High quality Eurpean style sofa with great price CMAX-08

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China main port
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5 pc
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2000 pc/month

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Product Description:


1. Attractive design of  european style leather sofa  

2. Mature experience makes them comfortable, elegant and endurable

3. Easy to assemble and maintain modern bedroom  furniture 

4. Competitive price and consistent quality

5. Rich color for your choice 

6. Accept 1pcs as sample order

7. Flexible size can be offered

8. OEM/ODM orders are welcomed

9. A wonderful team with the same direction, patient, diligent, inventive and enthusiastic

Specification of european sofa   :



1).Dried and fumigated solid wood for the bed frame

2).Headboard be made of the fabric, this bed also can be made of leather ,PU as you like

3)Hardboard inner with height density and high resilience sponge


(A) as our sample

(B))according to the customer's request

Available Finishes & Colors:

Please contact with our sales team for more options

QC & Inspection:  

 High resolution photos would be forwarded to you during and after the production

Terms of payment:

T/T. 50% in advance, Deposit against loading.


Shipping Mark:

Your logo, contact info and product details are OK


Standard export cartons

Shipping & Logistics:

Via ocean, air, courier and etc.

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Q:Solid wood two door wardrobe, which kind of wood good?
Basswood: material slightly soft, slightly thin structure, with silky luster, not easy to crack, processing, finishing, coloring, well cementation. Resistant to decay and slightly warped when dry.6. ash: material slightly heavy, hard, beautiful pattern, rough structure, easy processing, toughness, finishing, bonding, dry in general.7. elm: beautiful patterns, rough structure, processing, finishing, gluing, drying, cracking warping.8. oak: hard material, rough structure, high strength, difficult processing, coloring, finishing and good adhesion, easy to dry and easy to crack.9. beech: material hard, straight texture, fine structure, wear-resistant and shiny, dry deformation is not easy, processing, finishing, gluing better.
Q:Wardrobe always mildew, how to do ah?
In winter, as temperatures rise, a damp feeling of home, sweating, floor tile, toilet closet get damp, mildew, so this time should be timely start pumping air conditioning function. Specific operations are as follows: first closed doors and windows, and then open all kinds of cabinets inside, and then open the air-conditioning dehumidifier function to the room dehumidification. Usually, you should pay attention to clothes that are not dry. Do not put them in the wardrobe. In fine weather is dry, open the wardrobe ventilation, regular cleaning closet, with a dry cloth to clean the wardrobe inside and outside, also can use a wooden furniture care wardrobe oil rub mildew proof function.
Q:Bedroom wardrobe size standard
Drawer top surface height is best less than 1250mm, especially older people's room, more should consider in 1000mm or so, so use more smoothly, height in 150-200mm, width at 400-800mm.If the use of sliding doors, is 2 doors, it can not be designed in the 1/2 position, is 3 doors, it can not be designed in the 1/3 and 2/3 position, otherwise the drawer is not open, and 4 or more will not consider the location.
Q:What about a lot of white powder in the closet?
The sight is damp and mildew! First with a soft cloth to wipe off it, so when the weather is fine and multi window ventilation, or open air conditioning dehumidifiers, or hair dryer blowing also has the effect of!
Q:What's the wardrobe?
A garment is a horizontal bar for hanging clothes in a wardrobe.According to different materials can be divided into: stainless steel clothing pass, aluminum alloy clothing pass, space aluminum clothing Tong, titanium alloy clothing pass, solid wood clothing pass, plastic clothing tong.
Q:Is the projected area of the wardrobe the same as the size of the hole?
The area of the hole is the length of the front edge of the wardrobe, multiplied by the length of the side. The projection area is the area of the expansion of all the panels. This area is not good enough for the consumers. You can let the wardrobe sell to you
Q:What size and height do you need for a wardrobe?
The height of the wardrobe and pants rack is the net space of the pants rack and the pipe. The wardrobe rack is designed to keep the trousers free of creases, and to save space, the wardrobe is usually placed under a drawer or trellis. In general, the drawer of the trellis in height between 160 and 200MM, so the net space required chest pants, trousers rack is the tube below, at least 600MM, then the chest pants height of at least 700MM, because the pants is a double hung up, then you will encounter a small floor. Installing wardrobes and pants racks is more practical.
Q:What do sliding door wardrobe plate affordable?
Particle board: particle board is also called particleboard, middle long wood fiber quality, high temperature and high pressure formed on both sides of a fiber. The particle plate has irregular structure, low hardness and strength, poor processability, rough edges, poor base material, poor moisture resistance and poor nail holding capacity. After the particle board has been decorated with melamine, the finish is rich in color, the lines are clearer, and the environmental protection grade depends on the glue used. Because of the low price and light quality, the particle board attracts the favor of some consumers.
Q:Wooden Ark Ark itself produces bug how to do?
Put camphor balls in the wardrobe, camphor balls in the wardrobe, also can use household insecticide spray, with the door closed, because these things are volatile, and harmful to the human body. Now Home Furnishing jewelry stores will also sell the mothproof agent, this medicinal up is a stress, generally there is trace toxic elements, but also away from children. When buying, please clearly recognize the product logo, as far as possible to buy clear identification, there is a clear product composition, manufacturers and suggested use of products. Don't blindly only smell size to determine the mothproof effect. Because mothproofer generally want to add some spices to suppress camphor or pungent smell of two chlorobenzene. The smell of the mothproofing agent, the effect is not necessarily a good moth. Camphor products to maintain long-term efficacy, must be replaced regularly, usually 2-3 months is appropriate. Even if this product is non-toxic, it is best not to put it directly in the clothes, the correct way is to wrap breathable toilet paper on the top of the wardrobe. With small package can be used directly, and some small packages are plastic bags, but also with small holes in order to be effective. Suspension and various pieces of combined use, the effect is better.
Q:Oxford cloth cabinet pipe is good wood or steel pipe?
Of course, wood is good, because the steel pipe is hollow, and the wall thickness is not guaranteed, and solid wood is solid, in terms of bearing and resistance to be significantly better than the steel pipe.

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