Double Inflatable Chair Sofa Blow Up Seat for Both Indoor Outdoor

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Item specifice

Living Room
Height Adjustable:

This inflatable lounge chair has a soft plush fabric lining so doesn't feel like you are sticking to the chair like other inflatable chairs.

The chair can also be used outdoors in your garden or when out camping, just be careful not to use it around sharp objects, when packed away the chair can be easily stored with its small compact size.



Inflatable lounge chair

Soft plush fabric Perfect for living rooms, gardens and camping

Comfortable seating for any occasion

Compact size when packed away



Product Size:(Fully inflated): 53*150*85CM/20.9*59*33.5inches

Folding Size:32*27*7CM/12.6*10.63*2.76inches

Package Size:34*29*9CM/13.38*11.42*3.54

Weight: 1.2Kg/2.65lbs

Material:0.3MM PVC

Q:Which is better, the function sofa and the Chivas single sofa?
The home agent of the United States, LA-z-boy is the creator of sofa, the family also want to give people a year pay fee, but to go to the mall you will find that the family is the name of the brand sold his stuff, pure import price is far more than twenty thousand or thirty thousand, thirty thousand or forty thousand. May not take the family as American, Chivas is not the only foreign name, western style. On the overall market maturity and cost-effective, Chivas is slightly stronger
Q:In Roca promised to buy a functional sofa, said it is leather spray leather, in the end is not skin?
I bought a set of C810 functions, replaced all electric, also made a single rotation, home put a special style, sitting very comfortable, Roca's skin is really good, I was better than a lot of home finally determined to buy his house sofa.
Q:Sofa sofa sofa frame, frame, function frame, multifunctional sofa frame, frame, electric electric sofa function sofa mechanisms should be how to choose?
Appearance: to ensure that the appearance of smooth lines, temperament noble and elegant, but also requires a design sense of the shape.
Q:Lazboy how about the distance between the sofa and the wall?
We buy lazboy as long as the wall and leave 10cm distance is enough, and then lie down, the whole will move forward, so that the rear will not touch the wall
Q:What types of sofa do you have?
From machiningCan be divided into the soft sofa, the sofa frame - multifunctional sofa, corner sofa
Q:First class functional sofa and elegant living drow sofa compared to its quality and after-sales service better?
When you choose a sofa on the market, you will find that the sofa is of many sizes and hundreds. Brand sofa shop usually by the exhibition hall to display their products. It is important to note that the exhibition hall give us a sense of vision are relatively wide, if you just use the naked eye to estimate the size of the sofa will often produce a great deviation, so there will be such a situation, buy the sofa is too large, the living room became crowded; sofa size small, and overall imbalance of space. Therefore, in choosing the sofa, in order to avoid the wide exhibition hall misleading, you should first understand your living room or bedroom area, and then choose the right sofa.
Q:How to assemble multi-functional sofa?
I think if the color of the sofa is close to the color of the coffee or the warm color, the color of the whole room will be monotonous, boring and dull...... Personal recommendation goose yellow green, to the room a light color, on the one hand, goose yellow and yellow color excessive more natural, on the other hand, goose green yellow and coffee color is well matched with synthetic forest color. The goose's yellow and green cherries are also the best expression of a group of garden colors.
Q:LAZBOY music treasure and Chivas sofa sofa, which is better?
Look at the demand, I bought the LAZBOY music treasure more the sofa.
Q:What is function sofa function, sofa how to buy?
Leather leather surface texture to burnish compactness and breathable leather surface elasticity and renaturation of the current market is functional sofa brand full amount except don't contact the parts with composite skin or two layers of skin with artificial leather instead of a recognized sofa leather sofa whole every position with ILLY imported layer 5, structure and filling: leather sofa base back bottom of the nylon belt cross weave structure China snake spring sofa cushion filler density of three 0kg/cm three on the back filling density of two 5kg/cm three belong to toxic environmental protection material land, sofa stability: functional sofa than ordinary sofa 50% functional sofa sofa frame must foot the gravity support simple sofa a few feet support testing standards must be 5 feet of it is functional sofa Market Support paint, motor functional sofa in hand Electric sofa functional frame, motor determines the functional sofa life, the main indicators are well-known, Germany precision machinery products, inter motors products, imports of German imports of motor and production of motor difference
Q:How to distinguish between good and bad sofa?
At present, there are many kinds of sofa which are popular in the market. There are three kinds of sofa according to the materials: leather sofa, fabric sofa and curved wooden sofa.

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