High strength Corrosion-resistant Light weight Marine GRE Pipe

Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co.,Ltd.
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  • Nominal Diameter (mm): DN25-DN1300
  • Service External Pressure: 3- 5bar
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 100°C
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Item specifice:

Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China Standard:: AWWA, ASME, BS, etc. Surface Treatment: polish smooth
color: Customizable Raw material:: Resin, fiberglass

Product Description:

Products Specification

1.Producer :Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co., Ltd.

2.Place of production : No 6-1. Linhong Avenue, Dapu Industrial Park, Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China.

3.Proudets description: Glassfibre reinforced epoxy pipes and fittings for marine applications.


4.1 LZ-MA6, LZ-MA10, LZ-MA16, LZ-MA25.
4.2 LZ-MA6-C, LZ-MA10-C, LZ-MA16-C, LZ-MA25-C;
4.3 LZ-MA6-F, LZ-MA10-F, LZ-MA16-F, LZ-MA25-F;
4.4 LZ-MA6-C/F, LZ-MA10-C/F, LZ-MA16-C/F, LZ-MA25-C/F.

Notes : LZ-lianzhong ; MA-marine applications ; 6/T0/16/25-Nominal pressure rating ; C- Conduetive ; F-Fire Endurance.

5.Nominal Pressure Rating0.6MPa,1.0MPa,1.6MPa,2.5Mpa.
6.Nominal Diameter (mm):DN25-DN1300
7.Maximum Working Temperature:100°C.
8.Service External Pressure:3-5bar.
9.Fittings:Flanges, elbows, tees, saddles, reducers, couplings, penetration piece and double O-ring bell and spigot joints.
10.Type of pipe joints:taper/taper bonded joint,flange,lamination joint ete.
11.Raw Materials:Epoxy resin, glass fiber

12.Service Life: 30 years.

13.Range of Application:Ballast system, fresh water, cooling water systems, sanitary drains (internal), ventilation, sea water, nonessential systems, and scrubber effluent line, et. marine and offshore piping systems for sea water, fresh water, sanitary/drains/scuppers and non-essential services in locations requiring IMO A753.

14.Jet Fire Resistance , Fire Endurance, Low Flame Spread,Smoke & Toxicity:The piping system has been tested to fire endurance L3, according to IMO resolution a .753(18) The piping system has been tested to low flame spread, according to IMO international code for application of fire test part 5 The piping system has been tested to smoke& toxicity, according to IMO international code for application of fire test part 2.

15.Design standards:Rules and regulations for classification society.

IMO A.753(18) Guidelines for the application of plastic pipes on ships.

IMO 2010 FTP international code for application of fire test procedures.

ASTM F1173-01 Standard specification for Thermosettingresin fiberglass pipe systems to be used for marine applications.

API 15LR Specification for low pressure fiberglass line pipe and fittings.

ASTM D2444, ASTM D257, ASTM D1599, ASTM D2412 ,ASTM D2924, ISO 75-2: 2004.



Products Advantages:

1.High strength, GRE pipe has the same strength as steel pipe.

2.Light weight: 24% weight of ductile iron, it is convenient for installation in the absence of heavy machinery and large tools.

3.Corrosion-resistant: the surface of internal and external can resist many kinds of corrosion chemicals, seawater, freshwater, waste water and bacteria.

4.The long life cycle and low cost: there is almost no maintenance costs after installation and use,and it has higher lifetime compared with steel pipe.

Jet fire and fire-resistant experiment          Level 3 fire-resistant experiment




Products Design and Quality Control

1.We have core intellectual property rights in GRE production , and many techonlogy proprietary in GRE industry.

2.Adopting various design methods and software for product design, cooperate with customers to complete product and pipeline design.

3.Using advanced raw materials and formula ensure product quality.

4.Production line is mainly controlled by automation, which controls keys parampeter winding angle , winding speed and so on.

5.From raw material inspection , winding process, curing process, process control and monitoring, and inspection, all workings are performed according to technological requirements and standards strictly.











