High quality Eurpean style sofa with great price CMAX-11

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China main port
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5 pc
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2000 pc/month

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Product Description:


1. Attractive design of  european style leather sofa  

2. Mature experience makes them comfortable, elegant and endurable

3. Easy to assemble and maintain modern bedroom  furniture 

4. Competitive price and consistent quality

5. Rich color for your choice 

6. Accept 1pcs as sample order

7. Flexible size can be offered

8. OEM/ODM orders are welcomed

9. A wonderful team with the same direction, patient, diligent, inventive and enthusiastic

Specification of european sofa   :



1).Dried and fumigated solid wood for the bed frame

2).Headboard be made of the fabric, this bed also can be made of leather ,PU as you like

3)Hardboard inner with height density and high resilience sponge


(A) as our sample

(B))according to the customer's request

Available Finishes & Colors:

Please contact with our sales team for more options

QC & Inspection:  

 High resolution photos would be forwarded to you during and after the production

Terms of payment:

T/T. 50% in advance, Deposit against loading.


Shipping Mark:

Your logo, contact info and product details are OK


Standard export cartons

Shipping & Logistics:

Via ocean, air, courier and etc.

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Q:What's the material of Deweier's wardrobe? When my friend's home did it, it smells bad
I think the German and German styles will be decided on impulse. And paid the full amount. Super bad service really, the evening was at home waiting for a day, people are not installed, there is a swing plate, not convenient home, don't consider from the user position, do not give too formal invoice. Suggest careful consideration.
Q:What kind of material is not easy to mold the wardrobe?
In humid conditions. Density boards are most susceptible to mildew. Followed by wood skin (such as oak paste leather), the most difficult to moldy material is logs.
Q:Custom wardrobe with solid wood laminates, okay?
Multilayer solid wood board also has the characteristics of easy deformation and good indoor temperature and humidity regulation. After melamine finishes, the surface of the board has natural, real wood texture and feel, which can bring more choices to consumers. Multilayer solid wood in the pressing process, because it is cross bonding, high temperature and high pressure, so that the multi-layer solid wood plate has good structure stability, not easy to deformation, the advantages of hard to solve the deformation defects of wood is easily affected by the dry and wet weather influence in the aspects of internal stress. In the production process, the use of polymer glue, through high temperature, high pressure, PVC around the edge, so that formaldehyde emissions of plates to meet the national standard requirements, green environmental protection.
Q:What are the cabinet and wardrobe parts?
Kitchen cabinet: refers to the kitchen storage kitchen utensils and cooking operations platform. The color with higher brightness is composed of cabinet body, door panel, hardware and mesa.Wardrobe: is cabinet and wood furniture store clothing, generally divided into single, double, embedded, is one of the commonly used household furniture.
Q:How high does the wardrobe fit?
Plate is 2.44, but after treatment of 2.2 of the more reasonable, beautiful and generous, ha ha, tailor-made, more reasonable, you can come to see us Heng
Q:How much money the authentic Lushuihe wardrobe.?
Bai Fei home is Jilin forest industry Lushuihe Shenzhen authorized customers, where his Lushuihe wardrobe is 680 yuan / flat
Q:How to remove the musty smell inside the wardrobe?
Put some dry newspaper in the bottom of the cabinet, you can absorb some moisture. Then put the clothes in place, clothes can not be too crowded.4. Finally, use the hairdryer to air the entire wardrobe for 2 minutes. Close the wardrobe.5. Usually pay more attention to the weather, the tide, then take time to bask or ventilation.Attached: simple method of checking whether the house is wet or not.Use a roll of toilet paper (with the core of the paper) and place it near the cabinet. If you find that the paper becomes loose (that is, there is a big gap between the paper and the core, and it becomes loose and not tight), it means that the room is relatively damp and should be treated with mildew
Q:How about the resurgence of wardrobe?
When you see the mildew in the wardrobe, you should first pay attention to cleaning up the moldy place. You can usually wipe it with a dry paper towel, or brush it with a dry brush to clean up the moldy place. If cleaning is not clean, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it, often can be very convenient to get rid of mildew.
Q:How deep is the wardrobe?
The overall depth of the wardrobe is generally the best for 550mm. 550mm is the international standard depth cabinets production, fully embodies the humanized design of the custom closet. Therefore, choose Custom wardrobe, it is best to choose 550mm depth, so that you can more scientific and reasonable placement of your clothes.
Q:What can be put in the wardrobe for insect control, moisture proofing and aroma enhancement?
Some have no coat, if really don't want to clean (may wash higher cost, and frequent cleaning also damage clothing) You can try, compare old and effective: find a good weather sunny, with a brush carefully put the coat brush again. The neckline and the seams of the garment should be brushed. This method is effective in identifying eggs and larvae. Coat in the sun for more than a few hours, both inside and outside the sun.5, moth, beetles can penetrate very airtight wardrobe. Therefore, if you want to incorporate wool products, it is best to use plastic boxes, plastic bags. Cotton goods can be rolled up to prevent shrinkage. When using plastic containers to store clothes, be sure to change containers regularly, because plastic products are airtight, and some plastics over time will affect the quality of the fiber.

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