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balcony privacy net
1.Material:100% new HDPE,UV
3.Useful life:3~5 years
4.balcony net factory price

balcony privacy net/shade net/window net

--product description


balcony privacy net/shade net/window net  

Brand Name



100% new HDPE with UV,long service life


Green,yellow,blue,gray (as your request)




Width:0.5m-3m, Length: as your request


1). sample time: Within 7-15 days.

2). Sample charge: According to product details.

3). Sample refund: Negotiable

4). Send sample: Via TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express

Sample is free for you to test the quality


T/T, L/C

Delivery Time

Within 20 days after getting the deposit

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Q:what are the disadvantages of using plastic?
Nowadays, okorder.com/
Q:Plastic and fingernail, which is harder?
It depends on which plastic you're talking about. Different plastics have different hardnesses, and some will be scratched by a fingernail, while others will not. Check to see if you can find what the material is made of. Usually plastics will have an acronym printed on them that gives the chemical name - common ones are PE (polyethylene), PS (polystyrene), PVC (poly vinyl chloride), PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), etc. Once you know the chemical name, try checking wikipedia on that compound or typing in the name of the plastic and Mohs hardness or hardness into Google. Oh. Also, the Mohs hardness of a fingernail is 2.5. The scale goes from 1 to 10, talc being a 1 and diamond being a 10.
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Plastic material is one which has the property of plasticity.Bio means means life or which is organic in nature and which can be produced from a living organism for which it do not have the property of plasticity. Plastic materials can only be synthesised .but can not be produced through a living organism. So the term bioplastic is a misnomer.
Q:Does Princeton University Have courses for Plastic Surgeons?
the 1st 12 months of college analyze is purely your prevalent preparation coursework, so it has little or no impact on admission to scientific college. to your sciences, take biology, chemistry, and or anatomy and physique shape. different than that, take in spite of the fact which you prefer to fulfill your prevalent preparation standards.
Q:the usage of plastic bagss?!?!?
I personally prefer plastic to paper, unless the paper is recycled. The trees are losing their brothers and sisters. Plastic is better in some ways because it can be re-used over and over. But it doesn't biodegrade for several years, so we are stuck with it piling up in the landfills. Recycled paper is the best in other ways, because far less trees are sacrificed.
Q:A detailed description of the processing methods of plastic products?
Plastic: the material used in this process is usually pulverized into powder, which is melted and flowed in the heat cycle. The use of two types of PE: general rotational and cross linkable class. General purpose MDPE/HDPE typically ranges from 0.935 to 0.945g/CC, with a narrow MWD, high impact and minimal warpage, and a melt index range of 3 - 8. The higher MI grades are usually not applicable, because they do not have the impact of plastic products of hope and resistance to environmental stress cracking.The unique properties of high performance rotational application system using its chemical crosslinking grade. These grades are liquid in the first part of the molding cycle and are then crosslinked to form a superior resistance to environmental stress cracking and toughness. Wear resistance and climate resistance. Crosslinkable PE is uniquely suited for large containers, ranging from 500-gal transportation of chemicals from storage tanks to 20000-gal agricultural storage tanks.
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I don't know the reason,.. but one of my cats does the same thing. Chews and chews on plastic (like shopping bags, etc). You must take all plastic away within that cat's reach. Plastic is non-digestible and can foul up the intestinal tract. My cat is 5 yrs. old (a rescue, I trapped, feral re-habilitated) and he'll still plastic-chew given the chance)!
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My first corset was plastic boned. Then I bought a steel boned one, and I will never go back to plastic. The difference is quite noticeable. It's not that the plastic bones break, it's that they aren't as strong as steel to begin with. I wear corsets maybe ten times year, and the plastic boned one is all frumpy after three years, and the steel boned still looks as good as new after two years and that was even after it took a beating when it got improperly packed when I was moving.

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