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HRB400 is a kind of name of the new standard of reinforced, as one of the hot rolled ribbed steel bar. The name of the new standard for HRB400 reinforced, tertiary rebar for old said, as one of the hot rolled ribbed steel bar. In the construction industry, tertiary rebar is the last term.

Of the brand by HRB and number of hot rolled ribbed steel bar yield point of the minimum value. H, R, B Hot rolled (Hot rolled) respectively, ribbed (ribbed), steel bar (Bars) the first three words of English letters.

Classification of HRB400 -

Divided into HRB335 hot rolled ribbed bar (Numbers of 20 mnsi), HRB400 (the old number is 20 mnsiv, 20 mnsinb, 20 mnti), HRB500 three grades.

Fine grain hot-rolled reinforced its brands after the abbreviation of hot rolled ribbed steel bar and "Fine" (Fine), the first letter in English. Such as: HRBF335, HRBF400, HRBF500.

Have higher requirements of aseismatic structures for brand is: after the existing brand and E (for example: HRB400E, HRBF400E).

HRB400 - main purposes

Widely used in houses, Bridges, roads and other civil engineering construction.

HRB400 - leading producer

Rebar manufacturers in our country mainly in north and northeast, north China area such as shougang, tangshan, xuanhua, ChengGang, shanxi ZhongYang steel mills, baoding pury steel, northeast Westwood, north Taiwan, stroke, such as steel and so on, the two regions more than about 50% of the total output of rebar.

Rebar and light surface is the difference between a round bar with longitudinal and transverse ribs, usually with 2 longitudinal and cross rib of uniform distribution along the length direction. Belong to small section steel rebar, mainly used for reinforced concrete frame construction. In use requires a certain mechanical strength, bending deformation properties and welding performance. Production of raw materials of rebar steel billet calm smelting process in the carbon structural steel and low alloy structural steel, finished steel for hot rolling forming, is fire or hot rolling state delivery.

HRB400 - reverse bending performance

According to buyer's requirements, the rebar can reverse bending performance test.

Reverse bending test of curved heart diameter than the corresponding increase a rebar diameter bend test. Positively curved 45 degree first, and then reverse bending 23 degrees, reverse bending after 23 degrees. After reverse bend test, rebar bending parts surface shall not crack.

HRB400 - surface quality

Rebar surface permits can not have crack, scarring, and folding.

Rebar surface with convex block is allowed, but must not exceed the height of the horizontal rib, other defect depth and height of the rebar surface shall not be greater than their positions to allow the size deviation.

HRB400 - size, shape, weight, and allowable deviation

1. Nominal diameter range and recommend the diameter

Rebar nominal diameter in the range of 6 ~ 25 mm, standards recommended by the rebar nominal diameter is 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 mm.

2. The ribbed steel plate surface shape and size of allowable deviation

Ribbed rebar cross rib shall meet the following basic requirements:

Axis transverse ribs with steel plate of beta should not be less than 45 degree Angle, when the Angle is not greater than 70 degrees, rebar relative to the direction of the horizontal rib on both sides should instead;

L cross rib and spacing shall not be greater than the rebar nominal diameter of 0.7 times;

Horizontal rib on the side and Angle on the surface of the rebar shall not be less than 45 degrees;

Rebar clearance between relative to the end of cross rib on both sides (including the longitudinal rib width) should not be greater than the sum rebar 20% of nominal circumference;

When the rebar nominal diameter is not more than 12 mm, relative costal area should not be less than 0.055;  nominal diameter is 14 mm and 16 mm, relative costal area should not be less than 0.060; Nominal diameter greater than 16 mm, relative costal area should not be less than 0.065.

3. Length and allowable deviation

A, length: rebar usually according to the specified length delivery, specific delivery length should be indicated in the contract;  rebar to volume delivery, each dish should be a rebar, allowing each group of 5%  plate number (less than two sets can have two sets) consists of two rebar. Its diameter disc weight and plate shall be formulated by the supply and demand both sides talks things over.

B, the length of the allowable deviation: rebar according to scale the length of the delivery of the allowable deviation shall not be greater than + 50 mm.

C, bending and end: straight rebar bending change should not affect the normal use, the total curvature is not more than 40% of the total length of screw thread; Rebar ends should be cut integrity, local deformation shall not influence the use. [1]

HRB400 - need to detect project

Inspection items include: certificate number, rolling furnace number, grade, chemical composition (C, Si, Mn, P, V), tensile strength, yield point, elongation, relaxation rate, sectional area, product name, specification, quantity, delivery date, executive standard, receiving unit, etc. Only after inspection qualified can be for rebar, the acceptance of work.

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Q:What are the main use of threaded steel?
Steel is usually used for reinforced concrete, its role is to increase the friction fringe, the rebar and concrete secant integrally formed together, tic phenomenon can not occur in the role of external force, improve the strength of concrete.
Q:When did the 1305 rebar contract become a major contract?
Its position and volume are the biggest. While continuous contracts refer to next month contracts, such as October, then continuous contracts are 1211 contracts.
Q:Excuse me, Shagang steel steel, what is the sign of
There are two kinds of commonly used classification methods of thread steel: one is to shape classification, according to different space shapes and transverse rib rib for classification or type, such as the British Standard (BS4449), the thread steel is divided into type I and type ii. This classification mainly reflects the tightening performance of the threaded steel.
Q:What are the marking of the steel bars on the mills? Which factory is the 2LG16 thread?
In the steel mills logo is a symbol to a combination of numbers and letters, according to the strength of steel grade (with digital sign) + mills (referred to as letters marked) + bar diameter (with digital sign) according to the order of size at a certain spacing bar on one side of the uniform by Mark steel the strength grade of the number 2 (two steel), 3 (three steel), 4 (four steel) and other steel label; referred to in letters, such as LG (Lai Gang), JG (Ji Gang), KG (Kunming); diameter of steel bar by the number 12, 14, 16... 25, 28... Etc.. For example, the steel produced by Jigang has a diameter of 22 and the strength grade is 3 grade. The steel mark is 3JG22.
Q:What does "4E" mean on the rebar?
The meaning of 4E on the rebar is HRB400 seismic reinforcement (HRB400e). 4 is HRB400 (formerly known as grade 3 steel), e is earthquake's e, meaning earthquake resistance. The steel bars marked with e have reached the standard of "anti-seismic" steel issued by the state.
Q:Sixteen mm steel, 12 meters long, a ton, how many roots?
To know how many roots a ton has, you should first know how heavy it is. From the knowledge column of Beijing dried into iron and steel, it is known that 16mm's thread steel is 1.58kg/m heavy.
Q:What is the diameter of the cross section of the threaded steel?
The cross section of a threaded steel is a circle, and the diameter of any line passing through the center of the circle is the diameter.
Q:What is the relationship between steel structure and thread steel?
The main material of the steel structure workshop is I-beam and channel steel, which are welded or riveted.
Q:Does the grade three thread steel with "E" have the same information price as the ordinary three grade thread steel? Is there a big difference?
Hello, with E thread steel is seismic rebar, without E is the common thread steel, general seismic thread with E was higher than that of ordinary steel prices, the price difference between 50 and 100 yuan, according to the specific market situation.
Q:The effect of adding alum on thread steel
Vanadium can remarkably improve the weldability of ordinary low carbon low alloy steel. Vanadium is an excellent deoxidizer for steel. 0.5% of the vanadium in the steel can refine the grain and improve the strength and toughness. The carbides formed by vanadium and carbon can improve hydrogen corrosion resistance under high temperature and high pressure.

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