Glass Glue Gun Silicone Weatherproof Adhesive For Glue Gun

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Product Description:

Product Name: Glass Glue Gun

Colour: Green

Brand Name: HELISI

Material: Aluminum Alloy

OEM: Yes

Mode  Number: 047993

Type: Glass Glue Gun

Application: Industrial

Package: Box

Product packaging size: 1200px*475px*162.5px

weight: 0.67kg

Minimum order quantity: 6 units

USD price: 6.27USD

Glass Glue Gun Silicone Weatherproof Adhesive For Glue Gun

Glass Glue Gun Silicone Weatherproof Adhesive For Glue Gun

Glass Glue Gun Silicone Weatherproof Adhesive For Glue Gun

Glass Glue Gun Silicone Weatherproof Adhesive For Glue Gun

Glass Glue Gun Silicone Weatherproof Adhesive For Glue Gun

Glass Glue Gun Silicone Weatherproof Adhesive For Glue Gun

Glass Glue Gun Silicone Weatherproof Adhesive For Glue Gun

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