Drilling Rig for Construction of SMWBored Pile Drilling Rig

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Drilling Rig for Construction of SMWBored Pile Drilling Rig

Drilling Rig for Construction of SMWBored Pile Drilling Rig

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SMW, which is short of Soil Mixing Wall, is a construction method developed in Japan in 1976. Now it consists 50% of underground continuous wall constructions in Japan, and widely adopted in countries in southeast Asia, the United States, France etc. In Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other cities of China, SMW becomes quite popular after its introduction years ago.
SMW uses multi-shaft auger to drill soil in situ, meanwhile pumps cement grout from the tips of the augers into the drilled holes. After sufficient mixing of the grout, H-shaped steel or other types of steel are embedded into the columns before the soil-cement mixture hardened, forming a underground continuous wall with rigidity and intensity. The wall could be used as retaining support or water seal. Three-shaft auger machine is commonly used.
 SMW method has the following advantages:
1.Low cost. Foundation retaining using SMW method with three-shaft auger machine is much more competitive in price than traditional method when constructing underground continuous wall.
2.Shorter construction period. SMW method consumes much less time than other methods. Under normal geographical conditions, it could build 70-80m² walls per shift.
3.Good seal quality. The wall is continuous without any cracks. Hydraulic conductivity can reach as much as 10-7cm/s.
4.No disturbance in nearby soils. SMW method would not cause hazards like ground subsidence, building inclining, road cracks or shift of underground facilities.
5.Wide range in use. It can be applied on cohesive soil, silt , sandy soil, gravel soil.
6.the waste soil is far less than other construction methods.

Hole dia.mm600
Center distance of rigmm450
Max drilling depthm30
Max output torquekn·m84
Rod rotary speedr/min20
Motor powerkw2X75
Total weightt19.8


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  Normally we can work on T/T term or L/C.If you choose T/T,30% payment is required in advance and 70% balance shall be settled before shipment often,it rang a little.

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We are friendly dealer, never greedy windfall profit, our price remains stable,except the exchange rate and the increasing labor cost and material cost.

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a.Detailed training-We can provide training services to different users. The training sessions include product training,operating training, maintenance know-how,standard and so on to fulfill your individual needs.The training can be conducted at client’s site.

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Company Information

China National Building Materials Group Corporation is the full name of CNBM, which is one of the largest state-owned group in China. In 2013, the total asset of CNBM exceeds US$60 billion dollars with a total staff of 180,000. CNBM is listed in the World Top 500 Enterprises!

CNBM International works as the international platform for CNBM Group. In 2013, our total sales income was more than US$16.8 billion dollars.Every year we import large quantity of iron ore, coking coal and thermal coal etc from India, Brazil, Australia and Russia and other countries.ld'>Our major responsibility is international marketing of different construction machinery & formwork, including lifting machinery, concrete machinery, earthmoving machinery, brick/block machinery; steel frame formwork, H20 timber beam formwork, aluminum formwork etc.

Our major responsibility is international marketing of different construction machinery & formwork, including lifting machinery, concrete machinery, earthmoving machinery, brick/block machinery; steel frame formwork, H20 timber beam formwork, aluminum formwork etc.

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Q:How many types of piles are there in the site?
(3) screw in pile;The screw in pile is a spiral plate at the end of the pile, which is gradually transferred into the foundation by the torsion of the external machinery. The cross section of the pile is generally small, but the spiral plate is relatively large, and the disturbance of the pile side soil is larger during the construction of the spiral pile, so the screw plate of the pile head bears the axial pressure or tensile force of the pile.(4) vibration sinking pile;The vibration sinking pile is the vibrating sinking pile, and the precast pile is sunk into the ground by the vibration and vibration action of the vibrating pile driving machine. This method of construction is basically between the method of penetration and the method of pressing in.
Q:What role does piling play in buildings?
When the bearing capacity of the foundation is not enough, it is not suitable for the direct excavation of the ground (such as quicksand, silt, marshes, etc.) using piling. Aimed at:Reinforce the soil and transfer the load to ensure that the superstructure will not be deformed or damaged due to uneven settlement of the foundation.Pile shape: pile, steel pile, cement pile, reinforced concrete pile and so on;The stress forms of the pile are end bearing pile, friction pile and mixed pile;Pile depth: sufficient to withstand the pressure of the superstructure, without deformation, according to the design life of the building: (permanent, short, temporary)Usually to the design bearing layer;The principle of hydraulic pile: the stake is carried to the bearing layer by the hydraulic press.The above answer, I hope you will be satisfied.
Q:How much is a small pile driver with a 15 meter depth? When can I get a discount?
In addition, building foundation piling is also a very profitable thing. You can buy a pile driver yourself and pile it for others.
Q:Which is better, a hydrostatic pile driver or a diesel pile driver?
Depends on what project you do, if there is no noise requirements, diesel hammer piling machine is better, a price at about 500000, back to Ben faster. The hydrostatic press is a bit heavy.
Q:What is the noise level of site construction (piling)?
The structure of phase, daytime noise limit is 70 dB, the night noise limit is 55 dBThe decoration stage, daytime noise limit is 65 dB, the night noise limit is 55 dBThe daytime generally refers to 7:00 in the morning to 23:00 at night, the night usually 23:00 to 7 o'clock in the morning.
Q:What is a loading type road pile driver?
Loading type road pile driverThe utility model relates to a loading type road pile driver, which has the advantages of high efficiency and punching efficiency, is 1.5 times as much as that of a traditional pile driver, and has a special driving room. Ability to work at night and on rainy days. The power consumption is the same as that of a general pile driver. He looks very handsome, too.Turn left and turn right |From the picture we can see briefly that the loading type road pile driver is much better than the general road piling machine and looks better. The operating room is not as simple as this.
Q:Bridge pile driver is a stone below, how to do?
The dynamic test, if the load is small if it scored well, only the impact of iron into the stone
Q:1. What do AMD's pile drivers and bulldozers mean?
A pile driver is an improvement in bulldozers. No leap, but improved performance.
Q:How many types of piling are there on the site?
According to the pile force divided into friction pile and end bearing pile. The friction pile is a friction pile wall and the use of sediment to bear the weight of the upper building structure; end bearing pile is the pile formation hit solid ground, and the load of the upper structure of pile to solid strata.
Q:I can drive an excavator and a hammer, but I want to learn how to drive a pile driver. How long will it take to learn?
Look at yourself, you work hard, not hard, notAskHow long can you learn?Chasing the answerLonger, it is harder to hit the column than the excavator and the crusherNo, very soon

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