Economic Polyester based Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPU)

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Product Description:

WHT-1264 is an Economic polyester based Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPU), Good mechanical properties, Excellent abrasion resistance, Resistance to low temperature , Easy Processing.


Typical Properties

Hardness/Shore D:64
Tensile Strength/Mpa:38
Tear StrengthN/mm:190



Good mechanical properties,fast molding,low cost



    The elastomer is a so-called glass transition temperature below room temperature , elongation at break > 50% , the recovery force is removed relatively good polymer material. Elastomeric polyurethane elastomer is one of the more specific categories, polyurethane elastomer hardness range is wide, a wide range of properties , the polyurethane elastomer is between a class of rubber and plastic polymer materials.
    Heated plasticization , the chemical structure with little or no crosslinking , the molecule is substantially linear, however, there are certain physical crosslinking . Such polyurethane called TPU.
    Two characteristics of TPU main characteristics are:
    Wide range of hardness : TPU by changing the ratio of the reaction components , you can get different hardness products , and with the increase in hardness , and its products still maintain good flexibility and abrasion resistance.
    High mechanical strength : TPU products carrying capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption properties .
    Cold outstanding : TPU glass transition temperature is relatively low , at minus 35 degrees still maintain good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties.
    Processing performance : TPU thermoplastic material can be a common processing methods for processing, such as injection molding , extrusion, calendering and so on. Meanwhile , TPU polymer materials with certain properties can be processed together complementary polymer alloy .
    Oil, water , mildew resistant .
    Recycling is good .
    TPU [1] as an elastomer is between a between rubber and plastic material, which look out from its rigid , TPU elastic modulus of rigidity can be measured . Modulus of elasticity of the rubber is usually 1 ~ 10Mpa, TPU at 10 ~ 1000Mpa, plastic ( nylon , ABS, PC, POM) in 1000 ~ 10000Mpa. TPU fairly wide range of hardness from Shore A 60 ~ Shore D 80 and the entire range of hardness with high elasticity ; TPU in a wide temperature range of -40 ~ 120 °C, a flexible , without the need for plasticizers ; TPU on oil ( mineral oil , animal and vegetable fats and lubricants ) and many solvents have good resistance ; TPU as well as good weather resistance , very excellent resistance to high-energy radiation properties. Known as abrasion resistance, tear resistance , bend strength are excellent scrambling ; tensile strength , elongation , long-term low compression , etc. are significant advantages of TPU .
    TPU performance presented here include three aspects: mechanical properties, physical properties and environmental performance. 


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