Forklift Loader with 22Tons Max 761T-21 CE ISO

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Product Description:

 761T-21 Forklift Loader with 22Tons Max 

    Product Description

    ISO CE Approved 28Tons Forklift Wheel Loader for Handling Block Material
    Fork truck loading competitive advantage:
    Weichai engine performs well in all aspects like reliability, dynamic. Weichai has offices around world, such as Brazil, Iran, India, Russia, Thailand, South Africa, America, and so on. Good after-sales service.

    1.Our fork is made by round steel bar through forging technology, which need much complicated processing flow and higher cost. The Round Steel Bar needs more forging times than Square Steel Bar to be fork, so the Round Steel Bar has higher density, and toughness is better and more durable.
    2. Enlarged forks and fork arm carrier, which good ensure the big block is not slided easily. 

    Driver Cab:
    1. Installed air-condition, you can enjoy a nice working environment no matter weather is hot or cold . 
    2. Luxurious driver cab with large corner windscreen to ensure wide and clear vision.

    The front tires are steel-wire tire, 
    The steel-wire tire is special designed for heavy machine with special material, such as steel wire or fiber glass, which is wear resistance, good heat dissipation, explosion-proof and very durable.

    High Pressure Hydraulic Hose and Fittings
    We use American "PARKER". Apart from excellent high-pressure performance, the multi-spiral hose and fittings range offers the following advantages:
    1)       Specially engineered shells guarantee optimum compression and grip of the fitting on the hose No-Skive design eliminates the need to remove the hose cover before crimping;
    2)       Manufactured from a single piece of high-grade steel, Parker monobloc fittings eliminate potential leak paths;
    3)       Available with high abrasion resistant TC or ST covers, prolonging hose life;
    4)       Low volumetric expansion at maximum working pressure;
    5)       Wide fluid compatibility;
    6)       Made according to ISO, EN and SAE standards.


    1)CKD Package:
    The machine is packaged in 2 pieces of 40 HQ containers at dismantle certain parts.
    2)CBU Package:
    Packaged in 1 flat container


    •The loader with single rocker arm connecting rod can lift materials up to more than 21 t.
    •Powerful turbocharged thgine with 6-cylinder 4-stroke for excellent performance and high 
    torque reserve is low-oil consumption.
    •Beautiful streamlined appearance .Pressurized cabin with optional air conditioning and heating 
    system provides comfortable operation environment.
    •Four-wheel, dual-line and pliers disc brake system ensures safer and more reliable operation.
    •Double-turbo hydraulic torque converter facilitates the gear shifting for easier operation.
    •Various working equipment and shovel can meet the requirements of different customers.
    •Used as both pallet fork and bucket.

    FDM761T-21 Performance Parameter and Dimensions

    Operating Weight


    Time  of raise


    Rated Load


    Hydraulic cycle time


    Max. load


    Torque converter

    Single stage, four elements

    Traveling Speed


    Fuel tank


    Turning angle


    Hydraulic oil tank






    HANGFAI WD615.58G

    Grade ability


    Rated power


    Overall dimension


    Tires type


Forklift Loader with 22Tons Max 761T-21 CE ISO

Forklift Loader with 22Tons Max 761T-21 CE ISO


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Q:What certificates do you need for the loader and where will it be handled?
Loaders are special equipment, the operation must be held: special operations permit, the certificate in the local production safety supervision and administration bureau.Under 18 years of age, you can not bid for special operations permit. According to the regulations of the State Administration of work safety on the training and assessment of special personnel safety (safety supervision pipe No. [2002]124), the special operations permit shall be reviewed every 2 years. This card can basically be used on the road. In some places, loaders require driving licenses. Wheel loaders are M items in the driver's license. As long as the driver's license contains M items, they can drive on the road. Specific depends on the provisions of various places.Operation procedures of operation certificate for special operations in People's Republic of China:1, the applicant related materials to the county government service center, the County Safety Supervision Bureau window registration, fill in "special operations safety technology training examination application form";2, participate in special operations safety technical training;3, after examination, 30 working days to pass the examination proved to the county government center County Safety Supervision Bureau window to receive the "special operations" of People's Republic of China operation certificate; not qualified, notify the unit or oneself.For operating permits required materials:1, personal identification cards and photocopies of two copies, bareheaded inch photos;2. Certificate of education;3. Proof of health;4 、 certificate of training and assessment.Review: "special operations People's Republic of China operating license" every two years to review, review procedures: the holder to the original operating license, identity card and a copy of two, to enroll in the training assessment, with the rest of the program.Organization: local safety supervision and Administration Bureau of work safety
Is for these types of things.
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