• Wholesale Foldable Picnic Tables and Chairs Set Camping Outdoor System 1
  • Wholesale Foldable Picnic Tables and Chairs Set Camping Outdoor System 2
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Wholesale Foldable Picnic Tables and Chairs Set Camping Outdoor

Wholesale Foldable Picnic Tables and Chairs Set Camping Outdoor

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Outdoor & Garden
Height Adjustable:

This is a portable desk and chair suit, which can be folded and put in the corner, warehouse, even the trunk of your car. You can take it with you when you travel with your family on weekends. It's easy to assemble and carry, so it's very suitable for you who are keen on outdoor.


One   table four chair suit




Table:80*48*43   cm, chair:29*29*32 cm

Storage   size

90*30*12   cm


Table7KG, Chair:0.9KG




Q:What are the production processes of plastic rattan outdoor furniture?
Welcome new and old customers to visit Shenzhen season all Garden Furniture Co., Ltd. outdoor rattan art furniture production process.
Q:What is the "? What is the wood?
1, solid wood is in fact: real, all kinds of trees of the original wood, it is not glued wood, nor is it composite wood.2, mahogany refers to without painting and showing a red, beautiful and other original colors of wood, are generally relatively hard. Mahogany is a small part of solid wood.3, fir and beech, if not glued, composite or collage, even if it is solid wood. The key lies in the wood grain and scar knot, which is the industry to identify whether the whole piece of solid wood method. Such as a door, the outward appearance is a kind of pattern, then corresponding to this pattern change position, in the back of the cabinet to see the corresponding pattern, if the corresponding is very good, it is pure solid wood door. In addition, look at the scar knot is also a good way to identify pure wood: optimistic about the location of the side of the scar, and then in the other side to find whether the corresponding pattern. In addition, identification of furniture there is a little trick, that is a serious observation hinge groove and holes, exposed the internal structure of the place, so you can see is used in MDF or particleboard.
Q:The cane tables and chairs are on the balcony, shall we? Do a good balcony furniture brand?
Rattan like leisure furniture, with fresh, good care advantages! Imitation rattan sofa, the most outdoor furniture is appropriate. Babylon, Yadi, MBM, Ai Rui, agio of the balcony furniture is very good.
Q:What wood can be used for outdoor furniture?
Paint tired mainly through dilution, to improve the depth of penetration, paint fine. The tung oil can be diluted and soaked. The longer the drying time, the better the quality.
Q:What is the furniture manufacturing industry?
Classification of main materials made up of products:1. solid wood furniture2. wood-based panel furniture3. comprehensive furniture
Q:Which kind of furniture is good for outdoor furniture? Can you make a series of rattan furniture?
General outdoor furniture has PE, imitation rattan, wood, plastic and metal, mainly to see your design style, and now more popular is woven rattan outdoor furniture, affordable, fashionable and novel
Q:Outdoor pavilion, Kasugi Ki or Russian Scotch pine?
In Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, the Russian Scotch pine can be directly treated by high pressure penetration method, and its excellent mechanical performance and beautiful texture are recommended by designers and engineers.As a kind of preservative wood with higher cost performance, it is suitable to be used as a pavilion.
Q:The appreciation of space it merbau furniture
Is a kind of high-grade merbau wood wood, before I have the Royal outdoor furniture custom-made a grid of outdoor furniture
Q:Is the carbonized wood good for the outer walls of the cabin?
Summary: carbonized wood has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, corrosion proof, mothproof, anti high temperature, easy to deformation, as the choice of excellent wooden wall.

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