Hot Sale Transparent Pvc 2 Core Speaker Cable

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5000 Meters pc
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500,000 Kilometer/Kilometers per Week If order urgent,contact us pc/month

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Product Description:

Hot sale 2 core tranparent speaker cable   



General feature:


1.2-core cable type

2.BC and tinned copper wire
3.Flat speaker cable

4.Transparent PVC insulation
5.For Audio device,  speaker cable

6.Low Voltages U0/U:  300/500V 

7.Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor: 70°C

8.Transparent apperance,sheath



Flat speaker ,audio cable
No.Core number XConductor structureThe beam pitchConductor resistance at 20°CInsulation thicknessAverage Overall Dia.Conductor resistance at 70°C
Cross section(mm2)NO./mmmmMax value(Ω/km)mmmmMini Value(MΩ/km)
12*0.6050/0.1229.0 35.560.70 2.9*6.20.010
22*0.8070/0.1238.0 25.40 0.80 3.35*7.10.009
32*1.15100/0.1241.517.781.00 3.7*7.90.008
42*1.70150/0.1252.0 11.851.00 4.25*9.00.007
52*2.30200/0.1259.0 8.891.20 4.75*10.70.006
62*2.80250/0.1266.0 7.111.30 5.25*120.005
72*3.40300/0.1272.0 5.931.40 5.75*13.20.005



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Q:What is the difference between power cables and communication cables and control cables?
Originally from Taobao took the horn on the plug, high temperature line, fire pipe and other materials, prepare a high standard of the modified speaker, the results of wire delivery when the problem, half a month did not receive the goods, the last one cross heart, Well, find the root of the power cord cut a cut line, try to take a lighter burned, burned, is a fire wire, directly to the original speaker wire break and then, waterproof tape wrapped, even the speaker here also No plug directly tighten the tape wrapped around the line with a nylon cable ties with a fixed, with just a little problem, that is, that line is white color, looking very cottage. Very good, the effect is very good.
Q:Power inside L and N on behalf of what ah
Strong electricity and weak should go away, strong and weak to go together, weak equipment may be subject to strong electromagnetic interference, if the requirements are not high places can also be together, according to the situation. Construction is not recommended strong, weak walk together.
Q:How many wires can be worn in a wire tube
The power line is 1 square 4 amp illumination line is 1 square 2 amps
Q:Can the ground wire be laid out with the power cord If so, will not interfere with them? If it can not, how should lay it?
When the wire current is large, it will sound, especially placed in the metal bridge, and the bridge has a resonance, sound amplification. If the sound is great, then go to check the bridge of the installation screws and brackets, is not loose, the bridge cover is not covered firmly. There is, look at the current there is no overload, more than the rated current of the cable. A few years ago, similar things met once, the bridge connected to the screw tight about the cable in the bridge within the bend, between the bridge and the cable, pad a piece of rubber, a lot of small sound.
Q:The optical drive to the video card to the graphics card to the power supply to the card now I want to use CD-ROM how to do?
The key is to see what your computer and TV interface is what interface on what line cable TV has four ways, namely, VGA, DVI, HDMI and SmartAir, four by the backward and advanced order is: . VGA interface , Analog video transmission mode, will be eliminated a model, at the same time pay attention to only wear video, and the maximum transmission resolution is generally 1366 * . cable more than 10 meters susceptible to interference. . DVI interface, analog and digital video mixed transmission mode, and VGA interface can be converted, but also only wear video. It must be noted that most of the DVI cable does not support more than 1920x1200 resolution, so your situation began to show no display after the resolution is too high, you can jump to 800x600 test, so no meaning, even if it can be displayed too blurred. . HDMI interface, all-digital video transmission mode, it is worth noting that digital audio can be transmitted at the same time, do not have to link the audio line, and support HD resolution, it is recommended, but need HDMI interface . SmartAir wireless technology, the PC Audio and video wireless transmission to TV or projector with HDMI or AV interface display device; Gigabit broadband support 1080P Full HD, you can share e-mail, photos, documents, video and Internet, games.
Q:Is the computer connected to the TV line, the video cable and the audio cable combination of the line? In the end is the VGA or HDMI?
In addition, the management is also more chaotic, multiple plug may cause the switch port damage The existence of patch panels to solve this problem, you can replace the jumper to achieve better management
Q:The computer press the boot button did not respond but the detection power is no problem
USB extension line is too long lead to serious signal attenuation, not the power of things, you do not see the Internet cafes with a coaxial cable signal line
Q:How can the old camcorder Sony camera upload videos?
The material captured by the cassette camera can not be uploaded directly on the tape. Complete the upload need the following steps: . a video capture card acquisition card requires a simulated composite or digital 1394 interface, depending on what the camera output . the card installed to the computer, including hardware installation, software drivers Install two steps. . adjust the camera to the playback state so that the camera can play back the contents of the tape . through the audio and video cable to connect the camera and the capture card to the tape on the signal transmission to the computer . collected in the editing software to collect through these Steps to complete the video and audio upload.
Q:Onda VX530 high-definition MP4 how the color component output line (including audio and video cable) how to connect with the ordinary TV?
You can not consider the start of the current, the motor wiring only need to consider the rated current can be, although the current is very large but that is only an instant, the line is not much too much impact,
Q:I will be some Internet cafes software technology and network cabling [alone do dozens of black Internet bar no problem], will be assembled computer and maintenance of the computer but only for accessories
Oh, play big it No can not repair, see how much you cost, and can not repair the subtext is not worth repairing. There is something burning, repair it. Reminded, if the hard disk has what "door", it is best to take down the hard drive, Oh, manufacturers can not repair hard disk, they have their own.

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