Full protection laser pipe metal cutting machine for square/round tube

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Full protection steel sheet and tube laser cutter specialize in cutting metal plates&tube, cost-saving. Considering the processing and budget requirements, the pipe cutting length can be selected with 3 or 6 meters , and the software can choose Cyptube and tubepro.


Full protection laser pipe metal cutting machine for square/round tube



Full protection metal tube laser cutting machine

Processing Area

3000*1500mm/4000*2000mm/6000*2000mm/6000* 2500mm/8000* 2500mm

Laser power


Positioning accuracy


Repeated positioning accuracy


X axis stroke


Y axis stroke


Z axis stroke


Maximum velocity



Main Features


1.Stability and reliability of light path and control system.
2.High performance, first brand fiber laser device in China; stable,lifespan is over 100000 hours.
3.High-quality and efficient cutting, cutting speed is up to 120m/min,with cutting surface is smooth and beautiful.
4.Adopt imported servo motor,reducer, gear and rack,ball screw and guide, ensure that the X, Y axis is stable and reliable.




Full protection laser pipe metal cutting machine for square/round tube

Full protection laser pipe metal cutting machine for square/round tube




Q: How can I choose the most suitable machine?
A: In order to recommend you the most suitable machine model, just tell us below information
1.What is your material
2.The size of material
3.The thickness of material
Q: How can I get the information and quotation of this product quickly?
A: Please leave your email ,WhatsApp or wechat , and we will arrange the sales manager to contact you asap.
Q: What's material can fiber laser cut?
A: All kinds of metal, such as Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, copper, etc.
Q: This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
A: The machine is mainly controlled by software.Simple, not complicated.Before delivery, we will make a simple operation manual and videos.Generally speaking, an operator who is not familiar with the fiber laser machine can still operate it well.According to customer requirements, we can send technicians to the customer's factory for machine training, or the customer to come to our factory for machine training.
Q: If there is a problem with the machine, what about the after-sales service?
A:1)The warranty of laser source is 2 years.
2)The warranty of the machine is 2 years(main spare parts),except for the consumable parts such as ceramic ring, focus lens,
nozzle etc. Warranty counts from the date marked on the label of the laser source and machine.
3)Except the damage artificially, seller is responsible for offering the fittings free of charge during the warranty period.
4)Exceeding the warranty period, parts need to be repaired or changed, shall be paid




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Relative to do with metal laser cutting machine this piece, Wuhan high energy laser is still a good company, at least it can develop from 1999 to the present, indicating that there is still strength
Q:How to use the laser equipment to weld stainless steel products, how to blow the nitrogen gas?
Adjust the nozzle so that it is tilted forty-five degrees, and the direction is in the direction of the laser.
Q:What's the price of the 2000W laser cutting machine?
Laser cutting is not visible by light beam to replace the mechanical knife, which has the advantages of high precision, fast cutting, cutting pattern is not limited to the limit, automatic typesetting and material saving, incision smooth, low processing cost, will gradually improve or to replace the traditional metal cutting equipment.
Q:What are the manufacturers of laser equipment and accessories in Guangdong province?
Shenzhen chuangxiang laser is a professional laser equipment manufacturer, you said that they have
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Q:Laser equipment since it can cut thick steel plate, if accidentally hit the laser in the human body, will not cause people to cut the safety of the accident?
so stay away from the small will be little more than a little strength. The general teaching for laser power is very small
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The neutron proton has a positive charge, is not charged atoms with peripheral. The negatively charged electrons, around the nucleus. Interestingly, electrons in an atom energy is not arbitrary. Quantum mechanics description of the microscopic world tells us that these electrons will in some fixed order "to" different energy level corresponding to the electronic energy is not the same.
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, some special to add some protection to electrode,
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solid laser is generally small and strong, with high pulse radiation power and wide range of applications. Such as: Nd:YAG laser. Nd (nd) is a rare earth element,

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