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Model number:HBSJ1

Frame: steel Alloy

Motor: 350W motor

Battery: 48V12ah

Wheel hub: steel wheel

Tires: Tubeless

Shock Absorption: Comfort Front Shock Absorption

Controller: 6-tube sine wave

Brake: drum brake

Speed: 40km/h

1HQ,  1*40'  CKD load 380PCS .


CNBM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (short for the Company) is a subsidiary of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. (short of CNBM Group). China National Building Material Group is a state owned enterprise under directly management of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and ranked 187 in the world's top 500 in 2019. China National Building Materials Group is the world's largest comprehensive building materials industry group, the world's leading new material developer and comprehensive service provider, and has the strongest scientific research strength in the field of building materials and non-metal new materials.


Q:Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A:CNBM is a large-scale central governmental industrial group with its own manufacturing sector, research and development sector, trading sector and logistics sector.

Q:I have some special requirement about specifications.

A:We have a well-rounded product range, which endows us with the capability of applying many special specifications. Please feel free to contact us with yours.

Q:Do you accept OEM service?

A:Yes, we do.

Q:What is your delivery time?

A:It depends on the size/complexity of your order and our own production schedule. Usually we provide a faster delivery than the industry's average.

Q:What is the payment term?

A:TT and LC are both Okay.

Q:Can I have my own logo on the product?

A:Sure, we can apply your own logo on the products according to your drawings.

Q:EV battery charging is hot, what's the reason?
The reason of electric vehicle battery burns are the following: 1. after the end of a driving electric charge, a long time, the battery capacity is insufficient, to charge the battery, because the battery capacity is low, so when in charge, the current will be very large, the current will cause the charger and battery fever, but this belong to the 2. chargers and batteries do not match the normal phenomenon, caused by fever 3. battery time is relatively long, about a year of battery, battery has entered into the withering period, when charging, the battery will be very hot in the Xia Tianrong.4. prone battery hot phenomenon, because the summer temperature is high, then plus charging, so it was easy to happen. This phenomenon suggested in the summer with the battery charging time, kept in a ventilation state, do not use the charger covered in a charger also maintained under the condition of ventilation, In order to ensure the heat! Recommended that the use of electric vehicles, not to when no power, then to charge, because recharging when no electricity, the battery has a serious loss, will lead to the normal use of time and shorten the battery life, accelerate the aging degree! Recommended that the use of electric vehicles, as far as possible to do with used with the charge, with a full time, keep the battery in a saturated condition, to extend the battery life!
Q:Sometimes, when the key is not turned on, the car runs by itself! I hope to answer the professional point, thank you
Electric cars, in short, are powered by electricity. A car powered by electricity. Classified electric cars according to types can be divided into: electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and so on. The first electric car was made in 1834. It was driven by a DC motor. Today, electric cars have undergone tremendous changes, and there are many kinds of electric cars.
Q:What kind of electric bicycle is the cheapest and most suitable now?
The choice of brand and after-sale service reputationCard is a symbol of quality, different brands of the quality level is uneven, consumers must choose the authority of the Department, and proven reliable quality, low repair rate, good customer service service, high reputation of the brand.
Q:How to use electric bicycle correctly
1., do not let people who do not ride use, to prevent falling, collision and damage, and do not overload heavy objects and bring people, so as to avoid excessive power consumption or traffic accidents. Check the brakes and speed before each use, make sure that the performance is good, front and rear wheels are normal, so as to ensure normal riding and riding safety.
Q:How to see the electric car, is considered good?Such as the frequency of what ~ ~ please advise
Followed by lining.The structure of the whole vehicle is very simple. The basic units are frame, plastic parts, shock absorbers, batteries, controllers and motors. The quality of the frame is particularly critical, and many users are less concerned with the quality of the frame because it is difficult to observe. However, the quality of the frame determines the safety performance of the vehicle directly. Here are some ways to validate the frame. First observe the level of welding of plastic parts inside the vehicle frame, if there is false welding, sealing off, the frame quality is not ideal. The second observation frame whether there is rust marks, because the frame in order to prevent rust need a called electrophoresis technology, many manufacturers in order to control the cost of the frame, simply spray black paint without electrophoresis, namely if the new rust problems, then the frame quality abnormal electrophoresis. Finally, the test run, high-speed travel, and then emergency braking, to see whether the car frame sway around, and if the shaking is very strong, indicating that the quality of the frame is not pass, there are security risks. Because the electric car market is mixed, the frame is hidden inside the vehicle, can not be checked directly, so many manufacturers are not strict control of the quality of the frame. Choosing the right frame is important to the vehicle. There is also a simple way, if the vehicle to remove the battery, you can hold up to try weight, the more heavy, indicating that the more solid vehicle materials, the greater the possibility of good safety performance.
Q:Electric bicycle charger, different brands can use each other?
Guan Jian, look at the output voltage is not the same, as can be used, such as the output is 48V (volts), or the output is 36V. The charger reads "yes". The output current varies a little, without affecting it
Q:Are there any speed limits for electric bicycles?
Once the electric car has developed technical standards for low, equal to the electric bicycle driving was in the slow lane, most are catching up with motorized vehicles already overburdened, which also belongs to the most unqualified car, only to the city traffic chaos on chaos, resulting in greater danger to traffic.
Q:What is the difference between non - zero start and zero start of electric vehicle?
[non zero start to zero start]In fact, the non zero start is also very dangerous, have a go cart, pushed the car ran up, because the large front wheel has been set up, like a horse hoof like stand. Several control boxes were disassembled, and the first step was to cut off the speed limit line. After several times the disassembly was to change the zero start, and it was found that the circuit board was made of multilayer board and patch element.Besides, there is no schematic diagram, so there is no way to start, so it can only start from the outside, the principle of non zero start is to use a Holzer component to detect whether the wheel is moving and judging speed.Then, to decide whether the electricity, so you can simulate Holzer give a trigger signal to the CPU, it can realize zero starting without body, what time can recovery recovery.The principle is very simple, the control box leads to the three line to the wheel sensor, a line is +5V, a trigger line, a wire, trigger line usually have the potential of +5V or so, when the Holzer element induction to the magnetic field, the trigger is grounded, and after the restoration of +5V magnetic field.
Q:How much is the battery charge for an electric bicycle?
Battery capacity is 20A h, meaning is: to the discharge current of 20A can last for an hour, it can be concluded that the calculation method: 60V * 20A * h/1000=1200VA * h=1.2KW * H (VA=W, 1KW=1000W) depending on the residual capacity of your battery and charger output efficiency (ETA) and.The 60 volt battery: 20 MA (60V20HA) every time full of electricity; set battery capacity is 20AH, voltage is 60V, a full charge is 60V * 20AH=1200WH=1.2kwh, the actual charging efficiency is 75%, so 1.2kwh/75%=1.6kwh, 60V, 20AH of the electric tricycle battery each filled with a TV about the need for 1.6kwh, namely 1.6 degrees.
Q:How can electric bikes be best charged?
Charge with a standard electric car charger. That's pretty critical! A lot of people think it doesn't matter, just pull a line of god horse, look at the plug can plug on the charge. However, different appliances charging device configuration is not the same, the use of random charger will cause damage to the battery, and even lead to serious consequences such as battery burned

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