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PP +Powder coated ateel tube


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Q:Is there a plastic rattan chair weaving factory nearby?
The steps are as follows: This was originally an old chair, looks very old.
Q:Imitation rattan plastic rattan rocking chair quality is good, or anti-corrosion wood shake rocking chair quality is good, which durable?
The wooden rocking rocking chair has good quality and durability, and the rattan like plastic rattan rocking chair is easy to aging.
Q:How do I remove stains from plastic stools?
Five clean powder, that is, efficient multi-function cleaning powder, according to the different recipes, tableware cleaning, kitchen equipment, machinery and equipment cleaning.The market launch of the five cleaning powder by INVT high activity of nonionic surfactant, detergency is detergent and other cosmetic products several times. Detergent, etc.Cosmetic products are mainly benzene sulfonic acid, caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and other chemical products prepared in clean tableware often occurs when the residual problems, some residual chemicals in the bowl of the human body will cause great harm, especially some wooden chopsticks residue not eradicated.
Q:Why is the plastic chair through a circular hole with a little
Just like a railroad track, there is a little space left between each section of the track, because the rail (metal) is heated and expands because of heat expansion and cold contraction. This gap is meant to give space to this expansion. Just because the track is deformed by temperature, the plastic chair is deformed because of the forceBut if there are no holes, pile up after not easy to get open, easy to absorb.
Q:Does a plastic chair catch a cold?
This looks at me. It's autumn. If it's hot, I can't put an ice cube on it. In autumn and winter, we can consider putting some mats and so on
Q:How is the plastic plate infusion chair made of?
Currently on the market are polyurethane, its composition and the other part of the transfusion chair is the same as well: transfusion suspender, seat pad, handrail foot, beams and fittings, recommended to find a good point of triumph furniture materials, stainless steel can be, plus a seat on the OK
Q:The plastic chairs are dyed. How do you clean them?
The higher the alcohol is, the better it should be rubbed off
Q:Is the plastic stool with leather skin harmful to the body?
General to meet the national standards for boiling water cup is non-toxic, such as PET material, he wants to be decomposed in high temperatures to 200 degrees Celsius degrees above, so buy regular manufacturers of plastic cups, can use it safely, according to my understanding, to do this kind of glass materials such as PE, PP, PET, PVC and other PS use less
Q:Plastic chair broken, how to repair, seek an expert to help?
Because of the aging period of plastics, at present, manufacturers in order to reduce costs, in the raw materials, add more masterbatch, so that the product will soon aging, especially in the use of sunlight is even more so. Bad, with 502 glue can bond, next time will soon be bad, people sit up is not safe!
Q:What are the differences between plastic chairs? What materials are made and what are their advantages?
Yes, HDPE and PP do. If the chair add iron feet. HDPE toughness is better.

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