beam Path Angle

±0.5º Directional

Alignment Guide

Laser Beam Pointer

Digital Display Guide

Nixie Tube

LED Indicator Guide

Red: Fire; Yellow: Fault; Green: Alignment

Reset Time

Less than 2 Second (Power Cut)

Relay Capacity [Fire & Fault]

Normally Open/ 2.0 A; 30 VDC


Material / Colour

ABS / White

Dimension / Weight

L:190.87 x W:126.87 x H:91.96 mm / 440 gm


0.130 Kg with base


Mounting Bracket/ TX7130-R 4 x Mirror Reflector


Operating  Temperature    /    Protection Rating

-10°C to 55°C / IP30 [IP66 glue seal-For permanent fixing]


0 to 95% Relative Humidity, Non condensing

Mounting Details

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