Fireproof Calcium Silicate Board for Transfer Ladle

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Product Description:

Fireproof Calcium Silicate Board for Transfer Ladle Details:

Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:


Non-Asbestos Fiber Cement B

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:wooden case in LCL, nake package in FCL
Delivery Detail:15 dyas after receipt of your deposit

Product Description:

General information for Calcium silicate board:

CMAX calcium silicate products are classified under temperature between 650℃ to 1100℃, it’s an asbestos-free thermal insulation product.


Applications for Calcium silicate board:

Reheating furnace ◆Annealing furnace ◆Transfer ladle

◆Rotary kiln ◆Glass tank ◆Shuttle kiln

◆Tunnel kiln ◆Aluminum melting and holding furnace


Main Product Features:

◆Low thermal conductivity

◆High thermal insulation value

◆High strength

◆High strength


Product Specifications:

base board Specification:
SizeStandard SizeSize:1220*2440*4/6/8/9/10/12/15mm
AppearanceSurface     Surface:Un-Sanded/Sanded/Polished;
Physical PropertiesDensity1.2-1.3g/cm3   
Bending StrengthCross      > 16Mpa
Parallel    16-17Mpa
Moisture Movement<0.20%< span="">
Water Absorption< 0.1%
Water Contain<6%(Under EMS condition)
Thermal Conductivity0.12-0.15 w/(m •k)
Non-combustibilityGB 8624-2006 Grade A1,CE EN 12467:2012 Grade A1
Water ImpermeablilityTraces of moisture appeared on the under surface of the sheet,but no formation of drops of water on the underside of the sheet after 24 hours.
Freeze-thawNot have cracking and layering after freeze-thaw cycles 25 times.
Interior Ceiling,Interior Patition, Bottom Liner
Products Warranty
More than 20 years


Raw Material Content
Cement 44%
Quartz  44%
Natural Fiber 8%
Composition of Finished Product Content
Crystalloid of Calcium Silicate 52%
Quartz 30%
Calcium Carbonate  10%
Cellulose 8%                               


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 YES! We can according your demand to produce.


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 YES! We can accept the detective from any third-party verification company including the SGS, D&B and so on.


 Fireproof Calcium Silicate Board for Transfer Ladle

Fireproof Calcium Silicate Board for Transfer Ladle

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Q:My family chandelier broken, I removed today to find workers is a direct self-tapping screw snail in the ceiling calcium silicate board
You are not wrong It is not possible to calcium silicate board you can pull the chandelier, the calcium silicate board is sure to roll the side of the spring lower twist chong chong chong a reinforced keel you try with a long point of the screw if inside really There should be no reinforcement...
Q:Fiber cement pressure plate and calcium silicate board What is the difference, what is the use
Differences: 1, their raw materials are different. Calcium silicate board is the use of siliceous, calcium material and a certain proportion of fiber materials as the main material, by the pulp, molding, autoclaved curing from. Fiber cement is based on fiber and cement as the main raw material for the production of cement cement plate. 2, fiber cement pressure plate bending strength is V level, calcium carbonate board strength is IV level. Fiber cement pressure plate than calcium silicate board strength. Uses: Calcium silicate board and fiber cement board are common architectural decoration materials on the market, used in the construction of ceiling ceilings and partitions, home decoration, furniture liner, billboard liner, ship cabin, Board, network floor and tunnel and other indoor works of the wall; commercial buildings of commercial buildings, entertainment and bathing places, shopping malls, hotels; industrial buildings of the factories, warehouses; residential buildings of the new residential, renovation renovation; public places hospitals, theaters , Station, subway and so on. The main use is the wall, ceiling, floor, furniture, road insulation, sound absorption barrier, ship compartment and duct and other industrial panels and suction walls, sound absorption ceiling, pouring walls, composite wall panels and other fields.
Q:What kind of ceiling does the open kitchen do?
The kitchen is usually fitted with an aluminum gusset plate or an integrated ceiling
Q:Silicon calcium board wall how to paste tiles
Tiles if you have to paste the wall in two ways, has been straight paste, the traditional cement and sand as a binder, but also useful glass adhesive to do the glue, the other is dry hanging, there are hanging special frame. Silicon calcium board wall is relatively light, dry hanging need to play expansion screw fixed, so not suitable for this way. At the same time if the cement adhesion will not be high. So it is recommended to use glass glue as the middle layer, but that time may not be strong. Can refer to try it
Q:Ceiling silicon calcium board and mineral wool board which is better
Silicon calcium board is better than gypsum board
Q:Is it possible to add tiles on calcium silicate board?
If you want to paste the tiles, then it is recommended to use cement pressure plate plus keel, so within 3 years is not a problem
Q:How to install silicon calcium board ceiling
1, installed boom 2, loaded keel 3, the silicon calcium directly on the line on the line.
Q:What is the difference between silicon calcium board and sound-absorbing board?
Silicon calcium board is made of siliceous material, calcium material, reinforced fiber as the main raw material, through the pulp, into blank, steam curing, surface sanding and other processes made of lightweight sheet. Is a hard board, and gypsum board is about, there is no sound-absorbing function, mainly from the decorative effect. Sound-absorbing board ceiling, also known as mineral wool board, is made of mineral wool, mineral fiber, perlite, starch and other renewable green materials. Has a high sound absorption capacity, not only play a decorative role in the ceiling, but also a sound and heat insulation effect. The price of silicon calcium board is cheaper, the market common mineral wool board brand also Armstrong, the United States Luda brand, in the sound-absorbing board to do this one is better.
Q:Double layer 12 mm thick calcium silicate board with what keel ceiling
Brother may be the reason I have not done such a project I think you will not hang up at least it is at least dan chu commander dagger to see the color of color Chang Ji light steel keel there is even hanging up your plan is how long? You should also know that the weight of an estimated 80 pounds also if it is 60 * 60 his thickness is not so thick will not be very recommended to use this, if you have to use the big board you'd better go to consult the master. There are large board ceiling I use the thickest is 0.8 thick look you carefully do not regret when the time ah! The
Q:Export of calcium silicate board or gypsum board, which one shipping cheap?
Calcium silicate expensive, larger

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