Physico-Chemical Performance Index




Test method

Coefficient of thermal conductivity




Hoop elasticity modulus




Discharge coefficient

Hazen Williams



Absolute roughness

10^6 m







Hoop tensile strength



ASTM D1599

Hoop elasticity modulus



ASTM D1599

Poisson's ratio



ASTM D1599

Axial tensile strength



ASTM D2105

Axial elasticity modulus 



ASTM D2105

























Installation Services

For each project, Zhongfu Lianzhong will dispatch installation service engineers to the jobsite.before installation, the installation team will be trained, and the qualified installation workers will be issued with training qualification certificate. during the installation process, Zhongfu Lianzhong's installation service engineers will provide on-site guidance for the key points. Zhongfu Lianzhong also can undertake project general contractor.








Typical Cases

Singapore Pacific International Lines ( PTE) LTD

Singapore Pacific International Lines ( PTE) LTD 

Singapore Pacific International Lines ( PTE) LTD 

America Mangrove Partners 

America Mangrove Partners

America Mangrove Partners 

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Q:The outer thermal protection layer of the pipeline is made of GFRP. Which guy knows the construction method?
One is to finish insulation wrap (Qin material cloth) and then wrapped a layer of glass paper....... The other is a glass lined steel pipe outside the pipe and then foamed and insulated inside
Q:What epoxy resin is used for anticorrosion of pipeline glass fiber reinforced plastics?
3PE has been anti-corrosion principle, there is no need for anti-corrosion, but now the domestic situation. Directional drilling pipe cannot be detected and repaired, the anticorrosion layer cannot have serious damage to the pipeline, long-term safety operation, it should be required for coating directional drilling: scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, high hardness, strong adhesion and pipeline, corrosion resistance, water resistance have a good soak, matching and cathodic protection system.
Q:How many times can the temperature withstand of FRP winding pipes? What are the factors?!
The temperature of FRP winding pipe is greater than -70 degrees Celsius, less than 250 degrees celsius.
Q:How to improve the compressive strength of waste glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles (such as square tubes) should be started with resin, curing agent, glass fiber or other aspects!
Use a high strength resin type;
Q:What is the heat preservation of the plumbing pipe now? I'd like to use fiberglass Seek help from a master
I think that you can use magnesium aluminum silicate pipe because this product is suitable for oil pipeline and pipe insulation insulation general insulation are using the products and for foam asbestos products no pollution of construction
Q:What are the materials used in smoke exhaust pipes?
In the production of the coal mine exhaust pipe is indispensable, in underground work, because from the ground, the air is not easy to reach, easy to accumulate large amounts of methane gas, these gases will need ventilation pipe timely transferred to the ground to prevent the explosion in the coal mine ventilation pipe, the material is generally iron and plastic.
Q:Which is better, pultruded FRP square pipe with PVC?
When abrasive materials are transported in the wear-resistant pipes (such as ash, coal dust, ore fines, etc.), there is a problem of rapid wear and tear of the wear-resistant pipes, especially the rapid wear of the bent pipe.
Q:Glass tube has different diameters with different prices. Who can elaborate?
According to the standard requirements, DN25-DN2500 pipes can be produced. The pressure levels are gravity flow, 0.6MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa
Q:What are the standards for FRP pipes?
The pressure test pump passes directly through the test hole on the top of the pipe. The water pressure of the pipeline working pressure of 1.5 times after the pump stops (during the operation to open the drain valve exhaust), observation of 2min, the pressure drop value does not exceed the test pressure and the nozzle 5%, no leakage, nozzle pressure test is qualified. If the pressure drop is relatively fast, it shows the sealing effect is not good, to re install, to ensure that the FRP pipe pressure test system overall success.
Q:There is a gap between the new glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe and its through wall. How can the plug be prevented from leaking through the cracks around the pipe?
Large glass fiber reinforced plastics plants such as the United States and Asia, with FRP through the cabin, can be used to solve your problem, the gap is filled with special blowing agent. In this way, the continuity of FRP material can be guaranteed.

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