Hot Rolled Galvanized Steel Pipe-DN25

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Hot Rolled Galvanized Steel Pipe-DN25

Main Structure

Wall Thickness:0.5-10mm
zinc coated:60-500g/m2





1/2-8” (20mm-219mm)

Wall Thickness


SCH30,SCH40,STD,XS,SCH80,SCH160,XXS etc.


Less than 12m

Steel material

Q195 → Grade B, SS330,SPHC, S185

Q215 → Grade C,CS Type B,SS330, SPHC

Q235 → Grade D,SS400,S235JR,S235JO,S235J2

Q345 → SS500,ST52


BS EN10296,BS EN10025,BS EN10297,BS6323, BSEN10219,BSEN10217,GB/T13793-1992,GB/T14291-2006 GB/T3091-1993,GB/T3092-1993,GB3640-88


Used For Structure, Accessorize And Construction


1) Plain

2) Beveled

3) Thread with Coupling or cap

End protector

1) Plastic pipe cap

2) Iron protector

Surface Treatment

1) Bared

2) Black Painted (varnish coating)

3) Galvanized

4) With Oiled

5) 3 PE, FBE, corrosion resistant coating


Electronic Resistance Welded (ERW )

Electronic Fusion Welded (EFW)

Double Submerged Arc Welded (DSAW)


Welded Pipe

Welded Line Type


Section Shape



With Hydraulic Testing, Eddy Current , Infrared Test


1) Bundle,

2) In Bulk

3) Bags

4) Clients' Requirements


1) Container

2) Bulk carrier

Port of Shipment

Xingang Port,Tianjin, China

Date of Delivery

According To The Quantity And Specification Of Each Order




Fitting as screws and flange also can be supplied.


Q: Why should you choose us:

A: 1. More than 10 years experience in this industry
2. 100,000 tons exporting per month
3. Professional foreign trade tea
4. OEM&ODM capacity
5. High quality assured & competitive price
6. Try our best to meet your needs & save your budget
7. Very popular in Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid-East and South America etc.
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Q:Is the floor of the steel structure slab cast-in-place or steel?
Steel structure is mainly made of steel material, and it is one of the main types of building structure.
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Q:a copper container (mass:100g) holds 200g of water. The temperature of the container and water is 20 °C...?
  Q1 = [m○(copper).cp(copper) + m(water).cp(water)]T1 Q2 = m(copper).cp(copper) T2   ▬▬▬ Q1+Q2 = Q3 = [(m○(copper)+m(copper)).cp(copper) + m(water).cp(water)].T3 ; T3 > T1 → T3 = {[m○(copper).cp(copper) + m(water).cp(water)]T1 + m(copper).cp(copper).T2]/ [(m○(copper)+m(copper)).cp(copper) + m(water).cp(water)] → T3 =((0,1*400 + 0,2*4200)*20 + 0,15*400*80)/(0,25*400 + 0,2*4200) = 23,83 °C @+ ;)
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I can answer your question, but can't tell you anything about Venus Fly Traps (other than hard to grow and keep alive.) Vermiculite and perlite are different types of rocks that can be heated and pop like popcorn, producing what we see - light-weight pebbles. Because of that, although, technically they're different rocks, they serve the same purpose. If you can't find one, it's fine to use the other.

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