Hot Rolled Steel Plates HR Sheet for Sale in China

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59 m.t.
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10000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Description of steel sheets:

A36/A516 Gr.60/70 hot rolled oil tank/carbon boiler steel plate/sheet 

Festures of steel sheets:

steel plate are widely used in shipping building,engineer construction,

mechanical manufacturing,the size of alloy steel sheet can be made 

according to clients required.

Specifications of steel sheets: 

The advantages of cold rolling are good dimensional accuracy ,surface quality ,low surface roughness ,high mechanical properties.The steel surface of the coldrolled (forging)  state delivery has oxide skin coverage and there is a great internal stress, so likely to suffer corrosion or rust,.Therefore ,its packaging and storage have relatively strict standards

Images of  steel sheets:

Hot Rolled Steel Plates HR Sheet for Sale in China


1. What is your package?

Packing situation: standard seaworthy packing or as customer required.

2. How long is the lead time?

Delivery time: 45 days after order confirmed.

3. What  payment term do you accept?

Payment: T/T or L/C at sight.

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Q:Can WEDM be done by wire cutting?
WEDM (WEDM) is developed on the basis of EDM. It uses linear electrode (molybdenum wire or copper wire) to cut the workpiece by spark discharge
Q:How to distinguish the quality of bronze?
The door frame: the frame by using a visible copper bronze plate folding machine crushed double knife edge, let a person look very thick, but one can know, because of the two layers of copper stacked together on the edge of the arc, while the real edge has 90 copper single degree angle, also in the fight at the corner can obviously see the phenomenon of thin and thick.
Q:According to the selection and classification of PCB substrate materials, what kind of copper clad laminates are common in China at present?
According to the mechanical rigidity of copper clad laminate, rigid copper clad laminate and flexible copper clad laminate are divided into rigid copper clad laminate and rigid copper clad laminate;
Q:What kind of welding machine do you use for welding copper plate?
If it is brass, the thickness is relatively thick, you can use AC argon arc welding machine TIG welding, can also use double pulse gas shielded welding machine, the material choose Granville 204SM wire welding.
Q:What's the difference between a yellow copper coin and a H62 h63?
But there is a big difference between the yellow copper plate and the tin bronze produced by the Jiashan Rongchang plain bearing
Q:How much is the national standard for tinplate tinning? Yes, please let me know
Tinned copper is generally used for conductive copper rust, so we generally choose:1) indoor plating 10 microns; 2) outdoor use electroplating 15 microns -20 microns.
Q:Why did Conany ask people to touch the copper plate to see if there was potassium cyanate in his hand?
That is not a copper metal reaction should be more bright after oxide reaction surface to expose the metal luster off the original so it looks brighter and the touch is not in possession of potassium cyanate in the hat
Q:What is the allowable deviation of copper clad laminate tester (used to measure copper foil thickness) and how to correct it?
In addition, the deviation range of the instrument is determined according to the allowable tolerance range of the product, and the tolerance range of the product shall be determined first;
Q:What is the harm of welding copper brazing the harm to people
Copper welding when the flux of inhalation in the lungs caused by the impact of copper will be heated with the air generated by oxidation, CuO, it enters the human body will become copper ions, it will cause heavy metal poisoning. So, wear a mask when welding, and if you do the industry, you must keep ventilation in the work area and avoid inhaling these poisonous gases.
Q:The old society used the money in 20s. Copper or silver
The Song Dynasty there was a silver paper sub Park (referring to the old society 49 years ago Chinese) is dark. The old China filed with "natural complete darkness" collocation. A typical family of 4 workers, annual average living expenses for 454 silver dollars

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