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Product Description:


willow fence

made of natural osier with fine craft

artistic,durable and easy to erect

for home&garden deco to make privacy

Product Description:

Willow fences and screens are made from vertical willow sticks tightly

woven together with galvanized steel wire. Willow fencing and screening

are suitable for an informal garden.Rapidly renewable natural bentwood

material like willow make wonderful fences for outdoor and indoor decoration,

our exclusive pre-build fences panels are designed to beautify your home garden

as well as practical well build fences with easy set up. Different styles and sizes

to suite your needs.

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Q:old homes days?
the Bells exercise their burning desire to take crumbling old bungalows and aging Victorian homes, give them face-lifts, and at the same time, turn a lost neighborhood into a sought-after place to live. October 2002 Victorian Homes In October 2002, Victorian Homes, another nationally known magazine, contained an article about Old Homes Inc. The article contains the details of several homes in the Highland Park neighborhood of Chattanooga that were saved and restored by Old Homes Inc. You can view the full article in Adobe Acrobat format here. (1.64mb) 'We just love old homes,'Heather says. 'Some people are crazy about baseball or cars. We are crazy about old houses.'
Q:Someone applied pesticides to my home garden is the veggies still safe to eat if I clean it?
Actually if what you mean by cleaning is soaping and rinsing it, PERHAPS it may be safe to eat it. But precaution is safer by delaying harvesting your vegetables. Most pesticides usually loss effects after a week. After this period, you can harvest your veggies for consumption. Be sure to wash it very well before using.
Q:Can I erect a wooden home office in my garden?
Consult your council's planning department to make sure, tell them the size etc,it's no good just putting it up, if it is illegal you will be asked to demolish it.
Q:I'm planting a garden (stop laughing)?
Short of shooting him...I hope you were kidding. Still in bad taste though! Supervise him outside and tell him no when he does it- he'll get it eventually. In the mean time, put up a tall enough fencing (even just chicken wire and posts will do for now) that he can't get in the garden if he's left outside when you're away. My neighbours had a similar problem with their young lab, and they left that fence up until Aspen was about 2-2.5 years old and he'd stopped digging. He's a puppy, and he'll start to settle down in the next 10 months or so, both of my lab girls were nightmares when they were younger but they mellowed out nicely around 2 years old. I didn't think about this before, I just assumed it was done, but it would probably help to neuter him if he's not already.
Q:How to make fairy gardens, alters and homes?
Depending on the type of Fae you wish to invite, you can give an offering. A plate of sweet Honey cakes is a good one. Some Fae prefer something shiny, so a chain, pendant, or ring. Have a large area cleared of iron, and make the area look earthy/natural. It is also wise to try to make clear that you have no intent to harm or trick them. Be warned, though. Some Fae like to play tricks, and some do not appreciate humans.
Q:home remidy for killing grubs?
Beware of any home remedy used in a vegetable garden. The cure may be worse than the disease. I have seen some crazy things on this website which should not EVER be used on edible crops. I'd recommend that you learn to live with them unless you can specifically identify them as doing damage to your plants. In all likelihood they are not harming anything. You should squish them when you find them. Beware of home remedies in vegetable gardens and on any edible plant....and PLEASE use spell check. Bug Doc
Q:Better homes and garden cookbook carrot cake recipe?
Q:How can you grow a home garden in a drought?
Most people do not realize that you can garden with little water. I read this great article and it opened my eyes to all the things that could be done. I hope this helps you with your garden.
Q:Are Anti-Mosquito\Mosquito Killer Sprays bad for plants & vegetables.?
Hello Moon, My name is Gardengail and I work for the home depot in the garden center. Spraying a plant with an insecticide meant for the air is not a good idea, check the instructions on the back. Malathion is a good mosquito spray that works well in gardens. Using a bug zapper would help extend the effectiveness of the spray. Are these mosquitoes biting you? there is a large bug that is called a mosquito hawk that looks like a mosquito that is common to lawns that is non-biting. Spraying vegetables with a spray not designed for them is a really bad idea. Check the labels on the backs of the bottles of spray you use. Also check for puddles and birdbaths, the mosquitoes will hatch within a few days, dump the water out. Hope this helps, Gardengail
Q:Lowe's or Home Depot? Which is better for Gardening Tools/Supplies?
Big box stores are not where I usually buy my gardening supplies, but I may buy a tool or 2 there is the quality and price is right. To buy good tools you need to look for the best price but the most important is the quality. Cheap poor quality tools just don't last. I found that out years ago after buying a new trowel just about every year. I splurged on a stainless steel one. I take good care of it and it has lasted 40 years. I use 16 oz. disposable colored beer glasses for pots and I put holes in the bottom with a wood burning tool. @ $3 for 50 they are not even worth washing and sterilizing to use again. I also use plastic mushroom boxes and other plastic grocery containers for growing plants. The plastic biscuit containers make a good tray and humidity hood. I buy my soiless pro mix at a local nursery and pay $30 for a 2.8 cubic feet of compacted mix. It is much cheaper than buying those small bags and as long as you keep it dry will last for years. Many of my trays are from the grocery store garden center after they are finished selling flowers. They only throw them out anyway and are happy to give them to you.. My fertilizer may come from a big box store or anywhere else that has a good price. To sum things up--buy quality tools--recycle anything you can and look for the cheapest price on the rest

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