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Model number:JJ7

1. LED Display

2. Convex lens lamp

3. With pedals

4. 6-tube controller,

5. 350 watt motor

6. 14-2.5 vacuum tire

7. Three speed mode

8. front and rear dual shock absorption

9. load 150kg

10. speed 35km/h

11. multi-color optional

1. Battery type & Max range: 48v23A lead-acid battery, About 65 KM

2. Packing size: 117-28-65(cm)

3. Quantity in a 40HQ: 320pcs


CNBM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (short for the Company) is a subsidiary of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. (short of CNBM Group). China National Building Material Group is a state owned enterprise under directly management of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and ranked 187 in the world's top 500 in 2019. China National Building Materials Group is the world's largest comprehensive building materials industry group, the world's leading new material developer and comprehensive service provider, and has the strongest scientific research strength in the field of building materials and non-metal new materials.


Q:Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A:CNBM is a large-scale central governmental industrial group with its own manufacturing sector, research and development sector, trading sector and logistics sector.

Q:I have some special requirement about specifications.

A:We have a well-rounded product range, which endows us with the capability of applying many special specifications. Please feel free to contact us with yours.

Q:Do you accept OEM service?

A:Yes, we do.

Q:What is your delivery time?

A:It depends on the size/complexity of your order and our own production schedule. Usually we provide a faster delivery than the industry's average.

Q:What is the payment term?

A:TT and LC are both Okay.

Q:Can I have my own logo on the product?

A:Sure, we can apply your own logo on the products according to your drawings.

The key is to look at the size and capacity of the battery, the general 48V20Ah battery charge up to 1.5 degrees or so.
Q:My electric car is vacuum tire, less than a month to be taken three times, before riding a bicycle is the ordinary pneumatic tyre, where ride, all right. Want to ask what kind of tire is not easy to be broken? Thank you very much
Second, super wear = save money - vacuum tire rim than ordinary wheel diameter is big, in driving will not be affected by brake drum heat. No inner tubes and lined with tire and car rim seal as one of the vehicles at high speeds, the heat generated by the tire and road surface friction, the internal (hot air) by direct cooling coils quickly reduce the tire temperature, thereby prolonging the service life of the tire.
Q:How to use electric bicycle correctly
2. switch off the power switch when you get off or push or stop. Daily use points can be summarized as: good maintenance, more power, frequently charging. Good maintenance: do not make electric bicycles suffer accidental damage. If you don't let the water sink, the center, the controller, you must open the car lock when you start,3. off after the closing switch, usually tire to the foot, the summer should avoid long time exposure to the sun, avoid storing in high temperature and corrosive environment, the brakes are moderately elastic; more power:4., the ideal way to use is to help people move the car, electricity, electricity to help people, manpower, power linkage, labor-saving and save power. Because the mileage and vehicle load, road condition, the number of starts, braking frequency, wind direction and wind speed, air temperature, tire pressure and so on, so before the start of the pedal riding, riding in the harmonic twisting process, bridge, uphill, against the wind and heavy traffic must use pedal power to avoid harm the battery, battery life mileage effect;
Q:How many years do you have to ride an electric bicycle on the road?
4, apply for medium passenger car quasi driving type, more than 21 years of age, under 50 years of age;5, apply for tractor quasi driving type, more than 24 years of age, under 50 years of age;6, apply for large passenger car quasi driving, in the 26 years of age, under 50 years of age.
Q:An electric bicycle doesn't need a chain. Can it be used properly?
The electric car is not pedal [and chain, plastic package], the above two is on battery power as electric energy, electric vehicles and the motor is driven, so that the pedal riding is just riding auxiliary function, as long as the battery and electrical parts of the normal operation, there is no chain not important, how can the normal use.
Q:How to change the locks of electric cars?
Electric cars, in short, are powered by electricity. A car powered by electricity. Classified electric cars according to types can be divided into: electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and so on. The first electric car was made in 1834. It was driven by a DC motor. Today, electric cars have undergone tremendous changes, and there are many kinds of electric cars. Electric cars are popular because they save money and save fuel.
Q:EABS brake principle of electric bicycle, is the brake depth good or small?
EABS electronic brake system with 2 motor driver, first sets of normal state, control motor drive, power brakes; second sets of electric brake control program, program start when the electric brake signal, at the same time, the power of the Holzer signal man (Cheng Kong) adjustment, the motor is reversed, the equivalent of the magnetic field reversal, achieve rapid braking effect. For example, assuming that the Holzer signal of the motor is 001, the program changes it to 100 when the second sets of braking procedures start, and the rest of the state reverses accordingly. In this way, the motor will produce short-term high strength energy in power, energy flux rate is determined by the stator coil winding cutting, when the speed is reduced to 0 when the electric brake force disappears, i.e. the higher the speed of the braking force is strong. In the state of power failure, part of the energy generated by motor movement is used for motor braking, and the other part drives the power tube back into the battery through the controller's infield effect.
Q:EV battery charging is hot, what's the reason?
Now, most electric car batteries have electrolyte (or not) charge, the process of ionization will produce heat, which is normal. Such as mobile phone battery charging, there will be fever.
Q:Electric car brush and brush, how simple distinction?Buy BrushlessDon't tell me what line to look at. What should I see when I buy it? How can I make a simple distinction?
First, the brush motor adopts mechanical reversing, the technical requirements of the control system is lower, the relative cost is lower than the brushless motor, and the starting torque of the brush motor is slightly larger than the brushless motor. But the fatal weaknesses are short life, high noise and low efficiency. Its long-term use of carbon brush, serious wear and tear, easy to damage. At the same time, a large amount of carbon dust is produced, which falls into the gear oil to accelerate the drying of gear oil, and further increases the motor noise. There is a brush motor use about a year, you need to change the carbon brush, you will find that charging mileage is less than 2/3 of the new car bought, but also lack of power when climbing, but also burn the controller. This is because the motor to replace the carbon brush, commutator also grind a groove, reduce carbon brush contact area, poor contact power will produce sparks, and accelerate the oxidation of copper and lead to the commutator, bad phenomenon.
Q:Is the electric car tire good for the morning or new for the government?
My electric car front wheel is positive, and the rear wheel is chaoyang! Personal feeling Chaoyang is good

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